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Amulet of amber, magic, or ...?

Updated on April 5, 2016

The Amber in the nature

Amulet of amber, magic, or ...?

Amber is a legendary stone ... even though technically it is
not a mineral, but a resin frozen in time. For over 35,000 years
that men use amber as an amulet.
I carry a piece of amber around the neck. The amulet of amber allows me to focus my
healing capacity in case of need. It is true that I am not a
Nature morbid, but a year ago I had an accident banal but spectacular
when trying to open an oyster knife with my newly acquired. The blade of the
knife me deeply notched finger on more than 4 centimeters and to
opportunity to cut in passing some blood vessels. Pain
was strong and heavy bleeding. Despite this I did not go to
emergencies, preferring, despite the obvious necessity to suture the wound, self-medication
and especially the use of my amber amulet to heal.

After two weeks my finger still swollen, had healed perfectly, now only remains
a slight trace of pale slightly hollow, attesting to the seriousness of the

Then the magic of amber or amber placebo? I would say the
two Sir / Lady, because what is the real effect of an amulet if not that of
focus our magical thinking?

I am convinced that we have capabilities of healing
that might seem miraculous, but the dispersion of our attention to
stimuli of increasing numbers (internet, facebook, radio, TV or not
faith in anything ...) makes us unable to Lots of us, of
we heal. The reign of "medical bobologie" does not help
Nor things.

Indeed, economic interests were buried, or at least
attempted to do, natural solutions ... but I digress, sorry ...

Uh ... Oh yes, if an amulet is an object in which we
able to transfer our magical thinking, and if its effect is primarily an effect
of our mind, then I say that that is something.


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