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And Man Created God

Updated on March 31, 2014

creation of Adam

image 'Creation of Adam' under under License AttributionShare Alike Some rights reserved by iProzac
image 'Creation of Adam' under under License AttributionShare Alike Some rights reserved by iProzac | Source

In The Beginning

... there was abstract thought. With this development we see there is more room for ideas and through trial and error those ideas were constructed. This is the process of learning. One theory is biological in that the brain's neocortex development has a lot to do with this ability to think abstractly, however another theory is that burial reveals religious practice.

This conclusion is made because of the evidence of repetition in burial where people were buried with objects or in a specific position. The differences are cultural, but we have no other evidence of this other than from those excavations. Of course, burial without symbolism could also be more practical in that the group might not have found the remains to be very pleasant to have around - so burial still makes sense, once again trial and error.

We can't determine whether a supreme being or many were worshiped from this evidence. The very earliest type of rituals were animism of some sort.

The Origin Of Monotheism

We have to start where everyone commonly starts and that is with the creation story. There is no doubt that the monotheism of the Jewish people which is the entire cultural narrative of the bible began with the Babylonians. From what we know, multiple deities were commonly worshiped before the idea of monotheism began.

The theory is that a narrative had to be built to make this so and thus create new laws which to this day makes up the first five books of the Jewish Torah, from creation to sets of laws. Genesis for instance is very similar to the ancient Babylonian story called 'The Epic of Gilgamesh'. There is no other story that matches that biblical narrative as that one does, so it's unbelievable that the clear evidence we see before us in this respect is still debated, as if the process of religious belief could not have developed from man when in actuality this is exactly the case.

Babylonian creation myth

Trapped By Our Own Creation

Social progress takes more than just the idea of a supreme being. The examples mentioned above are facts and with common sense we see that our belief systems all over the world are very different for a reason, because these beliefs are constructed purely from our imaginations. For the development of human culture, it allows us to see that development and learn from it and we have to learn to leave it behind.

More evidence of this fact is in the wrong we see all over the world, where people suffer without the aid of a supreme being. A supreme being that each of us designed for ourselves to serve our needs and only that. That being only exists within the confines of that imagination to the point where we can be flexible and yet curb and discipline ourselves when we feel we have wronged or stepped out of the boundaries we've created for ourselves. We continue to do this as if we're working towards some reward. In reality, we're limiting ourselves and limiting others for our own needs.


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