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An interesting thought on human evolution!

Updated on June 19, 2013

Saibaba in smiles!

How evolution progresses?

Man has become more complicated since he acquires a fraction of habits of his previous births. The human birth has originated from the mineral state, plant state, insects, birds, and aqua creatures and animal states. It is interesting to note that in animal kingdom, there are both ferocious as well as docile animals. Our habits and behaviors depend upon those states too. Hence we find that certain individuals exhibit cunning habits. We may presume that previously he might have gone through ‘fox birth’. There are others who always grab others things. They might have passed through monkey or cat states previously. Some people exhibit a calm nature. May be they might have born as ‘cow ‘previously. Likewise we can see some uncultured behavior among some. These are all the results of their previous sojourn as animals.

In this regard, I would like to share some interesting points I heard from the discourses of Saibaba. Once, he told a gathering that several species are being killed by human beings for consumption as food. Due to the above (sacrifice), those species directly get human birth in their next incarnation. Now we can imagine that instead of slow transformation from one species to the other, there is a sudden jump. What happens is that those souls could not adjust perfectly with human qualities. Hence we have amongst us many queer fellows whose habits and actions we are not able to digest. Even by Darwin’s theory of evolution, man has emerged from a specific sect of monkeys. Hence we find that man has not come on earth suddenly. He had undergone many births and evolved from minerals and insects and took birth as birds and animals and finally as a human being. Hence we find lot of difference in behavior amongst many of them.

Even amongst the human beings, there are many who are advanced intellectually, exhibiting saintly qualities. They also evolved from the experiences of many births. All of a sudden they have not become saints. Every individual has to undergo hundreds of births to get refinement. Hence if we look at human evolution, it is a matter of interesting study.


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