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Ancient Mysteries- India

Updated on January 4, 2018
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Souvik is a software professional with avid interests in writing, music and wildlife. His writing style is simple yet captivating.

The nine Unknown Men!

The nine unknown men said to be the keepers of the most astounding and dangerous knowledge ever known to man-kind!
The nine unknown men said to be the keepers of the most astounding and dangerous knowledge ever known to man-kind!

The Nine Unknown!

Legend: Ashoka or Ashoka the great was one of the most prolific Indian kings of all times. He was the ruler of the Maurya dynasty and single handedly ruled the entire Indian sub-continent between 269 and 232 BC.

Following in the foot-steps of his predecessors, King Ashoka went about conquering every perceivable kingdom of the then Indian-subcontinent resulting in bloody battles with unimaginable loss to life and property. He was the first emperor of the Maurya Dynasty to have conquered the mighty kingdom of Kalinga, chronicled vivaciously by ancient historians. The Kalinga War turned out to be the turning point in the mighty emperor's life. With estimated deaths of about 100000 and further 150000 deportations, Emperor Ashoka felt devastated! He then embraced Buddhism and never participated in any war nor did he authorize any further conquests during his reign.

Having seen and felt the devastation caused by the evil intentions of men, King Ashoka formed a secret society called 'The Nine Unknown' - one of the first secret societies of the world - to preserve and develop knowledge which if handed down to wrong hands could lead to disastrous consequences.

The purpose of the highly powerful secret society was to treasure and improve upon knowledge gathered from experiments, manuscripts and documents over a period of 2000 years and more. The knowledge was chronicled into 9 books of which the nine men were the keepers. Each of the nine were empowered with the responsibility of guarding, innovating and improving the knowledge contents of a single book.

The 9 books that were singled out for this purpose are as follows:

1. Physiology: Contained details of bio-chemical and physical functions of living organisms. One of the deadliest secrets this book contained was said to be the instructions on how-to-perform the 'Touch of Death'- causing death using reversing the nerve-impulse.

2. Propaganda and Psychological warfare: This book consisted of coordinated messages directed at influencing the opinions and behavior of a large number of people. Call it the mother of all brain-washing techniques! The information contained in the book was considered the dangerous of all as the details would enable a person to govern the entire world by influencing the mass.

3. Alchemy: This book consisted of details pertaining to transmutation and conversion of metals to form new or unknown metals and alloys.

4. Microbiology: The book contained the details of micro-organisms studies and their effects on humans and the nature in general. One of the startling revelations of the book includes the combination and usage of living organisms to develop a product or any technology which utilizes the resources of living organisms. Modern science calls this as the Bio-Technology!!!!

5. Communication:This book was said to contain details pertaining to all forms of communication and their associated skills including communicating with the extra terrestrials!

6. Cosmology: Inter and intra universal trips, understanding and implementing time travel through cosmic fabrics and space were some of the highlights contained in this book.

7. Gravitation: One of the most fascinating books of the 9. Instructions necessary to make a 'Vimana' (A flying ship) and the technology associated with it were the highlights of this book.

8. Sociology: This book was considered to be the bible for establishing , nurturing, developing and evolution of societies and also the prediction and reasons for their downfall.

9. Light: Increasing and decreasing the speed of light, the technology required to do so and using light as a weapon through concentration in any one given direction were some of the startling contents of this book.

No one exactly knows who the members were or still are! Of course! One wouldn't expect the keepers of such powerful knowledge to leave any stone unturned as far as protecting the identity of the society or it's members were concerned, though rumors were rife and rampant.

Though its also rumored that as and when humanity demanded and was in dire straits, the nine men of the secret society did share some of the required knowledge to some selected outsiders for resolution and gratification of the society in general but modern and old historians alike, many are of the solemn opinion that quite a lot of information from the books have also been leaked and found their way out to hands not intended to!

Facts: The below facts offer some stunning information rumored to be either as a result of the leaked book contents or the direct intervention or guidance of the nine unknown men and which are still applicable in the modern world!

