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Ancients III by Merwin

Updated on September 18, 2012

The History Channel's Series "Ancient Aliens" draws some conclusions that may surprise you.

The History Channel's "Ancient Aliens" series, advances the theory that there will be a mass alien abduction, and that the aliens will then begin culling what remains of the planet's human population. Oddly enough the scenario presented to me a remarkable resemblance to the Biblical catching away (rapture), and The Battle of Armageddon.

Throughout the series, or more accurately, those episodes that I have watched, the series shows the ancient 'next to impossible' structures that have been found (so far) around the world. These structures up high in mountain ranges and underwater in the oceans of our planet, in inland swampy areas and on arid treeless islands, and all, "...were built by Aliens", "...recorded by the ancient civilizations." The Producers of the "Ancient Alien" series postulate that these aliens ultimately want to "enslave some of us and kill the rest". (link also below, may have to copy and paste)

They further put forth the ideas that these aliens have hybrids of their gene pool and ours, mixing in with our various cultures in every nation of the world, influencing societies and preparing us for the coming harvest of slaves and the eradication of what is left.

To support their theories, in addition to showing ancient ruins on nearly every continent, these folks utilize ancient religious texts from Hindu writings, the Mayans, the North American Native Hopis, the Bible and every other reference that can be used to set a foundation for their claims. In particular, I want to point out their reference to the Nephilim of the Old Testament, which seems to be a theme for most of an episode. As in most of their "borrows" from religious texts, they spin the info found in the text, but in the case of the Nephilim, there was not much spin required. They point to the pre-flood account in Genesis of the first mention of giants in the land being hybrids of Angels - Aliens

And I must say, their rationale is reasonable and relatively easy to follow. They succeed in constructing a huge preponderance of bits and pieces of evidence, and present it in a fashion, designed by the producers to overwhelm anyone interested with irrefutable proof. Though I do find the evidence compelling, I cannot endorse their shocking conclusion, that the God of the Old Testament (specifically OT) and His angels are nothing more than aliens.

To the credit of the Producers of the program, they do not play favorites. They align all ancient gods in this explanation, and advise us categorically that all the "supernatural" occurrences from every faith, is nothing more than the advanced technology of the aliens.

That being said, what their effort strikes me as more than anything, is explanations of Biblical scenarios both Old and New Testament that is little more than secular propaganda to promote the belief that a war can be fought and then won, with God. That when He returns he will only return to enslave and murder humankind. Their use of other ancient religious texts from various cultures shows the viewer overwhelming similarities with the Hebrew texts, and is therefore supporting their postulations.

I take the Biblical explanation as the only valid perception, and suggest that the Ancient Aliens crew is, either by design or by ignorance, preparing the global population with the information necessary to produce hardened - unrepentant hearts. They will be able to see the Biblical circumstances unfold before their eyes and attribute what transpires to murderous alien races, rather than a loving Father - God, returning to set things right.

Referrences... May have to copy and paste links.

"Ancient Aliens: Aliens and the Creation of Man" in HD

"Ancient Aliens: Aliens and Dinosaurs" in HD

"Ancient Aliens: The Doomsday Prophecies" - 15 minutes - full episode (recommended)

"Ancient Aliens: Alien Devastations" (must watch)

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Below are some Wikipedia text references to sites that were featured in the above links.


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