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An object just appeared from nowhere in my bathroom.

Updated on September 3, 2009

The Object

The grey object found in my bathroom - more images at the bottom of the hub.
The grey object found in my bathroom - more images at the bottom of the hub.

Something Very Strange in the Bathroom....

I do not expect you to believe me. Mainly because I think there is a rational explanation for it too, but at the moment I cannot seem to find one. See what you think and post a comment. Maybe someone will have the answer.

I don't think I have ever had anything like this before in my life - at least not that I can remember anyway. This object has just appeared out of nowhere and I have never seen it before. Of course, I don't expect you to believe me. You will probably say that it came from somewhere close by and was just a natural occurrence, but when you hear the circumstances, you will admit that it is certainly strange. I used to be a spiritualist and there were tales of things called 'apports' which are items that appear from nowhere. I was always rather sceptical when I heard these reports, and took them all with a pinch of sale, but now, maybe I have my very own 'apport' - who knows? Somehow, I doubt it!

I was the only one at home today. I was working on my computer in the passage and suddenly I heard something sounded like it dropped or fell from above. I thought the sound came from the lounge which is at the end of the passage, about 12 feet away. There is no door to the lounge and so the noise was fairly loud and I heard it quite clearly. I went to investigate in the lounge but could not immediately see anything that had fallen onto the floor. I thought maybe something had fallen down from the ceiling as there is some plaster loose around some pipes that go through the ceiling. I could see nothing at all, so I walked around the lounge looking for things that could have made the noise and eventually sat down on the sofa wondering what could have caused the noise.

I have to say that the noise spooked me a little because I was the only one in the apartment and when I walked into the lounge all the hair stood up on the back of my head. Normally I am not spooked by things like this and sudden noises do not make me jump.

Anyway, a little while later I went into the bathroom which is between the lounge and my computer desk and there, on the far side of the toilet itself, on the side away from the door and down on the floor was the object. I had never seen it before and it was completely out-of-place in the bathroom.

It was grey plastic about 2 inches in length. It was obviously something that you pressed on because there was a thumb-shaped and thumb-sized press which was like a lever. You obviously push this down on one end to do the action and the other end lifts up because there was a hole for a piece of wire or rod running through the plastic from side-to-side somewhere near the centre of its length. On the other end of the thumb-press, there was a small black rubber pad about 1cm x 1.25 cm which was curved in the shape of a semi-circle - like it was supposed to rest on a round item. It looks as if the round item would be about an inch to one and a half inches diameter from the curve of the black rubber pad.

Now, there is absolutely nothing in my bathroom that has this kind of lever. It is the kind of lever you find on a machine, and I don't have any machines in my bathroom. (Does anyone?) There is nothing nearby it could have come from, and I was at least 12 feet away and around a corner from it, when I heard it fall.

Still, I am looking for an explanation and one will probably come eventually, but you must admit, that it was a strange occurrence. Oh, and - in case you are wondering, this is completely legit. I am not making this up or pulling your leg at all.


Ahh - All is revealed!! I have found the answer to my mystery, and it is not as interesting as the mystery itself. I was taking a shower last night and I found that the device was broken that keeps the shower head where you place it on the bar that runs vertically up and down.

Normally it is something that you squeeze and move up and down according to your height, so that the shower water hits you at the right level. This about 2 inches from the wall and fairly large so I have never looked behind there - consequently I did not recognize the object as coming from my bathroom. This object that I found on the floor, obviously comes from there. I have to say that I am a little disappointed that I could not report a ghost or some other kind of unexplained happening.

So, I suggest we all wait 24 hours after some kind of strange occurrence, to see if the real logical reason will be found out. Of course, make some notes about what happened, so that you don't forget the details(just in case it is a real ghost, alien, or strange event), but don't do as I did, and "go off half-cocked" as the saying goes.

I will post a photo when I have connected my camera to the PC.

Other views of The Object

The underside - I should have realised because it looks damaged.
The underside - I should have realised because it looks damaged.
The curved black pad at the end.
The curved black pad at the end.


