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Ancient Mysteries of the Bible

Updated on March 7, 2011


Have you ever noticed that religions timeline (i.e. Adam was created in 4004 B.C.) and the timeline of science (i.e. man evolved over thousands and thousands of centuries dating back to 100,000 B.C.) do not seem to line up?  This strange fact was apparent to me even as a child.  I would go to school and learn about cavemen and homo-erectus, then go home and hear my mother talk about the six day creation and the Garden of Eden.  They both seemed to be believable enough although the two schools of thought were diametrically opposed. So I began to dig.


            The first thing I noticed was the parallels between Sumerian writings and the Biblical writings.  The Sumerians are generally regarded as the oldest civilization we have written histories on.  They began writing, using cuneiform type letters, as early as 3800 b.c. but could very well be older than that, considering that the great flood could have destroyed any remnants of their written history.  The Bible or at least the Pentateuch (the first five books of the Bible) was written by the scribes of Moses, or even Moses himself, in about the 15th century b.c.  So, the point is, the Sumerian history is much older, therefore, much closer to the source.

Now, the Sumerians are still a huge mystery in the sense that they were a pre-flood civilization that had technology and civil organization that could even rival ours today.  There is archeological evidence that shows they had cities, libraries, schools, militia, courts and laws, streets, sewers and even electricity (considering the discovery of the batteries found in recent digs in Iraq.  They even had something that took us until the mid 1950s to entire accurate map of our solar system.  Their map is over 4000 years old but it clearly shows Neptune and Pluto right where they should be.  And interestingly, they show another planet which we have not discovered.  A planet that they called Nibiru.  This planet is different from the others because it has a 3,600 year elliptical orbit, meaning it only passes through our vicinity every 3,600 years. 


            Most fascinating, to me, about the Sumerians is their religion.  Their system of worship was very much like that of the Hebrews of the Bible.  The built temples, they had divine writings, they burned animals as sacrifices, they had a system of tithing, but even more fascinating is their creation legends.  The Sumerians believed that a race of extra-terrestrials called the Annunaki, came to our planet in the ancient past and "created" mankind in order to be a slave race.  They taught mankind about mathematics and astronomy, agriculture, social paradigms and writing, and then left mankind with a promise to return when we were ready to understand them.                                                                  

                                                                             The Bagdad Battery circa 3000 b.c






                   Sumerian seal showing man receiving gift of the plow from Annunaki as well as an accurate map of the known solar system




              Zechariah Stitchin interpretations of the cuneiform writings of the Sumerians were published in his book, The 12th Planet, in 1976, and were the first modern efforts to decipher this fantastic history.  In short, the Annunaki were extraterrestrials who, through advanced technology and medical knowledge, had extremely long life spans, potentially living as long as 500,000 years.  They came from a planet (i.e. the 12th planet) which has a 3,600 year orbit around our very sun, called Nibiru.  They came to our planet and saw that it was rich in minerals such as gold and also discovered a primitive race of humans, the Neanderthal man.  So these aliens used DNA splicing to create a more perfect race which they could then use as a worker class to extract the resources of the planet.  They achieved their goal and called the first man they created Adammu. They then put this Adammu, or first man into a lush paradise called El-Den.  Could this be the pre-cursor to the Adam story?  Or perhaps a different cultural dialect telling the creation story?  I speculate that it is and feel irony can only explain so much in this world.  As far fetched as all of this sounds, the ancient cuneiform tablets say essentially the same thing.



 Close-up of the Sumerian map of our solar system. It is a mystery how they knew of planets that we did not discover until the 20th century.




            Lawrence Gardner wrote: “Every item of written and pictorial attestation confirms that the ancient Sumerians were absolutely sincere about the existences of the Annunaki, and those such as Enki, Enlil, Nin-khursag and Inanna fulfilled earthly functions with designated community duties.  They were patrons and founders; they were teachers and justices; they were technologists and kingmakers.  They were jointly and severally venerated as archons and masters, but they were certainly not idols of religious worship as the ritualistic gods of subsequent cultures became."  He went on to say: "The Sumerians have themselves told us precisely who the Annunaki were, and neither history nor science can prove otherwise.".  This rings true to this very day.      


