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Angel Cards Meanings - Contact Your Angels

Updated on June 22, 2012
Angel Cards
Angel Cards

Introduction To Angel Cards

I was introduced to angel cards a few years ago by a friend who swore by them. She said that whenever she wanted direction in her life, she would consult these angel cards. At first I was skeptical but after a few tries I couldn’t believe how accurate these angel card readings were. They really showed your past, present and future in such a way that you could actually plan ahead or take a completely new direction in life.

So how does one go about using these destiny cards? If you have a problem in life and need answers or you just want to know if the current direction you’re taking in life is the correct one then you can consult these angel cards. Many use these cards when they are at a cross roads in life and need some answers as to where they should be looking for fulfillment. Others use them on a monthly basis for inspiration or for answers to questions which can help them with their journey.

To get a reading from these angel cards,you'll firstly need to find the best angel cards online, you’ll then need to shuffle the deck well and ask a question. The question can be anything you like which pertains to your life. So, if you want to know how your life is going to turn out in the next six months then ask the guides for this information. A typical question to your guides could go like this “Is the current path I’m taking in life the correct one?” or “should I change my career” or “should I take that new course” etc.

Once you’ve asked your question you should finish shuffling the deck of cards and place three cards face down from left to right. The left card signifies your past, the center card is your present and the card on the right is your future. The card on the left will show you what you’ve being up to in the past in relation to the question you just posed. The card in the center tells you what you’re doing right now in relation to the question and the card on the right will tell you if you’re on the right path. These angel cards can be incredibly accurate and many use them frequently as a supplemental tool to help them plan out their lives.

Angel Cards
Angel Cards

Raphael Healing Oracle Cards

If you want to get in touch with your own natural healing abilities or you are seeking healing for someone else then these angel cards by Doreen Virtue are for you. Archangel Raphael’s name means ‘he who heals’ & he will help anyone who asks for help without exception. These cards will enable you to give yourself or others an accurate and helpful reading about their health and healing.

There are 44 cards within this deck of Raphael Healing Oracle Cards & each covers many conditions and health advice. Some of the areas which these healing cards cover are Forgiveness Heals, Prayer Works, Organic Foods, Laughter Is the Best Medicine, Good Night's Sleep & many more angel cards meanings. These inspirational cards come with a 107 page book of instructions which is packed with information on specific meanings of each card and comprehensive guidance.

Each of these angel cards are decorated in beautiful green colors which has an unusual calming effect. The color green is associated with healing and is also connected to the heart chakra so anyone who is suffering from anxiety or stress should find these cards beneficial. If you are looking for ways to improve your health and need some guidance then you’ll find great comfort and guidance with the Archangel Raphael Oracle Cards.

Angel Cards
Angel Cards

Archangel Michael Oracle Cards

If you want to know what your life purpose is then archangel Michael is the one to ask as he knows your life’s path and which direction you should take next. Many say this deck of 44 angel cards has changed their lives beyond recognition, it’s a great way to get answers to any pressing questions you may have about your life and your life’s purpose.

The Archangel Michael is a heavenly angel whose purpose is to guide you through good times and bad times. Many report seeing cobalt blue sparkles of light when calling on Archangel Michael and this is no surprise as his aura is royal blue with tinges of royal purple.

The archangel Michael is a powerful protector so if you feel like you’re in danger then you should call for his help. These angel cards come with the usual guide book which will explain everything you need to know about each card and how it can help you. Many use the archangel Michael oracle cards set along with other spiritual cards to get the answers and direction which will benefit their lives the most.

Angel Book
Angel Book

How to Hear Your Angels

Have you ever felt that someone is looking at you even though there is no one there? If so, then this feeling could be brought on by the presence of your guardian angel looking down on you. Many people believe in angels and many have sought out ways to communicate with these heavenly beings. So if you’re in the latter camp and would like to know more about your guardian angel and how you can hear your angels then this guide is definitely for you and it also makes a great companion for any angel cards which you may already have.

