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How Spiritual Warfare can Dramatically Increase Your Peace, Power and Joy

Updated on April 1, 2016

Are you in the process of overthrowing the kingdom of darkness surrounding you?

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An Awareness of Spiritual Warfare

The ignorance of spiritual warfare within the church has reduced the lives of Christians to one of misery and powerlessness in the earth. Many saints are beset by a number of crippling fears, such as fear of sickness and disease, of lack, limitation and poverty, of crime and violence as well as other trials and tribulations. However, a Christian is not ordained to be destroyed by these illusions. Besides temporary suffering for doing the right things, the Christian life is designed to represent the joy and abundance of the kingdom of heaven. Anything less than this is satanic robbery.

Satanic Robbery

Satanic robbery occurs when believers fail to possess an attitude of authority and dominion against the kingdom of darkness as well as the chaotic circumstances and conditions within their lives. Without this attitude, many are in constant distress and overwhelmed. The kingdom of darkness is always at war with the kingdom of light. Until the saints realize this ongoing war and comprehend that they must possess an attitude of power and dominion over this satanic kingdom, they will always dwell in the spirit of failure and defeat.

Unawareness of Warfare

When believers are unaware of their power and dominion, they become enslaved by the powers of darkness. The consequences are vast: fear and anger, hopelessness and despair, lack and limitation consciousness, victimization, ignorance of their true godly identity, lack of focus on kingdom work and ultimately failure to please God. Saints who exist under these conditions are always in need of prayer and counseling. Instead of taking authority over the delusions of Satan’s kingdom, they shrink from darkness and believe that something is wrong with them. This is exactly what Satan wants them to believe. To constantly think that there is something wrong with you is to always be a pawn in Satan’s plan.

Great Men of God

Many great men and women of God who were aware of the spiritual warfare waged upon believers exercised authority and dominion against the kingdom of darkness. Enoch, a mighty man of God, walked so excellently in the authority and dominion of God, that death was not able to subdue him. He was translated into heaven without a experiencing the grave. Elijah, a great Old Testament prophet, performed many mighty works, such as turning an entire army away with blindness and defeat. Also, the prophet Job took power and dominion over an entire city, earning the respect of the noblest people in his surroundings. A new testament Christian, Apostle Paul, walked in the presence of God so powerfully that people got healed by the shadow that he casted while passing by. These great men could have not performed such great works without the knowledge that they were in an ongoing war with the kingdom of darkness.

Winning an Invisible War

In order to possess an attitude of authority and dominion, a believer must first be aware of an invisible war between light and darkness, he must saturate himself in the word of God and internalize the promises of God, he must be aware of his true identity as a new creature, he must know the Christ indwells him, he must be aware that he is the temple of God possessing a power beyond imagination. With this knowledge, the believer will not only believe that all things are possible, but she will take initiative against the kingdom of darkness and overcome it in every environment in which God has assigned her.

The believer can no longer be enslaved by the kingdom of darkness. He has authority to put the forces of darkness on the run and the power to expose the powers of darkness for what they are: Illusions.

Spiritual Warfare Awareness

The Christ within Us

However, in order to take back what the kingdom of darkness has stolen from us, we must develop an attitude of authority and dominion. Because Christ is within us, we have His power and dominion. All power has been given to Christ, both in heaven and in earth, according to scripture. Therefore, the believer has nothing in the world, tangible or intangible, capable of stopping his progress and victory in the kingdom and God. The knowledge and magnitude of her power in Christ should transform the attitude of weakness and fear to the conviction that nothing is impossible. Instead of waiting to be attacked by the kingdom of darkness, the believer must adopt an offensive attitude toward the powers of darkness everywhere. This is the attitude of authority and dominion that pleases God.

Joy and Peace

The result of this attitude is pure joy and peace. The believer will experience excellent growth in the kingdom of God, thereby increasing the quality of his Christianity. He will be able to execute God’s will in all areas of her life and affairs. His relationship with the body of Christ will grow stronger and stronger. Other believers will seek his advice and blessings. He will please God because of the willingness and obedience inspired in him by the Christ spirit. This willingness and obedience will be attractive to those around him. Others will be inspired to follow and imitate him in the things of righteousness. Because of his faith in the authority and the dominion God has given, he will be able to move mountains, paving the way for the kingdom of God.


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