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Ancient Secret Mysteries. Apocalypse!

Updated on September 18, 2016
the woman and the dragon
the woman and the dragon

Apocalypse! Is that the end of the time?

Ancient Secret Mysteries

Discovery News

The Most Sacred Relics in Human History

The Time of the End!?

Series of articles focusing on the prophecy in the biblical Book of Revelation; New interpretation of the hidden coded messages; Answers of crucial question; Unlocking ancient mysteries.

by Nina Andrews

Article One. Revelation. Apocalypse! Is that the end of the time?

Answering on this question was a real challenge! To find out the truth hidden from centuries was extremely difficult. I worked with love, passion and patience during years.

It is a great untold story which contains information and resources in multidisciplinary scientific areas as history, archaeology, philosophy, theology, theosophy, religion, cults and gives a lot of opportunities for further research.

Even knowing the truth was not easy to write. Many people have fears from so called “God´s judgment” and “last days”. It was not easy to go against the social media traffic stream and to prove the obvious. I think the time has come, the time of the truth and true answers.  

First I would like to say some words about the biblical Book of Revelation

I worked with Revelation very long time investigating the secret code messages inside.

As it is well known, this part of the Bible is a prophecy, including symbolic messages. But these are not just messages; they are visions of the prophet giving very important information about significant events in human history.

What we have to know before reading and searching methods for interpretation of the prophecy:

The author of Revelation was John of island Patmos. This book was not written in Hebrew, it was written in ancient Greek.

It is very important to know, that the original text of Revelation contains grammatical errors and stylistic abnormalities, which indicates that its author may have not been as familiar with the Greek language. It is why in the beginning of the 3rd century Revelation was adapted several times. Last who worked on it were Methodius, Cyprian and Lactanius.

Cyprian was the best ever known magician in the human history; therefore he was familiar with an interpretation of both magical symbolic messages and divine messages. Also he knew, that some of the names and meanings were hidden or changed - all ancient specialists in magic knew, that it was a usual practice of not using tabooed names and words*, when it comes about divine nature and deeds of the gods.

I would like to make clear understanding of the meaning of the prophecy like a natural psychic prediction. The prophecy could be divine inspiration, revelation or interpretation of information given from Divine Being through prophet about foreknowledge of future events or past events of which there is no memory but always content hidden or forbidden significant elements of truths which can not be known by any natural forms of getting the truth.

So, I was searching for secret logical code in the text that might be there left after Cyprian’s work and information about significant events mentioned by John of Patmos which could happened in the past or might happen in the future.

* Tabooed names and words and divine nature – the theory described by Sir James Frazer, The Golden Bough

What was the order of my thoughts?

1. The writings of John of Patmos were full of fears. They were reflection of the dramatic images-visions he has seen. Therefore he wanted to show a scare picture, because he wanted to prevent the future readers.

2. I ignored the names he has used, according the rule of using tabooed names. Instead real names, John used names well known to his contemporaries – from the Old Testament and from ancient legends, linked to disasters caused by God’s anger. (Like the city of Babylon for example.)

There is a text in the Bible about that, “...he had a name written, that no man knew, but he himself.” (Rev., 19:12)

Also I remembered the ancient Egyptian text, “Pray with loving hearth where the words are hidden in...”

3. I tried to separate his typical deep religious mental constructions from the real meaning of the things.

4. I used an ancient knowledge of Attic numerology to find out a secret coded message.

5. I ignored the verbal tens used by John. Because this is a prophecy and usually the fortune-tellers having visions speak only in one verbal tens, nevertheless when exactly was, is, or will be happen the event. It is why always interpretation is needed.

According that, some of the messages in Revelation are part of our past, others describe events in our present days, and there are another linked to our future.

6. I recognized misleading words. In the prophecy there are words which even sounding equal have different meaning. The right interpretation of these words leads to the hidden truths.

What were my suggestions?

I could say – some of the events described in the biblical Book of Revelation had already happened, they are in our past:

  • The war in the spiritual world for the souls on the earth, known to us as Apocalypse or as The End of the Days or as the Time of the Dead. It was the End of the Dark ages on the earth and there is no way that to happen again.
  • The God’s Justice – those, whose names were not written in the book of life from the foundation of the world; those, which worshipped the image of the beast were cast into the lake of fire. It is clear that since that act abominations and creatures from the dark ages were banned on the earth.
  • The miracle on the sky; the woman and the dragon. This scene of the prophet´s vision describes the most sacred relic on the world ever existed. The woman in the sky was called Klio, lately known like the muse of history having always in her hand the scroll where that true story was written by her and kept forever.