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    • profile image

      pete 3 months ago

      years after my incident with the bull and being completely left in confusion. I was forced to revisit the supernatural once again. This time It came in the form of a mysterious person. I was in my hometown and coming home from the beach. I had crossed the bridge and as I looked to my right from the north I saw flashing light. My heart began to race and I felt like this could not be happening again. But it did. Suddenly behind me was a cop car flashing his lights. The car came out of no where and I hesitated before pulling over. Finally I came to a stop, but was overwhelmed with a really foreign sensation. The police officer approached my vehicle and tapped on the window. I was about to panic but found a way to keep my calm. He said do you know why I pulled you over? I said no. He said do you know who I am? I said an officer I presume. He smiled and walked away and handed me a ticket for speeding. I mentioned to him the flash of light and said I was not speeding. He looked at me with ghostly eyes and said just hand in the ticket. I thought it best not to fight with him or question his motives for pulling me over. I had not been speeding and felt like there was something wrong all together. The next day I walked into my DMV and approached the teller. She asked me if I got a ticket. I confirmed her request and handed over the ticket that the officer gave me. She looked at the ticket to begin to process it and then looked at me and said is this a joke. I looked at her and was confused. She called over another agent who then gasped. They both stared at the ticket for about 5 minutes not saying a word. I said is something wrong? They called over a deputy and then things go really weird. They told me the officer had been dead for a few years and was killed while serving. They had streets named after him and he was a local hero. I looked at the medley of people in front of me and scratched my head. I thought it might be some kind of prank. But then suddenly the flash of light popped in my mind. I asked for the ticket back and jokingly said this wont affect my license. They got the joke and laughed saying no you wont get any points on your license from a ghost. However I had a piece of paper in my hand from a ghost cop and was not about to tell them about the incident leading up to the encounter. I walked out of the building completely bedazzled and in anticipation of what could possibly being going on. You wouldn't believe it but this is not the last time this happens to me. Id like to share more stories about these strange events but I am now getting a headache and don't feel like typing anymore. Take care.

    • profile image

      pete 3 months ago

      I used to be an avid runner. Up to 30 miles a day. After about 1 year I was able to do this very easily and doing It in very amazing times. After another 2 years I was about tired of it and gave up on running all together. I was a bit upset and even a little mad at myself for giving up. I was running sub 5min miles and it was coming easily to me. However I decided to let it go and began to find comfort in other things. About 15 years later I decided to run again. I had no preconceptions about how well I would do. I imagined it would not be so easy so I didn't set myself up to fail. However on my very first run I completed it in record time and was a little bewildered at my bodies memory to such a task. I was grateful and looked forward to running some more. Unfortunately something very bizarre happened and I quit running forever. AS I was running I began to pick up speed at about the 3 mile point. About a 1/4 of a mile into the 4th mile I saw a flash of light to the right of me coming in from the east. I thought it was just a plane or something. Then the light began to approach the ground and suddenly I saw a bull approaching me very rapidly. The bull was charging at me full speed and he was only about 50 yards away. I had assumed that the bull was startled by my running so I slowed down to a stop. I was frozen with fear. He continued charging. There was a small fence which separated me from the bull. Made of 2x6 and 2x4 and 4x4 posts. I began to wonder what to do, he was now too close for me to do much. Suddenly my hands went up and I told him to stop like you would an aggressive person. Within 5 feet of the fence the bull came to a dead halt. He was breathing heavily and spitting mucus from his nostrils. Suddenly coming up alongside him was a female bull. She was seemingly chasing him. She began to comfort the male bull and the entire incident was beyond belief. I didn't think about the bulls having anything to do with the light. I counted my blessings and walked the rest of the way home. The next day I went to the field to see the bulls that had caused the fright. The owner was in the yard and I told him what had happened the night before. He told me they don't own any bulls and never have. He said we only have horses! I was completely in bewilderment and could not have mistaken a bull for a horse. The horns were menacing and the sheer size was breathtaking. I left feeling completely lost and confused. I decided to give up on running after that incident and have not returned.

    • profile image

      Sylvia 18 months ago

      I was looking after my 14 month old granddaughter. She was in the lounge on the floor playing with toys. I needed to peg out the washing in the back garden. I carried the washing from the kitchen through the lounge, past my daughter, through the French doors into the garden. There was nothing on the floor in my path. On my return, about three steps back into the room, I saw a nail. It was about 2 inches long , slightly curved as if it had been used, and had a grey white colour. It had appeared out of nowhere. My granddaughter could easily have crawled over and picked it up. Thank God she didn't. I'm always finding feathers and coins but this is the first time the object could be harmful. I was so scared.

    • profile image

      Bianca 24 months ago

      You literally just wasted my life

    • profile image 2 years ago

      Watch Life After Death Project it might give u some answers

    • profile image

      kelly! 3 years ago

      Please help!!!! Sitting at home alone folding laundry in the living room laundry... at midnight I hear a distinct pop or clink sound. Decide to go investigate and find strange looking old lightbulb in the middle of the hallway. The hallway light is covered and has efficiency bulbs. In fact, my whole house does. This thing appeared with a tink sound at midnight our of nowhere. I've herd of disappearing objects but never this. Please if u know anything about this tell me

    • profile image

      larry r 1947 5 years ago

      This looks like a plastic cap that covered the screw/wing nut that holds the toilet seat to the toilet. Since there would have been two, your objects mate might still be in place under the toilet seat. Ask a plumber or go to a plumbing store in your area and they will solve your mystery.

    • profile image

      Rob 7 years ago

      This was strange, It was about 11am very bright sunny day, I looked up and saw a light about the size of a dinner plate just above the veranda roof and a light switch, dropped down , a fall of about 8 feet. The switch was yellowed and old. The very strange part was that I was actually looking for a switch. I cant seem to find any information about objects that appear from thin air. I have defiantly witnessed this for real.

    • lenny brioxy profile image

      lenny brioxy 8 years ago

      Can't wait to see the pics....