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An Open Letter to Pope Francis on Celibacy

Updated on March 30, 2013

An Open Letter to Pope Francis on Celibacy Doctrine

Congratulations your holiness pope Francis for your elevation as the new pontiff for the world’s, more than 2 billion catholic faithful. As you commence on your job as the Vicar of Christ, I would request that you review some of the doctrines and teachings of the church that are not logical in the present perspective. Reviewing these doctrines will be very helpful in the retaining the faithful who have already lost hope of any meaningful change in the church doctrine. Citing myself as an example, I had been a catholic but the conservative feature of the church and some of the doctrines that I found illogical actually made me to move out, into somewhere I felt comfortable.

Of course I am not talking about the obvious doctrines that can not and should not be changed under any circumstances such as abortion, gay marriages, homosexuality, divorce and so on, but there are other critical issues that appear illogical not only to me but also to many millions of people worldwide. One of these critical issues is the doctrine of celibacy. Though not mandatory in the bible that church workers remain celibate, it has been the church custom to refrain its pastors and nuns from entering into any sexual or marriage relationship. I know that you or some people may not like to hear this sentiment but there are many priests and nuns out there who are very active sexually. In addition, there are those with secret families. It is common knowledge that many of these “servants of the church” aspire to get married and would like very much to be married as they continue with their service in the church.

There reaches a time in the normal human body when the sexual urge becomes difficult to resist, and these servants are just normal human beings. It is therefore, no wonder to hear the so many sexual scandals, child molestation cases and other unthinkable acts being performed by these “servants of the church”. My investigations spanning several years have shown serious sexual abominations being done in nun camps. It is ultimately sad that our innocent children and other people are being sexually molested by the so called “fathers” whose sexually urge become uncontrollable. It is equally sad that people we perceive as being “saints” or holy perform an abomination with their fellow “servants” (nuns or priests).

With the increasing number of sex scandals among the church servants, secret marriages among the priests and other sex abominations, I still do not understand on why the church is still a adamant on retaining the celibacy doctrine, despite it causing more harm than good to the church, despite the fact that the scandals have portrayed the church negatively. In fact, if you go around asking the catholic faithful themselves, Protestants and people of other faiths on their perception of the celibacy doctrine, you will note that they are in opposition to it. From time immemorial, celibacy has been a cumbersome aspect to be kept by normal functioning people. It is high time the church and you as the new pontiff design church policies and doctrines that are sound, practical, logical and congruent to the changing world.


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