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An Invitation To Calvary Cathedral Of Praise In Brooklyn New York...

Updated on February 16, 2012

An Invitation To Calvary Cathedral of Praise In Brooklyn New York...

If only one person adheres to my invitation, I would be grateful for he or she to hear the word of God through His Son the Christ; and, if you already attend a church, do not hearken to my beckon call, unless your church is among the many that is compromising the Word. Calvary Cathedral of Praise is not a church that has watered down the word of God or has given into the modern take on the Gospel by omitting or perverting the tenets to fill the pews. Incidentally, Calvary Cathedral is led by a Bishop Roberts who is seasoned in the Gospel… whose mind is far removed from mammon, but who is steadfast and diligent in salting the earth with the Divine flavor of Jesus’ teachings… be it in America or Africa. One of my favorite refrains from Bishop Roberts is when he opines that God hates the sin, but loves the sinners. I conveyed this to say that Bishop Roberts will speak out lovingly against homosexuality and abortion… as he would about those of us who pilfer, bear false witness or engage in telling the so called white lies. My Bishop does not even spear himself, as he knows and preaches that we all have sinned and continue to do so and fall short of Jesus’ glory.

Last Sunday, an elderly couple, who lost their home in a tragic fire, was given the proceeds of the collection offerings. It is the little things like that and the fact that Bishop Roberts does not drive fancy cars or adorn himself with conspicuous “bling” or is puffed up about the many feats he has done through Christ Jesus. With all that I have written… nothing touched me more than something that happened at Calvary Cathedral of Praise last year. Like most Traditional Christian churches, Calvary Cathedral of Praise, are avid supporters of Israel, pursuant to the Divine edict of Genesis12: 3; on such an auspicious occasion, the church, under Bishop Roberts, was honoring Israel and many of our Jewish brothers and sisters attended. During the ceremony, one prominent lawyer, I have seen on Television, went to the podium and instead of his highlighting and continuing the camaraderie-like theme of the night… instead railed against Christians, in that smug intellectual way, about atrocities done to the Jews during World War 2.

This lawyer went on to give fulsome praise to the Traditional churches, like Calvary Cathedral of Praise, for their modern support of Israel, but continued his railing and topping it off by saying that we must not think that he was attending Calvary Cathedral of Praise because he believed in the Divinity of Christ Jesus. I sat there with my wife and daughter… thinking how disrespectful this man was… and I also thought that this man thought that we were there to bask in his presence and lave in his arrogance. Although Bishop Roberts was not scheduled to speak at that particular juncture… he immediately went to the podium and told the lawyer that anyone who caused the Jews harm during World War 2 was not practicing what Christ Jesus’ taught and to top off Bishop Robert’s impromptu homily to the lawyer… he reminded my Jewish lawyer brother that eventually the Jews will come to Christ.

The subsequent applauses from those in attendance were deafening for Bishop Roberts because he did not back down, but noised the Gospel… even in the face of adversity. It is true that I squirmed in my seat many a times when Bishop Roberts is preaching and convicting me with the Word, but before said preaching and conviction come the praise and worship and I dare say that there are times I have imagined that the Almighty and Son raising off Their respective Thrones to dance to the music we were putting down at Calvary Cathedral of Praise in Their honor. It is a fellowship where the old and young, who may be suffering from arthritis and other ailments or buffeted by the troubles of the day, find themselves dancing and then settling down for the unpolluted, uncompromising meat of the Gospel. If you are in Brooklyn, New York, come out to hear the word of God void of the fluff… but preached with Joshua-like courage and conviction. As the bishop always says that in these Politically Correct times, he is willing to be jailed for preaching the Gospel - what a novel idea!


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