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An Act of Forgiveness

Updated on December 10, 2009
Every details in our life has a meaning...has a purpose why it happens...we only have to open our hearts to the Lord and yield in His divine intervention for us to understand its significance.
Every details in our life has a meaning...has a purpose why it happens...we only have to open our hearts to the Lord and yield in His divine intervention for us to understand its significance.

December 8, 2009 (11:30)


I watched the episode in Oprah regarding Eric Wrinkles who was sentenced to life imprisonment for killing his wife Debbie, his brother in-law and the wife of his brother in-law fourteen years ago. By now, Eric is facing a more tragic fate in his life…..death sentence which he is scheduled to be executed on Dec. 11 this year. He made his final appeal last May 2009 but to no avail, his appeal was denied.


I was moved by the fact that the enraged occurrence was taken over with humble forgiveness. By accepting the fact that even though the doer may have sinned, he (Eric) is still human being entitled to live on earth and that God alone has a prior authority to take life. To quote….. “His nieces and nephew made their final goodbye aired in Oprah stating that they have forgiven him and they didn’t want him to die”.


It shows enough a classic example as what God wants us to be….to forgive in order to be forgiven….to embrace once again the sinner but not the act….and learn to be compassionate. God himself shares us in the bible how the father embraced the prodigal son…and He even said that we must forgive seventy seven times.


I was once caught in the midst of my experience with my best friend whom I entrusted every personal details of my life yet in the end I was deprived with sense of confidentiality. To shorten the detail, we became best enemies instead to the extent that forgiveness is far from my imagination because of what had happened resulting to grave humiliation….and that made me realize that I would be the subject of every matter if I stayed in my employment…..and so I quit even if my boss didn’t want to….even if my boss told me that it was between me and my friend which can be patched up.


More than two years had passed without communication…..the mere string attached between us was cut….mutilated with fierce….resentment…hate. None of us made an apology. Well, I shouldn’t for the mere fact that I was the one who was hurt. So in my mind, I shouldn’t be the one to do the first move. That even if my friend does, I neither trust him anymore nor be friend him…at any rate.


I hovered that feeling of resentment for more than two years. I fed it with pride….watered it with arrogance…even to the extent of cursing him which I didn’t do. I still believe that it’s not in my hand to judge anyone. Even so, I can’t still forgive….and so I buried the bad memory he made. I thought it would be the best resort to do in order to forget. But it wasn’t, I know by faith that I have to forgive in order to be forgiven as well…that became my guilt feeling…..I tried to detached myself from that guilt but I couldn’t.


And so, I ask the Lord to show me within my heart how I must forgive the person I hate most…the person (my friend) who never asked an apology from me whom he hurt. And so with constant prayer, the Lord led me to my friend, and we both embrace forgiveness. It was as if a new life….a new meaning endowed with much love and essential entity in our being….which in fact, he’s been trying to reach me since then by sending post mail….asking for forgiveness which I didn’t bother to open….I must admit that it was I who is far more mistaken from the test God has given me….I never thought that not until I opened up my heart and ask the Lord to give me strength to pardon the person who hurt me. I think such kind of wisdom is what God wants me to have……that every details in our life has a meaning…has a purpose why it happens…we only have to open our hearts to the Lord and yield in His divine intervention for us to understand its significance.


Praise be to God for He is always good to you and me!

How do you forgive the person who hurt you?

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