1. Physiology: This book mentioned about the know-how of causing death using touch. The martial arts 'Judo' is said to be the direct off-shoot of the information leaked from this book.

2. Propaganda and Psychological warfare: The presence of ruthless dictators, anarchists, and other individuals and organizations who held sway over masses is a vehement fact which continues to plague our world. Has any of the information contained in the book been leaked? Who knows? For modern historians, many are staunch believers of the fact that dictators like 'Adolf Hitler' must have had some secret knowledge from this book as his command and sway over the people at one point of time was unparalleled!

3. Alchemy: If you ever look at the gold deposits data across the globe, you will notice that India nowhere figures in the top 30 of any lists. That's indeed true as India never had considerable amounts of Gold mine or deposits of other precious gems.Yet! Indian history dating back from the Indus valley civilization to as recent as the Mughal dynasty contains narratives, descriptions and temples adorned with huge quantities of Gold and other precious metals and gems. Even during terrible droughts and famines, it was rumored that the Kings received enormous amounts of gold from some uncertain source. Also, the fact that the 'Ashoka Pillar' (Iron Pillar of Delhi), constructed during the reign of Emperor Ashoka has not only been standing since but is also made of a unique metal composition which has prevented it's rust over thousand of years!

4. Micro-biology/Bio-Technology: The river Ganges is considered as the holiest of the holy rivers in India. This belief has not merely come from some random rumors and speculations. The waters of the holy Ganges is considered to heal even the ones suffering from the most chronic of diseases without harming the healthy ones. Scientific study has proved that the waters of the Ganges contain bacteriophage that purify almost anything. These bacteriophage were supposedly introduced by the nine unknown men in an undisclosed base at the Himalayas near the source of the river.

5. Communication: Legend has it that the nine unknown men knew the secrets of all forms of communication including establishing contact with the extra terrestrials. This is further enhanced by the innumerable depictions in both texts and paintings gathered over thousand of years and which continue to baffle scientists to this day.

6. Cosmology: The book contained information about time, cosmic and space travel. Many modern scientists including Albert Einstein have vehemently supported this. Space travel is a reality in today's world and hence all it might require to establish the theories of time and cosmic travel may be one day revealed by one of the nine men by choosing a special someone and imparting the knowledge! Only time will tell! But it's a truth which cannot be ignored and might well become a reality in the coming years!

7. Gravitation: The book contains 'Vaiminaka Shastra'- detailed instructions to make a 'Vimana' or the UFO's of ancient India. Indian mythology and history is brimming with depictions of flying objects both in texts as well as in paintings. Scientists say that people depict only what they see, including the exaggerated imagination which definitely contains some iota of truth! May be the knowledge required to build a flying object was kept a deliberate secret to prevent their known manifestation for ill-purposes which is so very evident in today's modern warfare (Read that as bombing through air-crafts!).

8. Sociology: Numerous societies and cultures have evolved and have undergone tragic downfalls. May be the ones including King Ashoka had the secret knowledge of how to maintain, evolve and nurture a thriving society and is historically evident by the fact that the reign of King Ashoka post the 'kalinga War' was one of the golden period in the history of ancient India! A day would come when one of the nine men would yet again emerge to save the disorder and impose a new realm of peace and prosperity across the globe!

9. Light: Light as a weapon has been depicted not just in ancient Indian mythology but in almost all civilized societies in the BC era. To be able to play around with the physical properties of light with control and responsibility is something which the nine unknown men were aware of and hence guarded the secret zealously as the leakage of this information into wrong hands could mean a total annihilation of the world! Modern science knows very little about juggling with the properties of light and may be it's for our good that this sensitive information has remained a secret to this day.

Similar to the Illuminati of the west, conspiracy theorists swear to the fact that the secrets have been passed from time immemorial and men to this day continue to guard these secrets with their heart and soul and would continue to do so till the time comes for the quintessential knowledge of the books to be imparted to the society in general at the right time and for the right purpose!

