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Angel feather

Updated on April 21, 2015
The angel feather that was found on my bed.
The angel feather that was found on my bed. | Source

Angel Feather

Prayer and faith is very important. And our connection to God is real through the faith we have in Him. His love will always reach out to us and protect, heal, comfort and guide us to where he wants us to be for our own good and for His glory. We can't see God in the physical, and some people don't believe He is real. However, those of us who has had experiences with God knows He is real.

People talk to their friends, family as well as other human beings, knowing that they are in the physical and they can be heard, seen and touched. They're people who visit the gravesite of a loved one and talk to their loved ones as if their loved ones can hear them. It comforts them, and no one should put them down for their belief.

I believe that when you die you are absent from the body and present with the Lord, and I don't believe that people are ghost and they are not angels. Human's are human, angels are angels and demon's are demon's. There is the Holy Ghost who comforts and loves us unconditionally.
I have been having supernatural experiences with the spiritual realm since the mid nineties. And I'm certain I'm not the only one who has experienced the spiritual realm, thus many will dismiss my experience by believing that there is some sort of explanation for what I have experienced.

Needless to say, some would say it is a lie to get attention, I am on drugs or insane.
I am one who don't like to be put in the spotlight, but God wants me to tell others of these experiences. That is why I have written a book called, "In Due Season: We will hear God's voice." I have heard God speak to me in a dream, I have seen angels in the form of beads of lights, I have seen an angel in human form. I have had demonic attacks and many other supernatural experiences. The latest thing that has happened, blew my mind just a couple of months ago. I was in deep prayer one night before bed; asking Him to send me a sign if he heard me. Usually I never ask God for a sign, because I believe we should walk by faith and not by sight.

This was just an urge I had during prayer to ask for a sign. The next morning when I got up; I was getting ready to go shopping so I went over to my dresser to get my hair brush and when I returned to sit on the edge of my bed to brush my hair. I looked down and saw a strange white feather.

Exhausting all the possibilities, like maybe it came from the air condition vent, or it blew in from the window. There is no possible way it could have came in through the window, because my window stays shut and there was no possible way it came through the air condition vent, because I keep it shut as well.

It wasn't on my bed when I went over to the dresser; needless to say, when I returned back to my bed it was there. It came out of nowhere. I saved it in a jar. At first I thought that maybe I should get it analyzed to see where it comes from, if it is of this world or not.

My decision to do that has been changed because no matter if it was from an angel or even a bird. The sign served the same purpose. It was God letting me know that he heard me loud and clear. The photo I am sharing is the feather that was on my bed.

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No one can't tell me I don't have a guardian angel that watches over me. And you have one too.
No one can't tell me I don't have a guardian angel that watches over me. And you have one too. | Source
Compare the blue tip of the angel feather to the spirit caught on camera in my bedroom.
Compare the blue tip of the angel feather to the spirit caught on camera in my bedroom. | Source


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