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An Insightful Book Review: The Vortex, By Esther and Jerry Hicks...

Updated on June 21, 2013
The Vortex, Where the Law of Attraction Assembles All Cooperative Relationships, by Esther and Jerry Hicks
The Vortex, Where the Law of Attraction Assembles All Cooperative Relationships, by Esther and Jerry Hicks

Vortex is an analogy of spinning wheel where all our dreams, abundance, happiness are present. It is all about alignment, alignment and alignment with the Source. When we are aligned with the Source, we are inside the vortex. When we are inside the vortex, all things, people, situations, circumstances work for us in our favor. This might sound too simple to be true. Lot of applications of this statement are given in the book to prove how it can be used to handle any situation, relationship or even health challenge.

When we are in the vortex, we are guided by an Emotional Guidance System, which tells us what to do. When we listen to this guidance, we are working in sync with ourselves. However, most of us are conditioned to please other people at the cost of our own thinking and guidance. It is considered selfish if we think what feels good for us. Thus, we continue to ignore the guidance system who is willing to help us all the time. This leads to lot of misery and problems in our lives. The transition is possible. The moment we decide to be in the alignment with the Source, we are in the vortex and all the guidance of the Universe is there to support us.

The Universe is based upon Law of Attraction and it is an Inclusion-based Universe. When you focus on something wanted or unwanted, it does not make any difference to Universe. The key is focus. When you focus on something, you attract that thing, situation or behavior in other person. That is why, in a relationship, when one person dislikes some behavior or habit in other person, the best solution is to focus on some positive behavior of that person and let go off the negative attribute from thought. Whatever we focus expands and that means it is best to focus on good, positive and desirable things.

Video Resources about Vortex :

Art of Allowing is key concept in this book. It simply implies that we deliberately choose thoughts that allow us to expand as we go through our physical experiences. When we think that we know what is right for others and try to control them, we are disallowing the most important relationship of us, our relationship with the Source. Diversity is the basis of strength and expansion.

Another important area of this book, writes about parent child relationship. Many parents believe that they know what is right for their children and the children should behave. However, an independent thinking child who is tuned to Source, might feel the discord. When one is tuned to the Source, the Guidance System is helping to take the decisions. When the well-meaning parents, unconsciously force their kids to behave according to their right or wrong, they disconnect them from their true nature. The message to such children is that the most important thing is what you think and not what others think about you. The message to parents is that your child was not born to please you. When parents are in a state of love, joy, appreciation, they naturally evoke good behaviors in their kids. The more children, parents, become aligned to their internal guidance system, life will change for better.

Always looking at the positive aspect of your surroundings, person, your life partner is a beautiful concept, well explained in this book. For instance, in the beginning of our new relationships, we are most likely to appreciate the positive aspects in our lover. This focus of attention to appreciate positive aspects, helps us to be aligned to our Source. Hence, the good feeling of love and romance. However, as the time passes by, we might tend to focus on negative aspects of our lover. This causes us to be out of alignment with our Source and hence, the feeling of negativity. So, the more we focus on positive aspects in our relationships, surroundings, the more we will be aligned to the Source, causing us to feel bliss and happiness. The easy way to handle all relationships is to take responsibility for how you are feeling instead of blaming the other person for your down feeling.

Read this book, to find out more and apply in your life...


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    • Ruchi Urvashi profile image

      Ruchi Urvashi 4 years ago from Singapore

      Thanks Ruchira. This book touches the heart and changes us from within. Do read it. It is worth reading!

    • Ruchira profile image

      Ruchira 4 years ago from United States

      Interesting concepts, Ruchi. I will grab this book!

      I am currently reading the source field investigations, which is equally intriguing.