The Nine Unknown men mystery in Photos!

King Ashoka
King Ashoka
The Iron pillar has remained rust free ever since it's installation during the reign of King Ashoka!
The Iron pillar has remained rust free ever since it's installation during the reign of King Ashoka!
One of the many depictions of a 'Vimana' or a flying object found across most of the ancient India paintings!
One of the many depictions of a 'Vimana' or a flying object found across most of the ancient India paintings! | Source
An ancient cave painting at the famous Ellora Caves depicting a Vimana!
An ancient cave painting at the famous Ellora Caves depicting a Vimana! | Source

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Magadh- The capital city of King Ashoka!

Magadh, Gaya, Bihar, India

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The Capital of King Ashoka. Currently located in the state of Bihar!

Ajanta Caves!

The Ajanta caves built from a single granite hill-side!
The Ajanta caves built from a single granite hill-side! | Source

Ajanta & Ellora Caves

Ajanta Caves Legend: Consider a massive granite hill-side in the form of a horse-shoe curve and you have the setting for our next mystery. Located in the state of Maharashtra, the hill-side consists of 28-30 rock-cut caves all carved from a single granite slab! The caves were carved between 1 BC and 5 AD. These caves symbolize the pinnacle of the Buddhist religious art and also depicts in vivid clarity the depictions of the universal art. Though these caves were often used by Buddhist monks as a shelter again oppressive opponents, the artisans didn't merely carve out holes but filled the interiors with dazzling wall paintings, massive pillars carved with intricate depictions of Gautama Buddha and the society in general, all preserved in their pristine beauty to this day! The caves consist of mostly living quarters called 'Viharas' and 4 temples called 'Chaityas'. And to think of it- all these magnificent carvings were performed using rudimentary tools and water soluble colors with a technology so precise and magnificent that their elegance and beauty has been the same as it was during their creation!

The caves were unceremoniously deserted around 7th century AD. The reason for the abandonment remains a mystery. No depictions or written records have been found explaining the reasons for such hurried evacuation!

Ellora Caves Legend: The Ellora caves, located at a distance of 30 kms from the city of Aurangabad in the state of Maharashtra, represents the epitome of Indian rock-cut architecture. The pinnacle of this cave structure is the 'Kailasa Temple' built by the kingdom of Rashtrakutas. The 34 caves at Ellora were built between the 5th and 10th century AD. The caves consist of 12 Buddhist, 17 Hindu and 5 Jain temples, thus symbolizing the religious harmony existent during the time!

The crowning glory of the Ellora caves is the 'Kailasa Temple' built from a single monolithic rock carved top-down. The temple has been carved in the form of Mount Kailash- the abode of the Hindu God 'Shiva'. The temple was built to invoke his blessings and create a residence for his visit! This temple remains the largest monolithic structure of the world. The area occupied by the temple and it's premises is twice that of the Parthenon in Athens! The temple consists of gateway, halls, towers and is connected to the gallery hall by a bridge!The technological know-how and precision required to carve such a huge structure with such immaculate detailing remains a mystery. Who helped the carvers and how did they ever achieve in accomplishing such complex feat of architectural wonder baffles everyone to this day!

Facts: The Ajanta caves were overcome by heavy forests and remained hidden till 1819 when they were accidentally rediscovered by a British Officer- John Smith- out on a hunting party! The Mural paintings of the caves used a water soluble color substance which have maintained their color and shine for thousand of years. Having had a look at the massive horse-shoe curved granite hill-side and to think of numerous caves complete with architectural and art wonders being carved out of that single hill-side is a task which can seem impossible even with all the modern technology available today! How could the workers and carvers with such limited access to tools and equipments could achieve this feat is a mystery which would continue to baffle people for years to come!

