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An Absolute Will Of God Or A Permissive Will?

Updated on February 27, 2010

Serving God

cool it now
cool it now

Let God Arise And His Enemies Be Scattered

Have you ever wondered which will of God are you operating in? Is it the absolute will of God or a permissive will of God? A person would have to ponder over that and surely ask God to come up with the right answer to that question. I personally would love nothing more than to be in the absolute will of God. Though a permissive will of God is permissive and will allow me into the kingdom; I strive for the verse that says be ye perfect for your father in Heaven is perfect.I believe this is talking about the absolute will of God. Perfect has a deeper meaning than trying to be perfect and never make a mistake or sin. As we know a verse of scripture can have more than one meaning. It depends on the level of faith you are on. We go from faith to faith; from glory to glory. Another revelation that comes to me is that it means we're perfect when we have no unconfessed sin in our lives. When we confess our sins; God is faithful and just to forgive our sins; thus making us perfect in God eyes. We'll never be perfect in our own eyes or in the eyes of others.

I read an article about women apostles and the comments. So I decide to post a comment and then put my comment in a hub. It's not for debate but to cool things down on that thought. But people are people and the enemy will use everything to his advantage, if he can. But my hope is to to kill some of what he's doing. That's it; that's all!

I've been going back and forth in my thoughts about this. I'm wondering what happened with the curse? It seems to me that women was under the curse until Jesus Christ. So was man. The curse wasn't; didn't come until Adam sinned. God came and called Adam and required of Adam not Eve. The command was unto Adam before Eve was ever formed. God saw and said that it's not good that man should be alone. Adam was here fulfilling his command before he got a wife. She was created as a help meet. Adam was lonely. That's the understanding I get from the scriptures. And when God confronted Adam and Adam said what he said; you know the story. Then God placed curses on Adam, Eve and the Serpent. What happened to man being over the woman as long as she lives? What happened to a woman should not usurp authority over the man? Where is rightly dividing the word? The curse of woman being saved in child bearing? I'm questioning that. What does that mean and is it still prevalent today?

I wonder why Jesus didn't have a woman disciple that was chosen among the twelve? Though we know He went against Him being sent to the lost house of Israel. When He told the cannanite woman that it wasn't meet to give the children's bread to dogs and then grant her request by her faith. So He went against the norm. Why didn't He make this issue simple and plain to understand so it wouldn't be this much debate over it? He's not the author of confusion, right?

The disciples went to apostles in the book of Acts and in there women served but not under the title apostle. The bible never called them apostles, Evangelists, prophets, pastors or teachers. They were called labourers and prophetess. Old Testament the same thing. They are called prophetess and Deborah a judge as well. Her husband may have been weak in that area and the leader of the battle was also. He wouldn't go unless Deborah went. She was bold and told him, I like that; have not the Lord said. He was afraid to go to battle. And the Lord gave the victory of that battle into the hands of a woman. whoooo hoooo! Women! That's very encouraging. And also lets us know that indeed God can and will use us. Ok Barak was to kill the king that was his honor but God took it and gave it to a woman. A woman killed the king. It wasn't Deborah. Now we have 2 women being used of God. No title was asigned but to Deborah (Prophetess). What an honor for a Prophetess and to be a judge as well. An exceptional woman I would say.Read the Book. So why can't God use women today in extraordinary ways; even under the titles men carry? That's really a question we should all ask ourselves and God! And when we ask God lets' do it with an opened mind to hear His answer and not just wanting to hear the answer we already have in mind.

I'm a woman and I admire women in ministry very much. And struggle with the call of pastor being a prophetess. I know God can do anything and can use anybody to do whatever He wants to be done. I know about how in the last days God will pour out His spirit upon us all and women would prophesey and that's preaching. We all can preach once the Holy Ghost come in us. He is the preacher. But are we to take those five fold titles? This is my heart and mind on the subject and it's for real.

Preaching and a title is two different aspects of ministry. I believe we can preach but the five fold titles, I question that. Prophet and Prophetess means male and female,right? Can a woman be a Prophet, if so, why the title prophetess? I'm searching here.

