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Angelic Hierarchies, Signs and More

Updated on October 15, 2015
Nevit Dilmen via Wikimedia commons
Nevit Dilmen via Wikimedia commons | Source

The angelic realm has always fascinated me and I’ve always been very connected to angels and listening to them and their messages. These ancient ones as I call them are pure light energy and part of the celestial dimensions that some refer to as the spiritual realm. I want to start off by saying that there are many levels of angels like a hierarchy but each one has a certain assignment. For the longest many have believed that angels only serve as guardians there to protect us but every single part of this physical world has many angels. There are angels who were created by the divine and never walked or graced this planet before as a human being. Then you have some angels who I call reincarnated angels who once took physical form here on earth but now are on a different level and serve the divine and humanity.

Louise Docker via Wikimedia commons
Louise Docker via Wikimedia commons | Source

Now the earliest documented mentioning of angels can be found in many doctrines but they have existed for eons. Angels are a pure light source so unlike how many artists depict them with wings. They can show themselves as human figures with wings if that’s how you relate to them but for the most part they are composed of a bright light. Well I should say like a whole spectrum of color. My personal experiences I’ve seen them appear as a bright golden light and then white and blue sparkles floating midair and this is not observed with my third eye but the actual peripheral vision. Quite a beautiful sight. I’ll go into more details about the signs your angels leave you. Now angels do not have a gender of male or female because let me remind you they are pure energy. However, you could identify them as male or female if they’ve once graced this planet as human form. Those who have walked here before and cross over are considered spirit but you can choose to be an angel depending on your lessons learned. Those who have endured many lifetimes and karmically have corrected many mistakes and learned from them can choose to take on a promotion if you want to call it that. However, unlike souls who get to visit their loved ones and check in, angels have specific assignments. Let’s take a look at the different types of angels.

  • SERAPHIM – These are closest and surround the divine source so they never come to earth. My guides and angels have explained that they often are depicted as doves and come from the mind of the creator. Humans have not seen them before but spirit can see them as they are the highest rank of angels. They are part of what some call as music of the spheres. My angels have told me that they come from the mind of the divine source and come back out. If you look at the SUN you are witnessing the light they produce as they hang out around the sun but you never see them only the light they radiate.

  • CHERUBIM – Cherubim are very connected with the planets and each planet in the galaxy has several of them. They also guard and protect the moons, stars, comets, asteroids, etc. If you look to a star and wonder why they shine so brightly well you’re looking at the Cherubim. They are what lights up the night sky.

  • THRONES – These angels are very connected to our planet and you. They work with the divine source and carry out divine justice and maintain order among all levels of angels. They are the messengers of the other angels. They bring that balance but are filled with knowledge.

  • DOMINIONS – These angels are more like the record keepers or managers as they do give assignments to other angels who are lower in ranking. They are peacemakers and Lawmakers as well as they can work on making sure that justice here on earth is balanced. Usually they might work with governments, political leaders, etc.

  • VIRTUES – These are the ones who supervise the revolutions of earth and other planets. They work with the elementals air, fire, wind, and water. They make sure all the seasons here on earth and weather patterns are moving according to plan. They also make sure the cosmos is in balance and seasons on other planets.

  • POWERS – These are often confused as angels who have fallen from grace as mentioned in certain doctrine. My angels have revealed that the powers are what we call ALIENS or UFO’s. They are record keepers of ancient knowledge. They do often make their appearance known. They watch every recorded event in history and as things unfold they document it. Hence why they are sometimes called the angels of space.

  • PRINCIPALITIES – These angels are more connected with the infrastructure of earthly concerns. Specifically with countries, continents, animals, and human rights, and equality.

  • ARCHANGELS – These are the angels who have the most important missions from the divine. They are very connected with the universe and main goals are to protect humans here on earth. Think of them as soldiers who are ready and willing to bring the balance here on earth and they also fight anything that is evil or considered to be from the lower realms or dark realms. They are fearless and connected to prophecies, and carrying out the will of the divine source. They also have come to earth in human form if needed. They are warrior angels who will stop evil in its purest form. They also will come to you if you call upon them or if they are needed.

  • GUARDIAN ANGEL - Guardians have mastered their lessons and are at an accelerated learning pace, they can choose to watch over a loved one or a complete stranger. Hence the term guardian angel. Their goal is to protect you from danger outside the scope of your contract. Meaning we all have pre-determined life plan before we come down to earth in physical form but sometimes things change in this world. So let’s say you are driving and have a bad accident in which you really could have died but didn’t. These type of angels can intercede and stop it from happening. They also comfort you when you have lost your spiritual way. If you are feeling lower vibrations they are always there but sometimes you need to speak up. They have certain guidelines and really know what’s going on but cannot step in until you ask for help. I know it sounds like such a formality but in reality it makes sense since we do have free will. So if you need your guardian angel, ask for them. In my experience I have had at least 3 close calls in which I not go into much detail but I can tell you I have seen them in physical form as a human. The experience I had was almost drowning in natural disaster in which I was surrounded by 5 feet of water and unable to swim. I called upon my angels and screamed for help and I was rescued. The rescuers told me that they were my angels. 5 men who I have never seen before in my life and they were not joking when they said this or laughed. So let’s just say I’m a believer.