The Ellora Caves surprisingly never lost out to oblivion due to their close proximity to the trade route. Numerous dynasties have patronized the caves of which the Rashtrakuta dynasty has been entrusted with the credit of building most of the caves and the magnificent Kailasa Temple (Cave 16). It took close to 150 years to complete the entire cave system including the temple and the technology used to achieve such a magnificent feat continues to be a study of discovery and wonder for scientists and architects the world over!

Both the Ajanta and the Ellora caves are part of the UNESCO World heritage sites!

Ajanta & Ellora Caves location!

Ellora Caves:
Ellora Caves, Badlabai, Maharashtra 431101, India

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Ajanta Caves:
Ajanta Caves, Maharashtra 431117, India

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Ajanta Caves in photos!

A fine piece of art from the ajanta cave-4
A fine piece of art from the ajanta cave-4 | Source
A bull fighting depiction!
A bull fighting depiction! | Source
An Ajanta cave mural!
An Ajanta cave mural! | Source
Magnificent carvings inside the Ajanta caves!
Magnificent carvings inside the Ajanta caves! | Source
Cave no: 20- The temple for Lord Buddha!
Cave no: 20- The temple for Lord Buddha! | Source
The Ajanta caves from a distance!
The Ajanta caves from a distance! | Source

Ellora Caves and Kailasa Temple in Photos!

A magnificent painting from the Ellora caves!
A magnificent painting from the Ellora caves!
The elaborate carvings from one of the Ellora caves!
The elaborate carvings from one of the Ellora caves!
The caves numbered from 1 to 5 with a waterfall in between during the monsoons!
The caves numbered from 1 to 5 with a waterfall in between during the monsoons!
Cave-16- the Kailasa temple at Ellora Caves!
Cave-16- the Kailasa temple at Ellora Caves!
The Kailasa temple tower in all it's grandeur!
The Kailasa temple tower in all it's grandeur!
The Ellora Caves from a distance!
The Ellora Caves from a distance!
The Kailasa temple was constructed to resemble Mount Kailash of the Himalayas!
The Kailasa temple was constructed to resemble Mount Kailash of the Himalayas!
The Kailasa Temple was built by the 'Rashtrakuta' dynasty!
The Kailasa Temple was built by the 'Rashtrakuta' dynasty!


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A short film on Ajanta & Ellora Caves!

The grandeur of the Ajanta & Ellora caves!

The mystery behind the complex and fascinating architecture of the Ajanta & Ellora caves can be best justified through photos and videos. The video capsule contained within depicts the caves in their unparalleled grandeur and beauty!

Immortals of the Himalayas!

Legend: Hinduism is often associated with 'Chiranjeevis' or the immortals. Since ancient times, the Hindu mythology and the sacred texts have had definite references and stories about selected individuals being bestowed with the blessing of immortality.

Individuals whose 'Karma' and destiny was to fulfill pre-designated duties over different periods of time (Called as 'Yugas' in Hinduism) were blessed by the supreme power to remain immortal over thousand of years.

And no place on earth has greater reverence and mystery associated with the living immortals than the mighty Himalayas! The Himalayan mountain range is a highly complex chain of mountains ranging from Afghanistan to China and many parts of the range still remain inaccessible to the humans. It's these unexplored chasms, ravines, caves and established colonies (according to local legend) in the uninhabited Himalayas, that are speculated to be the supposed residence of the mysterious immortals.

The legend doesn't just end there! There are innumerable monks (currently living in the Himalayas) who continue to defy the laws of nature and physics and are said to possess unfathomable powers and concentration through years and years of unhindered penance! Hundreds of researchers and adventurers alike have chronicled countless meetings and chance encounters with such immortals and many such cases have also been compiled into books! These immortals are said to appear only at certain times when their powers are required to be implemented for the benefit of the humankind and the society in general!

