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And There is Blossom

Updated on August 3, 2015

It was chilly winter night and yet Aasha’s face was littered with specks of sweat all over. While the atmosphere in the room was visibly dark, dense, heavy and frightening, furious sounds of agony were roaring inside her. The world was merry and joyous celebrating New Year, but Aasha was struggling hard to complete her job assignment, for she believed that the incentives would be governed by success of her assignment. This job was very important to Aasha since it was the only pillar supporting her family. A mistake and the pillar could collapse.

Every passing second was building a state of anxiety in Aasha’s mind. Random thoughts were wandering and haunting all corners of the cerebrum. While Aasha was trying to focus on completing her assignment, she was further getting dissolved in her own thoughts, the thoughts that were painting a horror story, canvassing events that would unfold if she fails to deliver the assignment. Aasha had associated her identity, and her ability to earn, with her job. And losing this job would mean losing everything. A Chariot of eight horses and each horse galloping in different direction, such was her plight. A sudden ring on her mobile restored her attention in the present moment. “Happy New Year”, was the greeting by known, animated voice dressed with high spirit. But the cold from Aasha’s response defused Sohum’s excitement. Brief silence prevailed, and then eroding into the silence, wiping it off, splashed the words, “Aasha, is that you?”. “Its me Sohum, can we talk later? I am not in position to talk now”, said Aasha veiling her emotions again. “Aasha don’t be this lame! I know you since childhood. Entire world is celebrating right now and I can’t recall a single occasion you missed celebrating. For the person whose life itself is celebration can resist new year eve only if there exists quicksand gulping you in”. And as she was listening to Sohum, she was further sinking in her fear, the quicksand. But Sohum was determined to pull the damsel out. “Aasha, I can understand what you might be going through within. The more you keep it inside the more it feeds on you! Open up to the present and you will feel better. Don’t do this to yourself Aasha! The tree in the wild supports the ecosystem out there. While it provides shelter to one, it also provides food to other. And imagine the consequences if the tree droops”. Words hit Aasha like racing arrows and the volcano of her emotions erupted out.

“Aasha, you remember Dinesh, my roommate? He has started his own venture”. Aasha frozen in surprise reacted, “No way! He was such a coward, crybaby. He can never do that! I can’t think of one incidence when he didn’t crib and blame for his plight. I am sure he might have even cursed his mother for bringing him into this world”. Finally, there was some laughter in the room and the air,earlier darkened by fear, now lightened. “How can that be? Tell me what happened?” even though the interrogation was extempore, somewhere deep down Aasha spotted the silver lining that will eventually spread like wildfire, igniting her awareness. As the sudden realization sparked, she realized now, she wanted to fly high in the sky, swaying away like a free bird.

Sohum could now hear and feel visible raise in Aasha’s pitch. “On his last birthday, his sister gifted him a book - Ask and it Is Given and you won’t believe he changed his life miraculously. I asked him what changed his life? I was expecting him to spatter out his secret sauce. But his revelation was beyond my expectation.” each word spinning out was further knitting the wings, Aasha needed to break out of quicksand thus liberating her in the sky above. Slowly and steadily she was enchanted and eagerness was raising its head. Mesmerized, Aasha was listening, welding all her focus. Dinesh’s answer was unexpectedly simple, for all he did was change his thought process! As Dinesh was reading the book, absorbing, assimilating the messages, he realized that he was reacting to the world outside. He paid bleak attention to what he should do proactively, but focussed more on what is happening in the world outside. And as he progressed with the book, we saw him grow mature, inculcating persistence and proactiveness towards positive thoughts and outcomes. Further, as he implemented more and more of his learnings we saw him blossom and were left spellbound, witnessing this transformation.

Captivated and inspired, Aasha was now committed to try out the new working principle. As she was imagining Dinesh expanding in her own thoughts, she could loudly hear the conversation within, further fortifying feeling of inner strength and freedom. As a result of this change in thoughts, numerous divine messages started pouring in. Becoming more and more aware of these messages, she dived freely into the ocean of her internal dialogue. One things is clear now, You get what you think about, whether you want it or not. This realization was outcome of the new phenomenon of imposing and fostering positive thoughts. Earlier her horizon was enveloped with dark thoughts and as she thought more and more about it, the horizon kept growing darker. But now a mere change in her thought process wiped off the horizon clean and exposed the mind to divine luminosity and as she further thought more and more of freedom and letting loose, her feeling of enlightenment was expanding further. Now she came to know that You only receive what you are ready to receive. There is nothing that you cannot Be, Do or Have. The basis of life is absolute freedom. No one else can create in your experience. Consistent paradigm generates consistent experience. While Aasha was now enjoying her current state, she was given glimpse of immensely powerful phenomenon.

Aasha discerned that her goal has not yet changed, she is still committed at excelling in her assignment. What has rather changed is her thoughts. While her outcome stayed same, earlier her thoughts were inclined on the domino effects of things going wrong. But now, her focus was only and only excelling. She was left awestruck after learning that, it was the friction between what she wanted - her outcome, and what she was doing instead that was building the state of her frustration. And when she started thinking positively, a sudden shift channeled her thoughts on correct dimension, and this aligned her acts with her outcome and this alignment restored her true self within. “Wow! I just realized what they mean by Emotional Guidance System”, was her immediate response. Our emotions are functional gauges. Vehicles have fuel gauge. What do you do when the gauge hints empty tank - Do you frown or do you find nearest gas station?

The lesson is now learnt You get what you think about, whether you want it or not. You cannot change others but you can dramatically change self. Now Aasha was buzzing with energy and as she was experiencing this vigour she was destined to excel.

“My child, you have just got glimpse of the most powerful law in the universe. Cherish this bestowed gift, and as you nurture this gift the universe shall bow down to you and take your wish as command”, roared the Seraphic voice.


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