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Ancient Wisdom for Life in the Modern World

Updated on June 28, 2016

The Perfect Law of Liberty

The Perfect Law of Liberty

Happy Fourth of July! This year we Americans are celebrating the 240th birthday of our nation. This special occasion is often called “Independence Day”…the day we came out from under the negative rule of the British Kingdom and established ourselves as a new nation – a new people. It would be another thirteen years before we would have a constitution to guide and guard our American lifestyle, giving us special rights and privileges as citizens and defining our liberty. Our founding fathers were wise in giving us sound principles and instructions upon which we could build our nation while enjoying our inalienable right to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness (well-being)”. As citizens of this great land we can proudly say that our fathers gave to us an amazing law of liberty!

The Apostle James wrote of another “law of liberty”, stating “But if a person looks closely into the perfect Torah, which gives freedom, and continues, becoming not a forgetful hearer but a doer of the work it requires, then he will be blessed in what he does.” (James 1:25 CJB) The New King James translates “perfect Torah” as “the perfect law of liberty”. The Hebrew mind understands the Torah to be Yahweh’s [God's] Principles and Instructions for a blessed life in His Kingdom. The Torah is good, it is perfect, and it comes from the very mouth of Yahweh, King of the Universe.

The Letter from James to the twelve tribes of Israel in the Diaspora is highly relevant in the face of the ongoing debate concerning Grace and Law in Christian circles today. Our western Greek mind deeply struggles over the possibility that both apply. It is not a “one or the other” scenario. To think such is to say that we must choose between salvation and redemption. The Bible teaches us that we must have both!

In the terms of a nation or kingdom, it’s like choosing between having a green card versus holding citizenship. Because we desire to be citizens of Yahweh’s Kingdom, let’s use the kingdom concept. The green card gets us into the kingdom. We have our foot in the door, but we have yet to fully step into that kingdom. Our green card has delivered us from where we have come from, but we have yet to attain the rights and privileges of citizenship. The simple reality is that only adherence to the constitution of that kingdom insures our liberty and lifestyle. Salvation gets us through the door- the gate of entrance – into Yahweh’s Kingdom. There is no other way in but through Yeshua (Jesus). Salvation is our “green card”.

Our salvation has a purpose. Yeshua, the Hebrew Messiah, died and rose again so that we can return to the Kingdom of Yahweh on earth (which Adam for us lost back in the Garden of Eden). No longer are we banished and without opportunity to learn how to use the authority and live the life Yahweh designed us to walk in. Yeshua gets us though the gate; positioned to step into the fullness of His Kingdom. Yet most of us have no idea how to regain the king and priest position and lifestyle that we lost. It won’t be by osmosis, friends. We need instruction. We need to relearn the principles of our King. That journey is called redemption – the walking out of our salvation. We were bought with a high price and saved so that our lives could be redeemed or restored to the Ways of His Kingdom. Those ways are the exact same ways that He gave to the descendants of Israel (Jacob) at Mt Sinai. Those Ways are called the Torah – the “perfect law of liberty” for the citizens of His Kingdom. This is the Gospel of the Kingdom that Yeshua taught and lived out perfectly as an example for us to follow.

Unfortunately many believers have tossed the Torah aside, claiming that we no longer need “the Law” of His Kingdom – that we are free from “the Law”. This is where we need to embrace a firm and critical lesson from our Hebrew roots. The Hebrew people have understood since Mt Sinai that there are TWO Kingdom Laws at work in the Covenant between themselves and Yahweh. One law is positive and leads to a life of abundant blessings. The other law is negative and leads to a life that is broken and cursed. One is called “The Law of Blessings and Life”. The other is called “The Law of Curses and Death”. Which one we are bound to is a personal choice. However, only one will allow a person to maintain Kingdom citizenship. The other will get a person cast out of the Kingdom – separated like sheep from goats, wheat from tares. (Matthew 7:21-23)

The Law of Blessings and Life govern those who know that their citizenship is purely an act of grace on the part of the King. He provides the Blood of Atonement to make it possible to even be in His Kingdom. To live in His Kingdom requires a humble heart of love and adoration for the King that causes us to listen and obey. We have a deep desire to learn from Him and to obey and serve Him. Kingdom Life requires a heart that will love and serve others. This is a Kingdom where those who lovingly serve both the King and their neighbors become His priests and kings upon the earth. For those who choose to follow His ways and obey His directives (found in the Torah), He promises a truly wonderful life! (Deuteronomy 28:1-14 and Leviticus 26:3-13)

This Law of Life is the perfect law of liberty! It is the lifestyle of a people delivered by Yahweh from the clutches of the fallen systems of the world (Egypt, Persia, Babylon, Assyria, Greek, Roman, Ottoman, and even the American system of today.) These ones, by the Passover Blood of the Lamb, have been brought through the gate into His Kingdom. We are now empowered by His Spirit to return to living according to His Principles and Instructions of His Kingdom which guarantee and protect our life of Kingdom liberty. His Torah is “the Constitution of His Kingdom”.

