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And So I Began To Listen...................2

Updated on April 7, 2016

The Drinking Glass Experience

My whole experience of discerning the voice of the Holy Spirit began one morning, some time in March 1997 and went on for a period of two weeks. As you read this, please consider that, this hub is the second of a four part series that you have to complete reading in order to get the full benefit of the experiences.

Following The Sweetener Experience and after promising the Holy Spirit that I would always listen and obey, I was surprised that the next episode would be within a week.

I often travelled to County Clare, Ireland, 2-4times a year, to see my mum. On this occasion, as I packed the overnight bag, I was promptly told by the Holy Spirit to take a drinking glass for my daily, early morning ritual. I had started this ritual when I was seventeen after reading somewhere that drinking a glass of warm water first thing in the morning, helped to detoxify the body and cleanse the kidneys. I had done this religiously for nearly seventeen years and got so used to it that I kept to the routine wherever I went. In addition, I could only ever enjoy the water from a glass never from a plastic cup.

Not only was I so surprised at the suggestion of taking a drinking glass with me but I had this vision of customs at the airport, stopping me for a ‘spot check’, as they often did. Don’t ask me why, but I’d hate to think it was due to my darker hue. It is hard not to think like that because I was often the only one of colour on the plane and hardly anyone else was ever stopped to be ‘spot checked’. Anyway, in spite of my resolve to listen and obey the Holy Spirit, especially only days after the Sweetener Experience (see my other hub And so I Started Listening..1), I openly and audibly objected saying ‘You are having a laugh! How ludicrous is that?’ It was not just for the looks I would get by the custom officer, as he/she found the solitary drinking glass in my hand luggage, nor the idea that I would be viewed as a ‘nutter’ who does not realise that there would be drinking glasses in Ireland (of all places….) but the most absurd thought was that my mother would not have any drinking glasses in her house. On this occasion, I expected that the Holy Spirit had got it so wrong.

So, off I went to see Mum without the drinking glass, of course. Upon my arrival, on this occasion, I was not stopped by customs. Several hours later at my mum’s, after the pleasantries, I went to bed. My Mum was not aware of my eccentricities so the following morning, I sprung down the stairs to have my fix (glass of water and nothing else thank you very much). I opened the first kitchen cupboard, where I knew glasses were kept, to find all manners of mugs. Hmm! She must have moved things around. Then second kitchen cupboard- mostly plastic cups, teapots, jugs, drinks and such like. Hmm! ‘Mum had reorganised the kitchen cupboards,’ I was thinking to myself. I opened the third cupboard and found plates, dishes and other crockery. At this point, I shouted out to Mum upstairs to ask where she had kept the drinking glasses. Her answer, ‘Sorry Marie the last one broke. Use a plastic one. I’ll get some later today.’ Now what do you make of that. To say I was surprised in an understatement. I had to sit down because I was all shook up by the whole incident.

The doubting Thomas that I was, I went upstairs to ask Mum how she could not have a single drinking glass in the house. She said while washing them the day before, one slipped breaking and cracking another in the sink, so she had to throw them away. She added that she had planned to get some that afternoon. I had never noticed that my mum had few drinking glasses in her house. I supposed because she had unsteady hands (age-related by the way) she appeared to break the glasses often. I was sure there was a conspiracy going on somewhere.

I informed my mum that I would get them for her. I put on my coat and headed for the nearest store. On my way, I had time to reflect and take it all in. Again, I reprimanded myself for not listening and obeying, as I had done a few days earlier with the Sweetener Experience (see my other hub And so I Started Listening..1). Who was being harmed by this advice? I mean, how heavy or inconveniencing would travelling with the glass have been? In the scheme of things, what did it matter if the customs man gave me a funny look? He did not know me and I would probably never meet him again. I needed to get my priorities right. Who was more important to me, the customs man and his opinion, my ego and looking foolish or the Holy Spirit?

I apologised to the Holy Spirit for my insolence for my doubts and once again, I made a fervent promise to listen and obey. I would not let my limited knowledge and ego get the better of me and bring a bridge between myself and the Holy Spirit wisdom and benevolence. Whatever I gain from the Holy Spirit can only be a good thing, for my advantage and the benefit of those around me. Once more, I told myself that if I did not listen with the small things, it would be difficult to get help with the major events, incidents etc that could come up in my life. This has since proven to be prophetic.

It was not until I returned from the shops that I had my first drink of water. That was the penalty, I had imposed on myself, to ensure the lesson had been imprinted on my mind, just as I had done earlier in the week when I drank the unsweetened tea. I imagined this would never happen again and I would be spot on next time or so I thought. See part three …..

I believe the Sweetener and Drinking Glass experiences were lessons. The former was an introduction and the latter a reinforcement and recap of the same lesson. As I had failed with the second lesson, I had not yet qualified to go onto the next level, whatever that was. I found I had to remain in remedial class until the lesson was learnt without any apprehensions, doubts or misgivings. The lesson was to trust and obey.

(An excerpt from Sighted But Blind by Marie Jean-Marie)


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    • ThussaysNanaMarie profile image

      ThussaysNanaMarie 5 years ago from In my oyster

      Thank you so much for stopping by. Glad you enjoyed it God bless.

    • glmclendon profile image

      glmclendon 5 years ago

      WOW! A little different. Thanks for sharing with us.

      Stay Well