In this step by step guide you’ll discover how anyone can in fact hear their angels. You’ll discover your own communication style so that you’ll be able to see the messages your angels are trying to send to you. Everyone gets messages from their guardian angels, some are more adept at hearing these messages on a subconscious level than others and some will have difficulty in not only picking up on these heavenly messages but also with implementing them. This guide will show you exactly how you can hear these messages and see the clues which your angels leave for you from time to time.

This book will tell you how to not only hear your angles but how you can also block out your own ego. Yes, that’s right, some people will interpret messages from themselves as messages from the angles but they’re only your own ego giving you what you want to hear. This guide will show you how to block these nuisance messages out for good. You’ll learn many things about your angels as well as how you can call on them for support in times of need. Overall, a great read and an incredible instruction manual for getting in touch with those heavenly beings we call angels.

Angel Guide
Angel Guide

Angel Numbers 101

Have you ever noticed recurring numbers appearing in your life? Did you ever see the same number coming up over and over again and again? If so then you may in fact be getting an important message from your guardian angel. Many people see repetitive numbers showing up in their lives in the form of telephone numbers, clocks, receipts, number plates and many other sources. Some see these as coincidence but when they keep happening, it soon becomes apparent that there is something else to this.

This reference guide will tell you exactly what these numbers mean and where they could take you. You’ll understand the numbers once you see them and will be able to make clear decisions about your life & spiritual growth like you’ve never been able to before. Once you start to follow the numbers, everything seems to fall into place.

Many people carry this useful guide around with them in their car or on their person. It’s small enough to carry around and it’s great to be able to look up repetitive numbers as they appear to you. Overall a great guide which explains the meaning of numbers so if you’re one of those people who regularly sees repetitive numbers in your life and think its coincidence, think again, it just might be your guardian angel calling.

Angel Cards
Angel Cards

Archangel Oracle Cards

This deck of angel cards introduces you to the powerful and wise Archangels.  The archangels can help you in many ways including healing and motivation. They can be called upon at any time; it doesn’t matter when or where because they are not confined by this space and time realm. The archangel’s job is to oversee the guardian angels but they can still be called on just like you’d call your guardian angel.

These oracle cards introduce you to the 15 Archangels and will help you to connect with them so you’ll get the best benefit from your angelic experience. If you need to take action but are prevented from doing so, then contacting an Archangel just might get you to motivate yourself enough so you can accomplish your task.

Many people who get these Archangel Oracle cards are struck by their beauty; they report a heavenly presence surrounding them just by holding and looking at the cards. Each of these cards are beautifully made and have the names and special messages from each Archangel on them. The cards also come with a guide book which is very informative about the many aspects of the cards and will give you the in-depth spiritual guidance which you’ve always been seeking.

Angel Poll

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Top List Of Best Angel Cards !!!

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    • profile image

      Smile ^_^ 

      7 years ago

      The Following sentence might be offensive but I mean NO harm.

      I was just wondering aren't those cards similar to..... well.... Aren't they a bit similar to Tarot cards? Well I mean they tell the past, future & present.

      I am just being concerned. OKey... :)

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Do we have to choose are angels? It is the big question on my mind. We believe that we have our own angels. Always there for us and help us to make not only the right but the good decisions. Why those angels has their names? Do they have a position in heaven?

    • Angelic Musings profile image

      Angelic Musings 

      9 years ago from Colorado

      Delightful and well written. I have the Archangel Oracle and have delivered many messages to folks by them.

    • zippey profile image


      10 years ago from Western Australia

      I have many of angel products and I really enjoy them my favorite cards are angel therapy

    • Garlic Angel profile image


      10 years ago from Dublin

      Love this hub.. I am a great fan of Angel Cards and anything to do with Angels ... Many of my family members have these cards and i have had readings and they have got me through some really rough times in my life...

      Thanks for sharing and i look forward to reading more of your hubs... :-)


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