Why would we desire to be “free” from such a mighty and wonderful thing?! Have we become so shallow as to want only salvation – only Yeshua – but not His Kingdom, nor His Kingship? Perhaps we want to claim Him as our Groom, but have no intention of learning how to live as His His Kingdom? Perhaps we think our ways are better than His?

Dear friend, the rights and privileges of citizenship belong only to those who choose to live according to the Constitution of the kingdom that they claim. Holding a green card means much at first, yet increasingly little as time passes. You can put on all the flourish you want to…prophesy, expel demons, and perform miracles. You may think that you look like a citizen but never truly be one. You still possess only a green card. You may want the passport that proves your citizenship…but that privilege belongs to only those who have done the work of becoming a citizen. You have to learn the language, the laws, the history, the culture, the holidays…and live by them. You become like the King and His Kingdom. He does not become like you. He does not adapt His ways to yours.

The Law of Curses and Death govern those who turn their backs on the Principles and Instructions that Yahweh gave to the Hebrews at Mt Sinai, thereby also turning their backs on the King of Heaven and Earth. They may have the blood of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob running in their veins, but they are not living in the Kingdom. They may have at one time entered the gate of His Kingdom through Yeshua, but they are not living in the Kingdom. They no longer live as His priests and kings. The light of life is no longer in them or with them. They are “the walking dead”.

Yahweh will allow them many opportunities to repent (ask forgiveness and return to His Ways) and be made alive again. These “opportunities” are called curses, and they are meant to turn the hearts of His people back to Him. (Deuteronomy 28: 15-38 and Leviticus 26:14-39) To a humbled and repenting heart, He will readily extend great grace and mercy. Grace and mercy are not restricted to the New Testament. They are deeply woven into every page of the Old Testament (Tanakh) too. This second Law in the Kingdom – the Law of Curses and Death – is the law from which Yeshua has set us free! It can no longer condemn us because we are no longer subject to it! The moment we accept the gift of salvation and dedicate ourselves to adapting to His Ways, the Law of Blessings and Life takes over. We don’t have to become doers of this perfect law – we want to!!! In fact, it becomes our delight!

Without repentance, however, the King has His limits. Yahweh will cause the Land (Canaan/Israel) itself to spew them out. He will scatter the rebellious to the nations. They will lose their status as priests and kings. The unfaithfulness of His betrothed (Jew and Gentile), His chosen and called out Bride, will end in divorce. He will provide a way of return for them. Grace will remain available. He will continue to call out to them. In fact, he will come to earth Himself to seek them out and cause many to return. Before He comes for His Bride, He will call the chosen Bride back to His Ways and back to the Land. He has promised to do so. The Land is the promised inheritance of Israel. Yahweh, His Land, and His Bride are inseparable. He will have a people in earth among whom He can dwell, He will be their God, and they will be His people – His basharta – His destiny mate.

Without the Torah, the Perfect Law of Liberty, there is no grace. There is only lawlessness - everyone doing what is right in their own eyes – even those claiming to belong to Him. To the latter, the King will one day say to their faces, “Get away from me. I never knew you.” The King’s grace is established and guaranteed by the terms of His eternal Covenant with His people – the Constitution of His Kingdom that we call “the Torah”. Turn your back on His Torah and you turn your back on His grace. Toss out “the Perfect Law of Liberty” and your enemy will wreak havoc in your life. The King, you see, must be faithful to both Laws in His Kingdom. He sets before you this day The Law of Life and the Law of Death. The King advises that you choose Life. In fact, He longs for you to do so, because He loves you!

This Fourth of July, celebrate the rights and privileges you have under the Constitution given to us through the Fathers of our Nation. Realize that it is tied to a land – a land we call America. This “Law of the Land” belongs to the citizens of this nation and guarantees that as long as we adhere to its principles we will enjoy our rights and privileges. Remember that it was bought with and is guarded by a high price – and that price was a bloody one. In fact, this U.S. Constitution gave us no king so that each man, woman, and child would be free to bow wholeheartedly before only one King – The King of the Universe.

With that thought then, I encourage you to fully embrace and celebrate the rights and privileges you have under the Constitution of Yahweh’s Kingdom – the Torah. It was given to us through the Fathers of His Great Nation – Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob – and it is tied to a Land called Israel. That Land is our eternal inheritance. The “Perfect Law of Liberty” belongs to us, the citizens of His Kingdom. It guarantees that as long as we adhere to its principles we will always enjoy our great rights and privileges. We must always remember that is was bought with and is guarded by a high price – and that price was a bloody one. Our King, Yeshua, has given to us the greatest “Independence Day” of all!


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