Other Angels

  • EARTH ANGELS or REINCARNATED ANGELS – These are angels who have decided to come into earth for a lesson or divine purpose. To enrich the life of others. They are very distinct characteristics. They carry a strong divine connection to angels. They usually have certain giveaways. Their aura is usually pure white or golden or a mixture of both. People will come to them with their problems and assistance. They are usually termed as “old souls” because they have lived many lifetimes. They are magnets for attention, meaning people naturally are attracted to them or gravitate towards their inner beauty. Their energy is intense. Many have telekinesis and you might notice while chatting with them your device freezes up or malfunctions. They might have strong influential or philosophical roles. Many religious leaders, philanthropists, inventors, these are what I consider earth angels. They are selfless completely but still go through normal human emotions. They might not even realize how connected they are but they are being guided. The ascended masters may work closely with these individuals and some important masters are (Jesus, Buddha, Metatron, Mary, St. Germain, among others).

  • ANGEL OF DEATH - This is normally seen as the angel who carries the souls of the departed over into the spiritual realm. He is also known in doctrine to be considered an archangel and bringer of plagues. I’ve actually saw this angel so yes he does exist. Although angels have no gender I do refer this angel as him because of my dream. In my dream I was walking through a forest and near a cemetery. While there I saw him and he was pale white, almost like whiter than snow and dressed in black, from head to toe. He extended his hand sort of like that painting where the two men are almost touching fingertips but I held back and never touched his hand. This was my first encounter with him. He is tall and pale and has dark hair. He has had the role of a reincarnated angel and has come to earth and has much remembrance of his previous life times. He was very connected to Jesus and Mary and witnessed what happened during this time period. So you could also consider this angel as an ascended master. This angel is often feared but each generation has a new one assigned. There are several angels who serve this purpose. As human form they can see divine writings and grids that most people can’t see. Once they’ve decided to come to earth to live their earthly experience they will always feel a sense of not belonging or a feeling that they carry the weight of the world on their shoulders. They are very connected with human emotions. They are very quiet and also termed the word “Watchers” as they also collect information about human experiences.

Angels will leave you signs so that you know they are near. Here are some signs and explanations of why they choose to use these.

  • Feathers – They will often leave you feathers in your path or they will show up. All kinds of colors, shapes, and sizes of feathers. But why feathers? From what my guardians have explained is that a feathers represent flight and are pieces of the clouds. So I do believe that angels do hang up there in the clouds looking down and watching us. Every time we call upon these angels or ask for signs they bring a piece of the clouds to remind you they are always with you. I mean why would we have our blue skies adorned with puffy white clouds? We could say that birds left those feathers but sometimes feathers appear indoors and no reasonable explanation. Explain that! Science may have an explanation but spirit and angels speak too.

  • Pennies - When you find these pennies in your path, you are going through something difficult in your life and need a reminder to keep the faith. Remember pennies have a saying on one side “IN GOD WE TRUST” This is there unique way of letting you know the divine is aware of your situation and guiding you.

  • Butterflies – The spirit of loved ones may send butterflies in your path and so will angels because a butterfly represents metamorphosis. Something in your life is needing change and is transforming. Just like a butterfly is a caterpillar and then transforms, your life is going through a similar process.

  • Robins – They usually have red color and that color is associated with love. They show us their love for us even though we might not see them

  • Rainbows – Rainbows are a collaborated effort of angels put together. They all possess the color of the rainbow in their energy field. They illuminate the sky often in different parts of the world as a calling card for all to see. To remind us of the beauty of human life and earth in general. The rainbow carries a high vibrational energy as well.

  • Touch – An angel’s touch may feel like a radiating warmth. In my experiences it’s very unique as it feels as a slow warming sensation on any part of your body and then intensifies but is pleasant and may last a couple of seconds to a few minutes and then disappear. You will feel different afterwards and lighter. They often touch to heal anything at your spiritual level that is in pain.

I also should mention many of the angels in the archangel and angel hierarchies are connected with Atlantis and lived there at one time. If you think about it, it does make sense. I won’t go off subject but I hope you have enjoyed this article on angels are fascinating and full of love and light. We are fortunate to have them protecting and watching out for us.


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