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Ancient Wisdom!

Updated on November 12, 2012

smallest ancient bible!

Are we conscious?

We are all ‘unconscious’. Please do not mistake me. We are unconscious of the spirit within but conscious of our physical existence and the external world. When we are in light, there won’t be any darkness but when we are groping in darkness, we have to light a candle to drive away the darkness.

Only a preceptor can illumine us about the spirit within. Groping in darkness means we are more enamored by the world and the pleasures of the senses. Hence we are completely unaware of our real identity. We are neither the body, nor the mind. We are neither the senses nor intellect. These are associated with the ephemeral body and evanescent mind. Every one of us is aware of the impermanent nature of the body. Hardly may it last for a hundred years. We have not brought anything into this world nor do we carry anything for the other world. What is the use of living, if we are not able to know the real purpose of life on earth?

All philosophies and all religions try to answer the above questions. Jesus came to illumine the mind of ignorant and confused. Likewise Prophet Mohammad taught his followers, the power of sacrifice! Buddha came to preach “Wisdom and non-violence”. Likewise many masters from the East and West have revealed the fundamental Truths by following which man can attain immortality. It is for the purpose of getting relief from the cycle of births and deaths, the saints and sages advocated certain simple ways. Ego is the greatest enemy that assails everyone. It is due to the Ego; man loses his virtues and become angry and lustful. He suffers from pride and envy.

The mind, feigning itself as our best friend, entices us into perdition. It plunges us to abysmal depth. Due to the vicious mind, we long after fleeting pleasures of the world. The senses drags us into the by lanes of vices. The attractions of the senses are very strong. They mislead man with ephemeral and false glitter. It is said that ‘beauty is skin deep”. But we are unaware that the skin only hides the ugliness or dust inside. As we cover the garbage with a colorful polythene paper, the beauty really hides the dirt that lies within. Earn the wisdom of the ancient sages by meditating on the unreality of the Universe as compared to the Self within!


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