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An Exercise in Religious Futility

Updated on November 23, 2010

No one would know Christ...

If they hadn't read the scriptures. How do you come to a knowledge that Jesus is the Christ without that belief or knowledge being founded somewhere in scripture? How can you call yourself a Christian and yet forswear your belief in the record? It isn't sound. I may not be one who likes people to quote the bible at me because most of them cant reconcile the Old and New Testament records with each other and I can.

Most argue that half of the things that are mentioned about commandments and performances in both records don't apply to them. What were they written for then? Are they therefore frivolous waists of space? I refuse to believe that. It is even worse that those who teach from it don't keep its law. They only teach and preach what suits them and keeps them feeling good about life without requiring them to do anything about. It might be considered beside the point that they can not do those things that are required correctly nor seek those who can.

I think that if you cannot reconcile yourself to the complete record there is a problem with your faith. If you can't honestly seek out the mysteries of God where they exist using every bit of evidence and inspiration you can bring to bare to understand the God you are intellectually lazy and unworthy of the doctrine let alone exaltation. That is what the record states. If you try to divide the God of the scriptures and his Christ from the scriptures you are a pagan. Your belief is based on something that you can understand rather then risk a mystery and seek a greater being on His terms. Even as I call him Father, I know what it is I am talking about.

Atheists are people who would rather not believe and be cynical.  Wallowing in their own humanity, they convince themselves and anyone who will listen that change is impossible. They refuse to change, which at least frees them of the charge of hypocrisy and dare anyone to prove that they must. Their sophistry is a matter of circular reasoning that leads no one anywhere enlightened other then to encourage self indulgent behavior. The funny thing is, is that they almost categorically fear death or their philosophies would bring them to a suicidal end.

As for the other world religions. To you I say I am sorry. I am sorry that there aren't any nice ways to tell you that the roots of your faith are what you aught to seek. Sorry that my belief and knowledge must of a certainty challenge yours. Sorry that that puts this bit of writing at odds with you and your foundations. Sorry that it doesn't matter and I cannot change how I feel because of how much I regret that fact.


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    • Jaggedfrost profile image

      Jaggedfrost 6 years ago

      lol I don't know, I don't think this is a question of evil per say. Religious paths usually have nothing to do with people's desire to be malignant. It usually has more to do with how much truth they are willing to live up to and who sells the better BS at the offering plate. As for Jesus, I somehow recall that he once used a cat of nine tales. I also recall that he mocked the Sanhedrin rather often. But on your side, I am not he per say and that makes caution to be a correct course. This was a dark mood though that I admit to. It passed. Heaven knows even if I disagree with people violently I would cherish that right while keeping in contact if they were amenable regardless of the differences. I was just blowing of steam. I am not sure where a safe place to do so is but I thought amongst friends was good enough. Don't you?

    • daydreamer13 profile image

      daydreamer13 6 years ago

      Be careful not to judge. If you feel someone is heading down the wrong path, then guide them, don't asume they are evil or to be treated as outcasts. After all, What Would Jesus Do?

    • Jaggedfrost profile image

      Jaggedfrost 6 years ago

      Me too. I am glad you like my work still and thanks for stopping by.

    • Dave Mathews profile image

      Dave Mathews 6 years ago from NORTH YORK,ONTARIO,CANADA

      Well said Jaggedfrost. I especially love your closing paragraph. Hopefully it will cause others to think just a little.

      Brother Dave.

    • Jaggedfrost profile image

      Jaggedfrost 6 years ago

      You are right of course Dave. I don't think I will delete this rant as I appreciate the advise and comfort of wise friends that it has garnered me. I acknowledge that I get sucked into that kind of thing readily as I have a compulsion to share the truths I have come to understand but the truth is probably better stated in a poem I wrote this morning about someone else I was trying to help. Those who write those threads aren't listening and everyone who posts on them probably isn't listening either. Sometimes I wish.... You know?

    • DavePrice profile image

      DavePrice 6 years ago from Sugar Grove, Ill

      I wish you peace - its easy to get frustrated with the talk that banters about, but a heart at peace is best. Is there really any reason to join in the confusion or add to the frustration. Let those who bandy about foolish words have their space and let them be. Better to leave your own heart free and peaceful then to let their confusion cause you pain.

    • Jaggedfrost profile image

      Jaggedfrost 6 years ago

      I have known him to manipulate Godless men on occasion when he needs something done that a decent man wouldn't do or when his children need a lesson in humility. The kings of Babylon were used on occasion and so were the kings of Syria and Assyria. Heck Pharaoh was used and so was Rome and Greece. Unless one isn't reading one's cards right one must admit that the time is too short to mess with such any more and those who follow Christ must stand up and be counted or be mowed over. I was angry and frustrated with one of the forum topics actually three of them that have been over run by people who wished to fight over religion, the validity and necessity of the Record, the existence of God etc.... I was rather tired of the contention. This won't put it to rest but in general it makes my position and indifference or irritation at their blubbering and bickering very apparent.

    • Jason R. Manning profile image

      Jason R. Manning 6 years ago from Sacramento, California

      Hi Frost,

      I am sensing some harsh transmission here, can you elaborate on the vein with which brought this forward? I see you in fighting formation without context here, let’s be fair when blanketing the earth, God has a plan for some thoughtful atheist, he makes sure everyone can be put to use. Would you agree?