The biblical book of Revelation contains also information about either significant events which are part of our contemporary life and foreknowledge of future events. About them I will write in next articles.

St. Petka church built by Vanga in Rupite area.
St. Petka church built by Vanga in Rupite area.

The Apocalypse

I do claim that evidences about the time of Apocalypse exist. They have always been a secret and used by mystical royal-secular priesthood, occult societies in their search for purity and powerful organizations developing modern conspiracy theories. All they use a secret knowledge, ancient science, prophecies, legends and visions about the occult history of human race which was incorporated into occult teachings, techniques and practice.

The hidden untold story mentioned in prophecy of the biblical Book of Revelation is about the last days of lost empire and its ruler called Kolod. The emperor Kolod considering himself equal to God used powerful sources in his attempt to alter the world. Like a member of ancient secular priesthood he was consecrated in secret knowledge to use the divine light of life. Having like example the fallen race of Lemurian and attracted by its power he created new human-animal interbreeding race. In the Bible according the visions of Prophet John these creatures are called “abominations” and “beasts”.

Many famous people sought to trace the source of Kolod´s power to supernatural forces. One of them was Hitler. This is not a secret that there were real power sources of the Nazi occult connection. It is also clear that Hitler tried to reach anything, which could give him any information about Kolod’s Empire.

Hitler asked Boris III of Bulgaria to help him meet the sibyl Vanga. He arrived in Bulgaria unofficially. Boris III was the only person, who was present at his visit to Vanga – he himself was the interpreter. Vanga did not give her support to Hitler’s ideas and desires. She dared to send him away, because she knew the strength of the powers, which protected her... Perhaps, only Hitler realized the meaning of the symbol embedded as a proof of her gift (the newly-born horse), and even though he was not satisfied with the conversation, he left, leaving the bold Vanga in peace.

Vanga’s words were not a secret to the Bulgarian king and the government. They saved the lives of all Bulgarian Jews and did not send any single Bulgarian soldier to the Eastern front.

Vanga had visions about the time of Apocalypse. Years later she said with pain in her heart that she was hearing the groaning of the souls, locked away under an eternal shield. She “saw” the Golden City. She described the statues, having half-human, half-animal shapes. She said that the sufferings of those souls are horrible, because their karma is very burdensome. Vanga even dared to describe the sin: “Emperor Kolod concluded a pact with the Devil”. That is the reason for her to build a church in the Rupite area. Her words were: “I do not know how such a sin may be expiated...” For this reason she begged the people, who were alive to honour God, to love each other and to pray.

An Apocalypse was the end of the days of Kolod´s Empire but the biblical prophecy was given to us not just to show an example of God´s justice. The real reason of existing of that prophecy is to show a significant event in human pre-history which is linked to our present days and our future.

Unfortunately the radical Islamic terrorist organizations and societies have the same occult roots as Nazi Thule Society. There is no reason to doubt that they have a great deal about Islamic mysticism, particularly about Sufism in all its aspects.

The new interpretation of the biblical Book of Revelation is needed. Nothing written there is accidentally. Some of the symbolic messages possess an impulse for connection with the future events.

What is important for us to know is that God loves us! The Apocalypse like an event proves that He interfered and protected our souls. He saved the light of our life.

“In him was the life; and the light was the life of men. That was the true Light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world.” (St. John 1:4, 1:9)

Everything has the Beginning and the End. The End of the days described in prophecy in the biblical Book of Revelation is not the End of our Days. The End of our Days is still not predicted. It is why our human race was called The Race of Hope!


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    • profile image

      Danilo Macabebe Jr 3 years ago

      What about reaction matter on viewing of ancient mystery?

    • Nina Andrews profile image

      Nina Andrews 3 years ago from Germany

      Wonder about 666? The familiar scary feeling about the beast?! That might be wrong! Answers could be found only in the past. There are still people who able to keep their earliest memories from past lives. The right interpretation of the number 666 could also start with the correct applying of the rules of the ancient lunar Attic Calendar. There is also connection to the first six Roman numerals, IVXLCD, the total is 666. Interest to know what the numerology would say? Have a look at the sum of the first 36 whole numbers: 1+2+3+4+ …and so on, up to 36 = 666. Well, if you think that it is kind of coincidence, or likely considered fiction, then what to say about the fact, that organic molecules are based on carbon-12, there are 6 protons and 6 neutrons in the nucleus, surrounded by 6 electrons. Perhaps, the natural law is not a play with numbers, and would help to find out different view of the ancient mystery.

    • profile image

      Danilo Macabebe Jr. 3 years ago

      Inter detechtion find from truth The meaning number 666