A few case studies of such living immortals indeed keeps us wondering as can be found in the case-study facts below:

Facts: In his book 'Breaking the death habits' by Leonard Orr, meetings with 8 such immortals (including men and woman) have been documented. Leonard himself met these individuals and the minutes of the meetings are so well maintained that one is left to wonder about the possibility of this unbelievable phenomenon! All the immortals or Yogis are believed to be more than 2000 years old and as mentioned by the author himself they are not 2000 years old but 2000 years young as their physical constitution and the powers contained within are seen to be believed! The most astounding fact of all is that many whom he met were not aesthetics but had wives and children giving rise to the notion that one need not live in a cave to be able to achieve physical immortality. It's also mentioned that the number of immortals in the present world amount to a few thousands of which most of them live in the Himalayas!

L.P Farrel, a British Army officer in the erstwhile British Raj has had a similar experience of a chance encounter with an immortal which he had so vividly mentioned in a Hindi daily called 'Saptahik Hindustan', the article of which came up on May 17th, 1959 for the readers! Mr. Farrel mentioned a detailed account of meeting an immortal while camping at Nainital (In the current picturesque state of Uttarakhand). While sleeping in the pitched tents at night, Mr. Farrel was woken by what looked like a shadow and was given directions to meet the immortal in person. The officer, on duly following the orders and after a considerable strenuous hike along the mountain paths which took around 3.5 hours, came face to face with a frail looking individual who though looked old physically generated a tremendous aura of light from his forehead. The reason for Mr. Farrel's call was to request him to evacuate the camp-site so that one of the chosen disciple could perform penance at the very site for immortality. Mr. Farrel humbly agreed and also requested to be present during the ceremony. The officer not only witnessed the successive ceremonies but could also see the past life of the disciple, in the form of live images being emitted from the forehead of the immortal.

Hariakhan Babaji Maharaj is a living immortal who has been documented extensively. Thought to be currently living in the Himalayas, Babaji is rumored to be a few thousand years old. He is often seen with the Tibetan Llamas and can speak multiple languages fluently including but not limited to native Indian languages. Babaji makes appearances only when he has certain specific tasks or duties towards the man-kind. Though he looks frail, Babaji is supposed to possess immense strength and have been often seen by many locals lifting huge rocks with bare hands. In all the documented encounters it's been extensively mentioned that Babaji seldom ate unless offered food by the devotees. He never slept and walked at an amazing speed. A book about this amazing individual called 'Hariakhan Baba, Known, Unknown' by author Baba Hari Dass was published in the USA by the Sri Rama foundation in the year 1975.

Modern science has been in the search of an elixir of life ever since it's inception! In fact most of the ancient Hindu and Vedic texts have always maintained that death in an individual is due to the degeneration of the organs and the inability of the body to regenerate new cells as the organs age. The ancient hermits had always emphasized the fact that oxygen is both a life-saver as well as a life-taker, since oxygen though being the quintessential element to sustain life, simultaneously damages the internal organs by oxidizing them! May be the immortals have found ways to sustain the life sustaining mechanisms and control the organs degeneration through some secret and ancient knowledge! Who knows? Only time will tell!

The mighty Himalayas!

The mighty Himalayan range!
The mighty Himalayan range! | Source

An interesting video about the Flying machines of Ancient India!

HariaKhan Babaji!

Mahaavtar HariaKhan Babaji!
Mahaavtar HariaKhan Babaji!

The Himalayas!


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The mighty Himalayan mountain range- The site of numerous immortals sightings and meetings!


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Ancient India mysteries!

How best to see the Himalayas?

Himalayas are the most easily accessed through India. The Indian states of Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Northern West-Bengal, and Arunachal Pradesh offer some stunning views of the mesmerizing mountain ranges.

However the true mystic enchantment of the Himalayas is best accessed through the picturesque north Indian state of Uttarakhand! Numerous travel agents and government operated tours are a regular affair. And for the mystery hunters and the adventurers, staying in the numerous hill stations spread across Uttarakhand would not only give a chance to savor the local culture and the trekking do's & dont's but would also give some delightful insight into the stories and mysteries surrounding the immortals!

Trains and buses regularly ply to and from New Delhi and other major Indian cities! Prior reservation is recommended though for both travel and accommodation facilities!


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