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An Indian in Hell,A Joke.

Updated on February 25, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.


This is not you.
This is not you.

Suicide failed but !!!!!

Every body knows about Soul.The soul has no birth or death as per Hindu scripture.Even Bhagavad Gita say's so.What happens to people who commit suicide and homicide.

The Soul has to stay in your body to perform the duties that are alloted to it for a fixed period.It is during this period that it has to satisfy conditions that are favorable and carry out doing what is good for its future.

What is the future,I will say that later.

The priod that is fixed to it cannot be terminated.Suicide is termination of this period fixed to the soul.Once it is manually terminated it cannot go to its destination.It cannot do the things it wanted to by its embodiment.It cannot enjoy a Piza or Sex.The precribed term of embodiment once manually terminated goes against law of nature.This action results in reaction.God's Law is voilated.The law of nature has to give sanctions in the form of punishments and penalties.

The soul then with out the sutle body wonders every where in serch of Piza or Sex but it cannot taste or get pleasure as it is in a disembodied state.The period of its existence is not definite as it has no body.

The soul may get a chance to enter a body and the by the penalty imposed by the nature law it becomes a ghost.It now has a chance to do the things like a devil.It has now two personalities.It is normal and abnormal.It may do good or bad.

The ghost may suffer months or years.Who knows the destiny of a ghost that may be a devil.The person who comits Suicide has a human body that should reform in his life so as to get no further birth.How much he enjoys or suffers depends on the things he did in the past but could not do a full reformation.The Hindu's call it Karma.

The good and bad deeds that a persons does is carried forword if he has not reformed.God gives him another chance.

There is no hell or heaven its all here on earth.You have hell when alive and heaven when alive.You have seen the slum and the Home of film star Shah Rukh it not hell and heaven.

O K you won't commit suicide but you die in a accident,is it a natural termination for the soul.Yes the life of people who comit murder in one form or other including doctors who perform mercy killings get killed in their next birth by some act of voilence or other.No body gets killed with out any reason.Many people go to war many wont return.That is nature law.Why do Doctors perform mercy killings.It may not be only due to stopping a patients pain.There may be other reasons.Lack of Care,depression,boredom from isolation and psychological reasons.A request from a patient for mercy killing and a Doctor who does it both will suffer.It is against nature law to terminate a souls term.

The Indian who went to Hell - A Joke.

A Indian went to Hell and was shown the place to enter which was over crowded.

There were all sorts of people.He stood in 'Q' for some time and was wondering what was going on and left the 'Q' informing the person who was behind him to keep his place as is done in India.

To his amazement there was one Hell for each Country.

He went to American Hell their was no 'Q' so he asked the first person he met what goes on there.He was told that each person was given first thing in the morning a seat in a Electric Chair and when his prescribed time was over he would be made to sleep on a bed of nails and after his prescribed time he was beaten by a ghost with a whip till the day was completed.

He than went to Russian Hell and found that it was same thing there also.

He tan went to German Hell it was same there also but more harsh.

He than went to Pakistan Hell and found that it was same but some had hair grown too much every where.

He than had to come back to see his position in the 'Q'.It had moved fast.He asked his fellow "Q' what was happening.He was told the same thing.He wanted to know why than so many people and why the 'Q' was moving so fast.He was told that:-

The Electric Chair was under repair.

Some body had stolen all the nails in the nail bed.

The person who had to whip was a Govt Servant in India and he would come sign the register and go to canteen and chit chat politics all day.

As he was about to go to his dormitary for the day he was frisked back to the HRD section.There he was told that some stupid doctor had rescued him and he should immediatly get in to the transport chamber and was rushed to the place and transported back to earth.

He got up in a hospital where there was a miracle surgery was made from the body of a young man' head which crushed under a sand lorry's fromt wheel.All body parts were in tact and only his head was replaced to the young man's head.All his family were happy and his photo was put up in all news papers.

There was a problem though.Who was he.?

One Joke just to add good humor.

Obama,Putin and Dr.Man Mohan Singh met God to know their countries future.

Obama asked God when his country's rescission would end ?.

God said it will take 100 years.

Obama started weeping saying I will not live to see it.

Putin asked God When his country's will progress.

God said it will take 50 years.

Putin Started weeping saying I will not live to see it.

Dr.Man Mohan Singh asked God when his country's corruption will end.

God started weeping saying I will not live to see it.


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