And the saying God uses women because the men won't or don't do what they're suppose to doesn't quite fit to me. I know about Deborah. I say this because there are lots of men pastoring and using the five fold ministries. Today there's a church on every corner; not a shortage of men doing ministry as in leading but following that's another story in small local churches. And I'm thinking God has all power; He can't convience a man to do what He wants them to do? The heart of the king is in the Lords hands and He can turn it any way He choose. I read that some place.

Why do we have to take scriptures and turn them to say what we want them to say to prove a point and it leaves you wondering is that true or not? Like, Mary carried the Word (Jesus). I don't see in scripture where she preached , taught, was killed for the gospel or went from disciple to apostle in the book of Acts. Acts of the Apostles. Or the one of the other Mary that talked with Jesus after He rose from the dead. He told her to go and tell my disciples to meet me in Galilee. Again awesome! a woman being used of God in a special way. What was His disciples doing? Fishing perhaps? That wasn't a sermon or a call to apostleship. It was a message as in if I told you to go tell my sisters to meet me at the church. I get it that God can use me and any woman to deliver a message, preach whenever He needs or wants to. But to give them Apostle titles and then say this is why I'm doing it; throws it off for me. Maybe I'm missing something. Why would God allow this to be such an issue in the church? Is it God or the Devil?

So far I'm lead to believe that women are used of God especially when they have the Holy Ghost. We have the abilities to do what men do in ministry because of the Holy Ghost. I believe God honors faith to whomever display it. And He grants blessings and ministries accordingly. I believe there is an absolute will of God (like marriage) and a permissive will of God(divorce) and that's because of Moses. Women, I believe is operating under a permissive will of God. That's it that's all. I will never try to use the scriptures I've seen about why women are doing what they do. It doesn't speak plainly, like when Jesus chose the twelve and then called them apostles. I don't see that for women.

I love and admire all women in ministry; those I see on TBN as well as those in my local churches. I believe God allows it and that they won't go to hell for doing it. So I'll end and say as Jesus said when His disciple said master they over there casting out devils in your name and they follow not us. Jesus said Leave them alone; if they are not against us than they must be for us. Amen and Amen!

I'm quite eager to see how much; if any peace was added to this top. Or did it do the opposite?Please leave a comment to add peace; not debate or hate. Remember we're God children, servants and co-laborers. And again, I have the utmost respect and admiration for women in ministry. Some of my favorite TBN ministers are: Paula White, Juanita Bynum, Cheryl Brady, Joyce Myers,Marylin Hicky and her daughter Sarah, Shirley Ceasar, Jan Crouch and Destined To Win, a lady Pastor who is a fellow hubber; only know her by her hubs and Cindy Trimm. I don't see Cindy on TBN but I've seen her on Juanita Bynum conference "Women On The Frontline 1 and 2. Wow, and awesome woman of God. Check her out on youtube. Type in Juanita Bynum women on the frontline1. Start with 1 and then go to 2. Awesome! They all are awesome women. Who knows, you might just see JisBlessed one day headlining with these awesome women of God!


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    • Jisblessed profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      Daniel, thank you for your comment. On one hand your comment is true for those who tries to justify themselves in whatever they are doing without the knowledge of the grace of God. My point is about knowing the perfect will of God or abiding in the Grace of God and not discovering His perfect will. I personally, want to discover His Perfect Will for my life.

      God bless you

    • profile image

      Daniel Onotu 

      6 years ago

      I do believe that God's will is always good for us and acceptable by Him. If there is anything that we desire and thus brand as His permissible will then that thing would not hold any good for us and it'll not be acceptable even though it is permissible.

      God will not force us to do or accept anything and He sometime leaves us to pursue our own devices only to discover that He left us to be on our own.

    • Jisblessed profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      Debra, thank you for reading this hub and I'm most happy if it helped you is some way. The best way, I believe, to help your friend with the struggle is to go to God with an opened heart willing to hear His answer to what they question. He'll answer. May God fill all your needs. Stay blessed!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Thank you so much for the words I have read here today my friend asked me did I know what the Permissiveness of God was and I did but needed to make sure and your words are what I believed in my heart My friend is struggling with wondering if our relationship is under the hand of God


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