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What Is the Religion of America - Secularism?

Updated on December 30, 2013

The problem for America and Christianity

Mainstream America can no longer claim to be Christian; anti-Christian agendas have taken over the media and the political power structures across the culture. The American Christians of today are mocked and barely tolerated in every public forum across the society. In looking back to the past, our forebears would not be able to recognize anything Christian about this country today in comparison with their day. Many of those forebears did go to church, but not in their cutoffs, Levis, or in sandals and balancing their coffee cups and donuts while listening to Christian Rap from a bunch of kids who have no idea what Christianity is all about. Actually, in reality, Christianity has never been the 'religion' of America in a state-recognized sense. But Christianity has certainly influenced the moral structure of the society as a whole. In fact, Christianity in its basic form was never intended to be anything other than leaven in a culture, never the whole loaf until the Christianizing process was completed and the Kingdom of Heaven was at hand.

Titles: Pro and Con Regarding Secularism

Debating for God

Debating for God: Alexander Campbell's Challenge to Skepticism in Antebellum America
Debating for God: Alexander Campbell's Challenge to Skepticism in Antebellum America

It is said regarding Campbell that 'No clergyman of his time exerted himself more vigorously in combat with the infidels of the period.'


The Religion of America is Secularism

Secularism is not neutral and unbiased, and Secularism is not the opposite of religion. Secularism is a religion, yet not recognized as such. And, in the natural sphere of things, Secularism is the most powerful, yet almost unnoticed, faith in America.The very same facts, patterns, and categories that tell the observer that Christianity in its many types. When one looks at at the writings of all religions including Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, or Sikhism, it is easy to observe that Secularism fits right in with its articles and books on how to live as a Secularist in a secular society.

Regarding Dogma and Doctrines

Secularism, like other religious structures has definite beliefs, doctrines, and cultural lifestyles. Secular has dogmas, predictable patterns of existence and definite cultural lifestyles. Secular dogmas and doctrines are defended to the utmost, secularists get very upset and nasty when you speak against their established mindsets. Secularists have very definite beliefs about God and anything related to Him via Christianity. They have less problems with Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, etc. They are very able to quickly identify those who have heretical teachings and beliefs that fall out of their mainstream belief structure. Dissidents are not allowed.

Secular Fundamentalism is a Religion

Secularists are more fundamental in their belief structure than even the so-called Christian Fundamentalists; the Christians Fundamentalists are almost totally unable to agree among themselves about anything other than their no compromise positions such no to abortion, homosexuality is a sin, and other non-popular stands.

A secularist teacher might say to a class, "Class, I want you to learn to think for yourselves." Sounds good, but what it really means is "Here is the truth: accept and believe it or fail the class." For example, shortly after obtaining a B. A. in Biblical and Religious studies from Fresno Pacific, I took the California CBEST test to receive a teaching credential. My total score after the test was higher than most of those who teach others how to take and pass the test yet my English score on the test was mediocre, my salvation was in my math and critical thinking areas, but English was normally my strong suit. My problem was that I got 'religious' in my essay in answer to a secular question; I am sure that I offended the reader's belief structure and would probably have failed it altogether except for the danger of my complaining and a subsequent review. Such is life in modern secular America and especially in the teaching ranks (I got my credential and ended up as a teacher for 28 years).

The Forms of Secular Worship

Secularism condemns icons, crosses and other religious objects used by Christians as part of their structure. Yet, they use signs, symbols, and ceremonies themselves. They constantly preach and teach their own form of spirituality with a fervor and fanaticism that would put the most evangelical Christian to shame in comparison. The clergy of secularism consists of politicians, educators, academics, professionals, the monied class, and ultimately, those in political power such as most of our recent Presidents.

The Support Structure for Secularism

Secularism is an 'organized' religion; in fact, Secularism does not practice what it preaches in regards to the separation of church and state. The secular religion infiltrates every level of government in this nation today, it infiltrates the classroom at every level, it infiltrates to such a degree that those who profess Christianity are muzzled and unable to speak to their belief in God and Christ for fear of losing their jobs. The nation is filled with secular people in power with agendas whether they know it or not. They have been spending their time for generations now in their crusade to change America into a secular, socialist, nation and have now almost totally succeeded. In all of our institutions across the culture, secular dogmas and doctrines have replaced the basic moral teachings of Christianity. The Enlightenment has almost finished its course.

The Secularist Integration of Church and State

Secularism has finished its primary task in America, the marriage of state and church in its own form, while continually giving lip service to the lovely term "separation of church and state." They have succeeded so well that a recent President has been able to state when confronted with conflicts with the formerly revered U. S. Constitution over some legislation that he was proposing, "the Constitution is just a g-d piece of paper", this without an uproar other than a few voices crying out in the wilderness of the internet. Secularism has succeeded in not being obvious in being the religion that it is.


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    • jacksson47 profile image

      John Reeder 6 years ago from Reedley, CA

      JeniferRW, it is interesting that the original definition of 'secular' was separation of church and state, which is good. My church, the Eastern Orthodox (Greek) has had its share of problems with rulers who wanted to rule the church too. It is a fine line to walk. Today, evil is disguised as good.

    • JeniferRW profile image

      Jen 6 years ago from Couch

      Amazing hub very well said. It has become a reversed prejudice in this country as Christianity has become barred at every turn. Almost every other religion is acceptable. Heaven forbid we step on anyone's toes....except Christians of course. I have never heard a point of view quite like this before saying secularism is a religion itself but it makes perfect sense to me. It's very frustrating to have to look over your shoulder in a public venue before saying a prayer in the off chance you might 'offend' someone. Great AWESOME Hub, Voted up/useful/awesome/interesting.

    • jacksson47 profile image

      John Reeder 6 years ago from Reedley, CA

      OTL, you have said a lot in a few lines. All of the evils that you mention are the result of secularism. We all have to take a look at our own lives and how we cow-tow to the world. Those that are His are those are in the situation that he prays the Father for, to keep them, they who are in the world, but not part of it.

    • OutsideTheLines profile image

      OutsideTheLines 6 years ago from Tulsa, OK

      Great hub! Voted up! It's truly a shame that church is merely a popularity contest. True Christians are hard to come by these days. You have women in revealing clothing condemning kids with piercings, deacons who have affairs regularly, and staff who drinks on a regular basis. I don't know when things got so skewed in the church, but it is going to take strong leadership and the younger generation to rise up and take their place there.