            Perhaps the most interesting thing taken from Stitchin is the dates he ascribes to the civilization.  He developed the dates from the Sumerians own writings and it should be noted here that the Sumerians had a very accurate calendar.  Simply put, he places the great flood at 11,000 B.C. which would put the creation of Adammu at around 13,700 B.C., give or take a few decades.  These numbers, although not accurate to the degree of our calendar, are formulated from the life spans of the patriarchs of the Bible, written in the book of Genesis, and from the written history found in the Sumerian cuneiform.  When coupled with archeological evidence of the supportive nature, this timeline does indeed stand up to securitization.  Most academic circles consider it fact.


            It is also an accepted fact that fossils of humans have been found all over the globe which are conclusively dated as being older than Adams genealogies could possibly allow.  So this forces one to postulate as to the spiritual nature of these pre-adamic beings.  Were there soulless human-like primates who built the great ziggurats found in S. America which date as far back as 17,000 B.C.?  Because the fact is that there must have been somebody who knew mathematics, astronomy as well as very advanced building and stone cutting techniques alive in 17,000 B.C. to account for its construction.  If not man then who?  Aliens?  Most would laugh and scoff.  But even that paradigm is shifting in even the more conservative intelligentsia these days.  In other words, new discoveries are shaking the academic communities to their core foundational beliefs.

Genesis 1:26 "Then God said, "Let us man in our own image, according to our likeness; “Here many wonder why God is speaking in the plural.  Also, who is God even speaking to?  Many Christians say he is speaking as the Godhead, the trinity (i.e. the father, son, and Holy Spirit) or he is speaking to his angels.  Possibly true, I must admit.  It begs the question; what is the likeness of God?  What does God look like?  As a child I saw Him as an old man in a toga, perhaps a throwback to my seeing the famous ceiling by Michelangelo.  Then I matured into thinking he had no physical form.  He says he is everywhere all the time, so his omnipresence must be accomplished through a non-physical form, like a spirit or ghost.  Then I read in Exodus, when God allows Moses to observe his form from the back only (because to see His face meant death to any human).  Again I am forced to reconsider all I thought to be true.  The Holy Bible tells me God has a form, so he must look like us.  A bipedal man with anatomical attributes similar to our own.

Reading on in Genesis, Chapter 1, verse 27 "So God created man in His own image; in the image of God he created them; male and female He created them."  Here the Living Word confirms again that we, as human beings, are very similar to the physiology and appearance of God.  Why then, does this thought seem so strange?  Sumerian texts tell of the Annunaki creating us from jars and bottles.  Could this mean laboratory test tubes and beakers?  Could the ancient Sumerian “gods”  really just be aliens who came here and introduced their DNA into the homo sapien/cromag DNA? Are humans essentially just like God and angels, or even demons?  We live on Earth, they in space?  Let's speculate for a minute.


            The Bible itself defines angels, demons and God as celestial and from "heaven".  Whenever they interact with humans on Earth they are always descending from the sky or ascending into it.  So, one could say that the Holy Bible already establishes the fact that they (angels, demons and God ) are aliens, as we define them in today’s vernacular.  I don't feel any moral dilemas admitting this fact to myself.  Rather, I find it unchallengeable when you really read the Bible.  I read alot of research written by authors who quake when they speak of aliens and the Bible in the same sentence,  when it is clear, for all to see, that the Bible holds tale after tale of otherworldly beings from space,  whose power is seemingly supernatural.  We will get into more of that in later chapters.


            In light of this kind of admission, I find the stories of the Annunaki even more compelling.  Why it is so impossible to believe that man was helped along by aliens in the distant past?  Because we have no evidence of aliens?  I believe our history is filled with it.  It just has other names.  What is this great proof we, as a people, must have in order to believe what is written in practically every religions sacred texts?  That man is governed by beings and intelligences from space.  Christian, Jew, Islam, Hindu, Norse, Druidic, Indian.....they all say the same things.  Gods, angels and demons are aliens.  What's more,  we were most likely created through hybridization or cloning, genetic altering, DNA splicing or some futuristic medical procedure.  The words have been read for thousands of years.  When will we truly understand what we have read?  Why does it equate to taboo to even admit this simple fact?  We need to redefine what truth is.

