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Revelation and the Future

Updated on May 13, 2010

The two most important books concerning the future are the Book of Daniel and the book of Revelation. The 2 books in conjunction give an overall outline of history and specific events within that outline. Some of the prophecies have already been fulfilled and others have not.

Generally, they read like this.

The Roman Empire would divide itself (285ad)

Each half would eventually deteriorate into smaller states of strong nations and weak nations. (West 476ad - East 1453ad)

Each half of weak and strong will attempt to unify it's half - and try to conquer the other half.

Neither half will ever conquer the other. Neither half will ever completely unify within it's half.

At the end of the age - the 2 halves fight a cataclysmic war - the West is devastated - the East is destroyed - the world lies in ruin.

Christ strikes both East and West via this great and cataclysmic war. This is described in many different ways as His Coming and His terrible swift sword.

He does not literally come back to earth at this time. But His Christian/Jewish kingdom is set up as a result of the war. The Jews and Christians become one - their Kingdom expanding Eastward into the conquered territories. At this time Israel receives the promised land.

The nation of Israel came about as a result of World War 2 from persecution during a great cataclysmic war.

The Christian nation will come about after World War 3 as a result of the horror of the war and from persecution - and the truth of God's word - His prophecies being made evident.

The West as we know it will be forever changed and is judged because of sin - and teaching the world to sin. (The West is depicted as half of the divided Roman Empire, also as the White Horse Rider of Rev 6 - and as a Whore riding a Red Beast.

The East as we know it will be destroyed and in it's revival, join the Christian Nation ruled from Israel - the precepts of Mohamed and Allah completely discredited. In that day Jehovah alone is worshiped. The East is judged because of the extermination of Christians and the attempted annihilation of Israel. The Eastern Half is depicted as half of the divided Roman Empire, also as the Red Horse Rider of Rev 6 - and as a Red Beast on whom the West rides.

The West is depicted as riding the Eastern beast because she thinks she is in control of it. According to prophecy - the Beast hates the woman. (The East hates the West)

According to prophecy a confederation of Eastern nations surround Israel attempting to destroy her. (Psalm 83 appears to depict the Arabic Islamic nations)

These Eastern nations will have aligned themselves into a 10 nation confederation with allies in Africa and elsewhere.. They are agreed and of one mind. Then an evil leader arises apart from them whom they give their power to. He is the Islamic Messiah known as the Mahdi. His False Prophet is Isa, the Islamic Jesus - doing miracles.

Apparently, after he comes to power over the 10, he devises a strategy that three of the nations do not agree with. He destroys or absorbs them. Now they are 7 nations with him at the head - they believe him to be their Messiah. From there he goes forth conquering many lands and opposes the world order.

The world order at that time has been ruled from the West. An empire of great power has arisen and made the whole world rich through economics and conquering in a way that is both military conquest and cultural. It's military power is seen as power for peace. Never the less, at the end of that empire it is very sinful and persecuting Christians.

(..I saw a white horse rider conquering and to conquer until a red horse rider was given a great sword to take peace from the earth...)

(I saw a woman; Mother of Whores and Mystery Babylon; riding a scarlet beast which hates the woman and turns on her utterly burning her with fire)

The West -(the woman/white horse rider)- is ruling the world economy and culture and very powerful believing it can not be conquered or destroyed. But the 7 nation confederation attacks it by destroying it's major city (New York) and causes the collapse of the Western World economic and cultural empire as we know it. This appears to be a nuclear bomb as the city disappears - leaving the world to ask - who will buy our goods now - for by her was the whole world made rich - and by her were all the nations made drunk with evil and sin. (Rev 17/18)

This event - happens at the height of Western power - at a time when it thinks it can't be destroyed - and is very arrogant and proud (I sit a Queen, I will never suffer widowhood - but in one day your miseries will come Rev 17/18)

It happens suddenly without warning.

Obviously - there is retaliation and a World War starts - then grows. Many prophecies describe this war. It escalates and expands - bringing almost all the nations into it - and it is ended in a horrible battle labeled Armageddon. This battle is depicted in many ways but Daniel 2 shows it as a stone striking the East West Divide and the power of both is never the same.

The war had lasted several years.

The stone is Jesus Christ - the Word of God - judging the nations through the cataclysms.

The result of the war - apart from it's cataclysmic destruction - is that a new empire emerges with Israel as it's center and Jerusalem as it's capital. It is ruled by Jewish Christians and a Christian Empire spreads over the world with many nations joining it. The Western world thus chastened turns back to God and re-embraces it's roots of first century Christianity.

All Israel is saved

5 - 7 billion people die in the war.

This empire rules the world from Jerusalem and has technological power over the world. Any nation that does not come up and worship the Lord - will receive no rain

Ezekiel's Millennial Temple is built and at the dedication - a great light forms in the East and enters the Holy of Holies through the Eastern Gate. (Ezekial)

(Even as the lightening shines from the East to the West so shall the coming of the Son of Man be - Matthew)

Every eye shall see Him and those that pierced Him.

The Millennium begins with a new central power ruling from Jerusalem. Peace breaks out and weapons of war are destroyed. The world is ruled with an iron rod of wisdom and emphatically enforced according to the precepts of God and the scriptures.

Vice, war and tyranny vanish from the earth and a just government rules. The Kingdom continues to grow until it fills the whole world and all nations eventually come under it's power

New York is gone

Damascus is gone

Moscow is gone

Tehran is gone

Egypt is laid wasted

and numerous other cities and countries.

The world starts anew and the isms of the past are crushed into dust and found no more (Daniel 2)

The kingdom of this world has passed to the kingdom of our God and he shall rule and reign over it 1000 yrs.

At the end of the 1000 yrs a brief rebellion is quashed.

The dead are resurrected at the last day at the end of that age.

The judgment.

The heavens and earth are renewed - God's eternal kingdom comes to earth and lasts forever and ever - age without end.

There will be no more death.

***In additional HUBS, I take these points one by one - and others - and break them down - giving more detail for each and show supporting scriptural evidence. I'm confident that much of this does not match your current view. For example:

The misguided idea that the EU is the Antichrist's Kingdom

The misguided idea that Jesus literally comes back at the end of the Tribulation period and the war.

The misguided idea that the Church is the Bride and is raptured before or during the Tribulation.

The truth is - the Bride is New Jerusalem (Rev 22:9-10 see below)

9-And there came unto me one of the seven angels which had the seven vials full of the seven last plagues, and talked with me, saying, Come here, I will show you the bride, the Lamb's wife . 10-And he carried me away in the spirit to a great and high mountain, and showed me that great city, the holy Jerusalem, descending out of heaven from God.

We are the guests at the wedding - the ones they went into the streets to find and bring to the wedding feast - (remember Jesus's parable in Matthew?)

Jesus can not literally come back at the end of the Tribulation/Armageddon period because of this verse:

Scripture tells us that the heavens must receive Jesus UNTIL the times of restitution of all things. That time, according to Revelation 22 is after the 1000 years. (It is obvious that during the 1000 years - everything is not restored)



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    • profile image

      Sam 9 years ago

      Thank you for this hub. for the past three months I have been studying the Prophets. I am amazed at how daily world events are grouping together as a jig-saw puzzle. Soon and very soon the last piece of the puzzle will be put in place. To God be the glory.