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An Introduction to Crystal Therapy for Beginners

Updated on November 28, 2015
Fairy Quartz
Fairy Quartz

But it's just a rock?

Everything natural on this planet has energy. You are radiating energy constantly and as your body works you are burning, as you eat you are both burning and gaining more energy. Every other natural source on the planet has its own level of energy which can change over time depending on what it's exposed to. Crystals are no different.

Natural crystals form deep within the earth, sprouting slowly over time when the molten rock "magma" cools. Diamonds are the most commonly thought of form of crystal when this method is mentioned. Molluscs are one of the many living beings that are able to form their own crystals such as aragonite and calcite.

These crystals are not like ordinary rocks and are more subject to change. The clear quartz crystal is one of the most notable examples as when placed in moonlight the crystal itself will become "cleansed". This cleansing can also lead to a cloudy crystal becoming clear again or small veins/patterns appearing inside of it. This also applies to many other crystals when buried in the earth, exposed to sunlight or "washed" in a singing bowl. When a new crystal is placed in the home it should be "blessed" or have a prayer said over it; this simply means you tell the crystal what you want it to do and where it should place its energies. Crystals react to the environment in a very different way to ordinary rocks; many are precious, highly valuable and have been the source of much folklore and ancient healing or magic for centuries.

Beginner's Crystals - Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz: Aka "Master Crystal" The clear quartz is the most staple crystal for anybody interested in crystals. The clear quartz holds many properties - the most notable being it enhances the energy and power of other crystals. Clear quartz can be clear, however they often change and become cloudy or veined over time - especially with heavy use. Many clear quartz crystals are not actually clear at all and can also be clouded or smokey.

In terms of healing not only will it amplify the effects of other crystals, it will also promote mental and emotional stability as well as greatly absorb negative energy around you. It can both absorb and store energy which can be witnessed over time when it begins to cloud or the internal structure changes and veins, cracks or unusual markings begin to appear. It is one of the best crystals for balancing the mind and aligning the chakras as well as balancing the energies surrounding it; making it a perfect crystal to wear as well as be used for grid work or to be displayed with other crystals in your home.


Amethyst: The amethyst is another very traditional and very common piece that is used widely and in every collection. The amethyst branches from the quartz family and is used in conjunction with the clear quartz itself. However, unlike clear quarts, the amethyst works especially well for those born in the month of February or under air and water signs (Libra, Aquarius and Gemini)

In healing, the Amethyst is one of the key protection stones that is extremely common in jewellery as well as rough points, polished tumble stones or sparkling geodes. Its soothing qualities help to calm the mind, enhance psychic abilities, improves your focus and aids your motivation. This particular crystal is said to have some of the strongest healing powers. The amethyst which contains heavy purple pigments holds the strongest psychic abilities. It's very commonly used in all types of physical and mental healing due to its cleansing properties and the ability to boost the immune system.


Citrine: The citrine stone is known for its energetic properties and striking clear with sunny orange tones. The majority of the stones are yellow, yellow-brown, yellow-orange or smoked. This is an especially strong stone for those born in the month of November or under air signs (Libra, Aquarius and Gemini). Those born to Gemini, Aries and Leo will find this stone particularly helpful. It is sometimes known as the stone of creativity or the stone of success.

Citrine is a highly truthful and creative stone that boosts physical and mental energy levels as well as productivity. It's an excellent stone in healing for those with depression or lacking in creativity. Its ability to raise your self-esteem can improve your daily quality of life as well as radiate positive energy around your living/working space. Combine this stone with clear quartz and it will amplify its exciting abilities.


Moonstone: This is a crystal that many people don't believe actually exists, well, it does. The moonstone is especially good for those born in the month of June and under the sign of Cancer. It is also a good choice for water signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces). This unusual stone comes in a variety of colours from milky white to a rainbow of shades including gold and even blue and clear. The moonstone often reflects various different colours depending on the lighting.

In healing the moonstone is used primarily for balancing emotional and negative traits as well as restoring positive energy particularly to those whom find expressing themselves and their emotions difficult. This stone is also said to be the "stone of hope" as well as another popular choice for protection. Its soothing properties help reduce stress and promotes feminine energy - including during childbirth.

The Bloodstone

Bloodstone: "Heliotrope mineral". This stone is not a stone of war or violence, but a stone of protection, healing and purification. The bloodstone itself comes in a variety of colours; often green or near-black with flecks of red that resemble blood drops. It is a fascinating stone in terms of its appearance. This stone also has heavy Christian religious symbolism as the blood spots were sometimes viewed as the blood of Christ.

In healing this crystal is used heavily for protection and comfort. It aims to soothe those from feeling threatened. It is also used to remove energy blocks and promotes blood circulation. It is a stone that promotes the energy of life and, whilst not essential, it is very commonly used in collections to create a balance of energy especially in terms of personal use.


Whether you truly believe that crystals hold a special healing energy, or you still believe they're just rocks, crystal therapy is one of the more rapidly growing new age interests. Crystal therapy brings a lot of enjoyment and comfort to many users as well as opens their minds to a fascinating new world. Crystals can not only be used for healing or collection, they can be used to promote medication, psychic aids and readings. Many also use crystals for dowsing, scrying or grid work. So let the crystal energy surround you and be well.

If you still don't believe they work after trying then you always have something pretty to look at. Please respect the viewpoints and beliefs of others and not post abuse over this topic.

Please note: crystal therapy is never to be used to replace proper medical care and should only be used as a supplement or to aid continuous care.


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