So, as we wade through that bit of semantics, we have established that the celestial beings of the world’s great religions are alien, by definition.  They do live in space and they have and still do interact with human beings on earth.  This is progress.  Later in this work we will explore the nature of these beings from space.  What are they like?  What do they know?  Why are they involved with humans at all?  There is a sea of written literature pertaining to these questions.  None more expansive than the Holy Bible.  The Word is filled with descriptives of these beings.  Then we will look to other sources written in the era such as the Book of Enoch and the ancient Hindu text, the Mahabharata.  These books are accepted by billions as being authentic and divinely inspired.  I think that they deserve our inclusion into these talks.


            Back to the pre-Adamic question, I think it can be safely admitted that there were obviously humans capable of great achievements here before Adam.  Humans who excelled in all aspects of modern civilization.  Humans who had writing, mathematics, calendars, agriculture and who understood things like planets being round and having orbits,  how to reckon space and time.  These things were established long before this book was written.  The evidence of cities and cultures, of mastery in masonry, metallurgy, astronomy and theology is well known and undeniable.  Adam and Eve were not the first human beings.  Then who were they?  Read the Bible and it says very clearly who they were....the first Jews, Gods chosen and elect.  His own personal favorite form of man, who he created with his cosmic intelligence.  The strain of human in whom he poured Himself, who He tried to teach to be perfect, knowing that they would fail.  Adam was the blood father of the Nation of Israel.  Every Jewish person has Adams DNA in his very fiber.  This fact is clearly recorded throughout the 4000 year record of the Biblical history.  So these facts can put these questions in perspective. 


            Reading in Genesis 2, verse 7 "And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being."  God then creates his perfect garden called Eden, where he plants the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, he teaches Adam to tend it and keep it.  Then God puts Adam to sleep and creates Eve from Adams rib.  God creates her to be a helpmate to Adam, and to be his bride.  A very familiar tale I am certain.


            The point is that the Bible clearly announces two separate creations.  The first is in chapter one of Genesis, the second is in chapter two as it describes the creation of Adam and Eve.  Many conservatives cry FOUL!  All my life I was taught that you cannot pick and choose what to believe in the Bible.  That it’s an all or nothing commitment.  I agree with this philosophy to my core.  God never said to take or subtract from his inspired book of truth.   He actually insists on the opposite, to believe it all, in total, and to believe it unwaveringly.  So do not fool yourself into thinking God would want to confuse us with a mystery in the first pages of His book.  Rather, accept the words He gives us.  That Adam and Even were created after the first wave of humans was created.  They were to be his perfection, although their sinful behavior ruined his hopes.  What we see here is the creation of the first Jews.

Lastly, concerning humans before Adam and Eve let me point out the fact that when Adam and Eve were banished from Eden, the Bible makes clear mention that there were other humans on Earth outside of Eden.  Where else did Cain get his wife?  In Genesis 4:16 it states, "Then Cain went out from the presence of the Lord and dwelt in the land of Nod east of Eden. And Cain knew his wife, and she conceived and bore Enoch."  This is from the Bible and it flatly references an entire region that was named and had people living there.   In the Book of Adam, it is written that Eve had an angel, Micheal himself, who served as the first midwife attending the birth of Cain.  The progeny of Adam and his son Seth is clearly recorded in the Bible as well as other lost books of the Septuagint and Psuedaphigripha.  Are we to believe Eve had sex with her sons and grandsons until a daughter was born to Lot( the first Biblical patriarch recorded as having a daughter with Adams bloodline intact)?  I think not.  I believe that there were obviously gentiles roaming cities and roads outside of Eden.  The Bible confirms it as well as archeology and science.  Why does this seem so hard for people to agree with, I will never understand. 


            I think what we are reading is very simple.  Adam and Eve were not the first humans ever created.  They were the first Jewish people created.  And they were created by a vast intelligence which we cannot comprehend.  The facts of this history are weaved with clues as to the nature of man, the condition of the earth in ancient times and even the processes used to create the Jewish man and the men before Adam. 




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