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An Invitation To Read The Bible...

Updated on December 10, 2011

An Invitation To Read The Bible…

As a boy, I read comic books to escape and tomes to bridge the chasm of space and time… but if I knew then that the Bible provided the greatest of excitement and that it was all true, at least to me, I would have been more of a student… than letting the Methodist preachers or my grandma convey to me the compelling page turners that constitute the Good Book - nothing Stanley, Shakespeare, Stephen King, Isaac Asimov, Edgar Allan Poe, HP Lovecraft, or John Grisham ever wrote could compare and capture the panoramic human conditions like the Bible. If one were to read many of the other religious books, they are conspicuously void of the ‘warts,’ which are part and parcel of man’s pathology. If you are a boy (Nephew Shane are you reading this?) looking for excitement to rival what the WWE provides, via wrestling, read the Book of Judges, Chapter 15, that will introduce you to Sampson - this was a Biblical strongman hero who loved women, including harlots (prostitutes), and fell in love with the wrong woman (Delilah) who betrayed him. Sampson eventually gave his life in an Old Testament version of Jihad, after performing unnatural feats to save his people.

You want family dysfunction… rivaling anything on Reality TV or Soap Operas… read the Book of Genesis about Jacob, before God changed his name to Israel - this is the patriarch who had the twelve sons, representing the twelve tribes of Israel. Among the dastardly deeds these dozen brothers engaged in, included murdering innocents; selling one brother into slavery; and, one even slept with his father’s wife. One could say that the apple did not fall far from the tree because Jacob stole his brother’s birthright and once wrestled with an angel all nightlong for a blessing from God… it was this wrestling between man and the Divine why, in my opinion, notwithstanding Homer’s tome, why we have the ‘Achilles heel’ saying… that part of the body was where the angel had to strike the Patriarch Jacob so as to loosen the latter’s grip. Did I also mention Jacob’s fourteen-year indentured servitude for his wife, Rachel. Among other dysfunctional Biblical families are Lot and his daughters, whom the latter got drunk and slept with him… thinking that such an incestuous union would repopulate the world after the destruction of their home of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Stanley has been entertaining boys and girls about the exploits of the super heroes, but the Bible trumps anything the Super Heroes could do: Elijah’s praying and preventing rainfall for over three years; the cloths used to wipe the faces of Paul and Peter being used to heal and cure all sort of ills; Peter and Paul raising the dead to life; Abraham having the Divine Viagra and impregnating his wife, Sarah, who was close to a hundred years; Abraham’s priest, Melchizedek, who had no mother or father; Enoch who went on a walk with God and walked into heaven without dying; Elijah who never died, but was taken up in a chariot; the Apostle Paul who was redeemed after killing the early Christians, but was converted and was taken up to the Third Heaven where he saw things not lawful for flesh and blood to repeat; and the disciple Philip flying to a desert to explain to an Ethiopian that Christ is the Messiah, as spoken about in the Book of Isaiah.

I could go on and on about recorded adventures in the Bible: the military exploits of Gideon; John-The-Baptist, whom Christ said was the greatest ever that was born of women; and lest we forget the Biblical Sheroes like Esther, Rahab; Ruth, Jael, and Abigail. The Bible also records human beings not taking responsibility for their actions - sounds familiar? It was Adam who blamed Eve for his failures, and David, who illustrated selfishness and the power of the fairer sex that causes us men to lose our minds… capturing the fact that even the great David killed another man to cover his adulterous deeds. You want mystery... what about the Book of Jude discussing the Devil disputing with the Angelic General, Michael, over the body of Moses or the Devil's fight with Michael and Gabriel - the fallen angel trying to prevent Daniel from hearing the answer from God for his prayers. You may notice that I did not even mention Jesus… only to say that He is responsible for everything that you have read above and has made everything that you have seen or will ever see.


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    • Verily Prime profile image

      Verily Prime 6 years ago from New York

      Thank You zzron....

    • zzron profile image

      zzron 6 years ago from Houston, TX.

      Very nice topic. I think if more people would examine the Bible it would give them more information and things to ponder.