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An Insight From an "Atheist"

Updated on January 23, 2012
I call myself an atheist mainly for the fact that society has labels for everything. Not giving a label is impossible for some people. Some people just cannot wrap their minds around the fact that not every label describes every person. For myself, the only creator I believe in are my parents for they created and gave birth to me. That's not to say that that should be taken religiously. No, that doesn't necessarily mean that my parents are "greater beings". I mean it as literally as possible - that they created me, hence a creator. That also shouldn't be taken in any other way. I'm not mocking religion, simply stating my definition on creator. I believe that our world as we know it today we created by a series of events which may have caused the universe to explode into what it is today. Even that is mind boggling in itself, and it is understood why some may not be able to wrap their minds around that concept, either. That's one reason I believe religion is as strong as it is for some people. But, I try to keep my mind open to the possibility of things such as this. I don't believe that some spirit just formed and decided to create our world. In that sense, you may say that I cannot wrap my head around that. In reality, it goes both ways. But I do not see any reason to believe in concepts such as that. I feel I should not limit myself to one thing, one belief. It doesn't mean I'm right or wrong. It just makes my opinion. Therefore, I do not attend a place of worship. I do not worship any greater being (though I should worship my parents. They brought me into this world! you know how the saying goes lol) and I'm okay with that. It doesn't make me religious, but it doesn't make me anti-religious, either, as I am certainly open and understanding of those who do choose to believe. So, whether some label me as atheist or not, I believe that I'm just simply me. Someone who believes in a concept other than religion, and that's okay.


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    • profile image

      Gusser 6 years ago

      If I am the highest being in this world, it's ending soon.

    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 6 years ago from New York City

      Hi MissKatieLynne

      I asked everyone this question for a specific purpose, and that was to get people into answering questions in the form of hubs.

      Now your the only one thus far who has done it, my next challenge on hubpages is to create a contest.

      Thanks for sharing your awesome answer with us, your hub is packed with truthful and honest detail.

      The question wouldn't be completely answered, without a proper answer such as this one, and you have fulfilled such requirements, thank you for being a cool sport of it all.

      I also asked this question because, I've noticed all the questions being asked about God, but there really wasn't any about Atheist on hubpages, or not that I've noticed.

      This wasn't seen as fair to me, and so I sprang fourth such a question as you so eloquently have answered. Your definitely and genuinely you, and your proud of it, and I congratulate you on deriving at such a strong posture and stance in the world, filled with believers & non-believers.

      I myself am a spiritualist who accepts all forms of religious faith or practices, as well as science or wisdom of astronomy, or astrology. I follow no organized form of religion though, and I believe in a creator which I know generated a massive energy source that gave rise to everything, we know as the cosmos according to scientific titling & labeling systems.

      Like you I don't read from a religious text, nor attend any religious gatherings of my own belief and that's quite fine as well.

    • MissKatieLynne profile image

      Katrina 6 years ago from New Hampshire

      Thank you so much, Jim. It's just really nice to have an actual conversation with people of any religion and not be bashing on each other! I try very hard to say how I feel without offending anyone. I consider myself a very open person and would never not be friends with someone based on religion, etc. (as childish as that came out lol!)

      I did, at a point, toy with the idea of God and science - for, who's to say God intended for science to be a "thing"? I think, if I were to believe in any exsistence of a greater being such as God, I think he would have had this in his "plan" all along. I mean, if he created the world, then I believe he would have created science as well. I also would think that he would love everyone, despite their religion, orientation, etc. I was always taught growing up that God loves everyone. So, I always believed that you could go to heaven, even if you were gay, even if you believed in a different religion. Of course, that person would go to their own idea of heaven based on their religion, but as a child who grew up learning about God, I never thought for a minute he'd send anyone who thought differently to hell.

      I do realize that bringing up these points is very controversial as there are Christians that are very strongly against gays, and I truly do not mean to offend, of course. Again, just part of my opinion on the whole religion topic.

      Chris - as you are confident in your faith, I am confident in my faith in science (trying to play with different meanings of faith here from an "atheist" point of view!) It certainly doesn't drive me crazy that you believe what you believe, but as I said in my hub, it's a bit more difficult to wrap my mind around it, as I'm sure it must be for you about my beliefs.

      Some may label me as an atheist. But, as I've said, it's not like I think religion is a terrible thing. On the contrary, I totally understand why people have such strong faith. I realize it's comforting to some people and I completely respect that. I just never understood why there had to be such a line dividing believers and non-believers. But, I see here that people like us can help get rid of that line, and I'm so glad you and Jim have read and commented on my hub. It's so refreshing to be able to discuss things like this in a friendly matter and respect each other's views and differences :)

      I'm so glad you brought up the gay/abortion thing, too! (Sorry, I'm replying as I read to make it easier for me! lol) Like I said in my response to Jim, when I went to CCD, I never thought for a second anyone would go to hell for something like that. But, at the time, I also didn't think that made me any less of a Christian - I thought it was okay to believe those things. Looking back, I'm glad I did, and now, it's nice to see that there are Christians who have a similar view as I once did - hopefully that makes sense!

      Thank you both so much for the response! I really appreciate your support and views despite our religious differences. It certainly strengthens my faith in humanity! Maybe we'll never achieve true world peace, but it's so wonderful that, even right now, we can have a conversation like this. Just makes my day a little bit brighter :)

    • CMerritt profile image

      Chris Merritt 6 years ago from Pendleton, Indiana


      I think NoPants said it very well.

      I too, am a self pro-claimed Christian, I have come to terms of our Creator as the Holy God.

      With that said, I completely follow your hub and logic. I think this is something we ALL must come to terms with under our own free will. I would be a liar if I said I did not have a hard time wrapping my mind around my conclusion that God spoke us into existence. In seven days. From dust. As He proclaims in Genesis. It is a faith that I have, based upon personal relationship I have with Christ.

      I know that can sound crazy, but for me, I have never been more confident about something that my Faith. I cannot PROVE anything, and that drives athiest crazy.

      I don't think you are an athiest since you are open minded about all of the possibilities.

      also, I agree with your view on labels. Just because I am a self-proclaimed Christian, it does not mean I hate gays, or think anyone who has an abortion is going to burn in hell....but, that label Christian to many people think exactly that.

      This is a great hub and you are giving an honest veiw...we all need to be honest about this subject and open the doors for discussion.

      I too, like your attitude and wish you lots of luck,


    • TheManWithNoPants profile image

      TheManWithNoPants 6 years ago from Tucson, Az.

      I'm an educated Christian businessman who holds a degree in Divinity, and quite frankly I don't find anything offensive about what you said here. Some people think that in order to believe in science you have to give up God, and that just isn't so. Well, come to think of it, most people calling themselves Christians don't know the difference between what is literal and what is figurative in the word, and this can cause a collision with science, but there really isn't any, and it's sad.

      I've successfully debated some of the top-notched atheist in this country over the years, and it always comes down to one thing .. Either it works for you, or it doesn't, and converting an atheist to a Christian is not my job. That job belongs to our God, and our God alone. I stay busy enough just trying to avoid hypocracy.

      No, you aren't an atheist, and "No Labels is my mantra in politics, religion, and everything else, so I appreciate where you're coming from. I'm a bit of a round marble living in a world full of square holes myself. (chuckling) Labels suck. I think you did some good work here, and while I wish God did it for you, I like your attitude, and wish you lots of luck!