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An illustrious head of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam!

Updated on September 23, 2014

A rare soul in South India!

He was immensely human as well as a sage!

There lived a great sage in Kancheepuram in South India. He was ordained to be the head of a renowned mutt known as Kamakoti peetam which was founded by the great Adhi Sankara around 8th century AD. Many renowned descendants took over the heads of the illustrious mutt. Sri Chandrasekerendra Saraswathi who become in charge of the mutt at an age of fourteen years performed his duties absolutely in a selfless manner until his ‘mahasamadhi’ during his 100th year. He undertook many pilgrimages during his illustrious career. He was simple, wore only homespun ‘khadi cloth of ochre robe. He never deviated from the dictates of the scriptures and perfectly followed it. Though he looked very humble and occupied the duties of head of monostry, yet he was aware of the problems of common man as well as the devotees who visited him on many occasions for their various problems. He mysteriously solved their problems when they fully relied upon him. Be it marriage, education, employment or utter poverty, he had a remedy specific to each of those devotees. When he blessed them silently, they were sure that their problems would be resolved soon.

One specialty about him is he abstained from food on those days which are ordained in the scriptures. During the Dusserah celebrations, he was fasting for all the nine days, yet carried all his duties meticulously with full of energy. He was a strict orthodox head of a mutt but always cared for the feelings of his devotees. Though he was strict, yet he loved one and all. His selfless love has saved many devotees from many troubles. Only few devotees had recorded the benevolence of the sage to them in books. He was kind to one and all whether one is a lay man or pundit. He treated all of them equally. Sometimes he showered his grace on an entire group of people who came from a distant village to see him so that they will be blessed. At those times, they offered even the cheapest things like the banana fruits, perched rice etc. He accepted all those offerings but distributed many more things to those gatherings. He was particular none departed with empty stomach. Sometimes he offered them butter milk and fruits. Those villagers had genuine love for the sage. It is not a wonder that people from all communities used to visit his place to talk to him about their problems. Even when some atheists were displaying some posters against him and pasted the same in the walls of the town, he never retaliated. For him, praise and blame are the same.

He always respected the opinion of others, whether they are god loving or atheists. When he took Mahasamadhi, many Muslims, Christians and people from other religions, visited when his body was kept for the people to view for the last time. Mahatma Gandhi visited his ashram during freedom movement and discussed about Indian Freedom. He blessed one and all whether one is politician, business man, academic person or ordinary peasant from the villages. He taught all of them, how to live peacefully and amicably in this world, the aim of human life. Performance of one’s duties etc. He performed all the rituals and worships daily for many hours continuously. At other times, he dispelled the doubts of many of his devotees who enquired about various aspects of spiritual discipline etc. He used to give discourses to many gatherings whenever he visited new places during his pilgrimage. He had a good knowledge of most of the important languages. He could converse with people fluently and solved their doubts. At times, he used to warn certain dignitaries about certain unforeseen problems. Whatever he predicted came true. Without anybody telling their problem, he could guess it very correctly and gave correct directions. He saved many devotees from impending accidents by forewarning them beforehand. When some of them could not escape such calamities, he promptly saw that they are rescued in time and admitted to nearby hospitals. Though he was at Kancheepuram, he protected his devotees when they were in great danger by manifesting in some form or without anybody’s knowledge. He manifested himself in the surgical wards when the devotees were about to undergo surgery. He used to shower his blessings and vanish in thin air! He could perform eight different things simultaneously at the same time. This feat has been verified by some experts who tested him personally. One used to put some questions serially. The other will offer some flowers. The third one will put some questions on some intricate calculations. The fourth one will ask about the star of the day. The fifth will ask him to name a day of a particular date and year. Likewise eight different tests were conducted and he answered all the questions, solved all problems, gave the number count of flowers, revealed the day of date and year and this entire thing, without a single mistake!

He was a spiritualist par excellent. He was more human than anybody else. Even while adhering to the traditions and cultures he never hurt anyone by his thoughts or words. His strictness was more towards running the mutt administrations as per the laid down laws. Though he was embodied, everyone considered him an incarnation of Lord Muruga!


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