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Analysis of Genesis Chapter 1 Verse 1

Updated on May 29, 2013

“In the beginning” – when was the beginning?

Jesus and the Holy Spirit existed by this time (creation of Heavens and Earth), because Jesus and the Holy Spirit was begot from eternity.

Was beginning soon after or long after eternity?

In the beginning“ – this means an exact date.

Did it last an hour, day, or year to create heavens and Earth? It is important, because length of time spent in creating heavens and Earth, that is the importance of them to God and ultimately all creation also.

The word “beginning” means a period of time, and also an exact date of time.

English language uses “In the period” of something. So “In the beginning” might also imply a period.

“In the beginning God created” – only God created without the help of Jesus or the Holy Spirit. It can be assumed that the very first “creation” of God was his son; Jesus, and the second (maybe with help? of Jesus) creation is the Holy Spirit; all of them existed before Heaven.

If God started creating everything, that means that before He started creating things there was “nothing”. The word “nothing” is improper here, because you need to lack something or everything before you can say there is nothing. There was no time either, or maybe God created that before the Heavens, but probably after the Son of God was created. We don’t know whether time was created before or after the Holy Spirit.

No words and names were in existence at this point, because there was nothing that could be named, so we can assume the Son of God didn’t have a name. Thus Jesus got a name only in the dream of Joseph (Earthly father f Jesus).

Since there was no name, we can assume that God didn’t have a name either. If before anything was created besides the Son of God and Holy Spirit, what form they were in because then there was nothing in the physical of spiritual, or ghostly form?

The NIV says heavenS, and the KJV, and most other Bible verses use the singular form of the word “Heaven”, so it is reasonable to suppose, that there is only 1 heaven created. Was the created Heaven same as the Heaven the same as the Heaven described in the Heaven was created before Earth then, besides the spiritual and ghostly realm, the physical realm was also created. The physical realm includes atoms, chemicals, and their interaction and relations. We can then say that by creating Heaven and Earth God created the basics and foundations of all later creations. As we could see, in the book of Revelations again, the Apostle John saw God sitting on a throne, so which means that by that time He took the form of His own creation. I think that it as at this point of time, or rather at the same time when He created angels and all other heavenly (submissive) creatures, so that they could worship Him and He could love them easier and better. The Heaven and Earth I think were meant to be created forever, that is until eternity, but the Heaven for sure, but I think the Earth also.

“God created the heavens and Earth

What was the order; the heavens and afterwards the Earth, or they both were created at the same time? Also, how long did it take for each to be created? Did the creation of heaven take longer to be created, because afterwords Heaven became the dwelling place of the Holy Trinity. God (again He created it all alone). Shortly after He created the scene of Heaven He (many by the spirit also) created the angels, cherubs, archangels (including Gabriel).

There were no ideas or thoughts either, so what triggered God’s notion to create something. Furthermore, there was no wisdom, no knowledge, no understanding, no skills, no feelings (including love), no mercy, no authority (there was nothing to have authority over), no time, no methods, no procedures, no light, no darkness, no good, no evil, no distance, no time, no time, no speech, and no words, no plans, no standard, no rules, no commandments, no laws, and no principles. God created all these at a point of time, and later became his own creations (love, wisdom, …etc). This implies how perfect His creations were, and also implies how greatly satisfied He was with them. When God did created all these. I believe that He created all this when He created the Son of God; so that He could have companion with the Son (he was the first son of anything or of anybody; also the very first creation).

As the Bible uses singular form of Heaven, there is only 1 Heaven. This fact than means then the word “Earth” means not only the planet of Earth, but also, and first the universe. This then means that the only reason for creating the universe and everything, and interactions and relationships in it is to create Earth is to put it in the right position; that’s how important the Earth was to God.


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