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Angels Among Us

Updated on February 10, 2013
Photo by D. Sharon Pruitt
Photo by D. Sharon Pruitt

Are there angels among us?

"We are each of us angels with only one wing. And we can only fly embracing each other." -- Luciano De Crescenzo

I first read these words when I was reading Leo Buscaglia's book, "Loving Each Other." The words leaped from the book with such force that I was startled. I stopped and read it again...and again. The word angel has always been associated with supernatural beings that this was utterly a new way of thinking.

You? Me? The baker who lives across the street? The teacher in school? The plumber who always charges me more? How about that girl with the mean scowl? Are they 'angels' too? You got to be kidding!

Don't tell me that the people around us are angels among us? Huh?

This new awareness seemed to penetrate my consciousness. Soon I found myself looking at people and events with wide eyed wonder. I began playing a game with God. "Are you going to send me an angel today?"

I can hear God answer with a huge grin, "You bet!"

"Okay," I beamed back, curious and excited.

There are angels everywhere. There are angels where I am right now. There are angels wherever I go. There are angels among us! If you could hear my mind talk, this is what it was saying.

Photo by theshanghaieye
Photo by theshanghaieye

Angels Comfort You

I remember once doing grocery with a heavy heart. When I reached the meat section, I saw a mom and a boy pushing the cart in front of me. Suddenly, the boy turned. He was a "special" child. He glanced up and smiled endearingly. I smiled lamely for I wasn't really in the mood to interact with anyone. But then, he suddenly broke free from his mom. His mom tried to grab his arm. He wouldn't be deterred. He ran to me and hugged me, his hand patting my back. By this time, his mom had reached us, she was all apologies. I reassured her, it was alright. The boy finally allowed his mom to guide him back.

When I turned away from them, a tear escaped my eye. I could feel God whispering to me softly, "You just met your angel today."

Photo by Matthew Lizares
Photo by Matthew Lizares

Angels Guide You

I know all of us go through periods in our lives when we seek for guidance. Most especially during times when we need to make certain life changing decisions or needing to choose a certain path. My best friend and I were struggling with the responsibilities of running a preschool and we were on the verge of giving up. As I sat on a table distributing leaflets before a prayer gathering, one of the brothers in the community sat beside me. He asked how I was and we got into the discussion of running a business.

Then after hearing our struggles and problems, he asked something, "How many years have you been running the school?

"Around seven years," I replied. This conversation happened three years ago.

"How many students do you have per year?"

"Fifty to a hundred." I answered, not understanding where the conversation was going.

"Let's just say it's fifty. Fifty times seven, that's 350. Do you know you have touched the lives of three hundred fifty children all these years; don't you think that's something?"

I was struck dumb. He had given me something to think about. When I reached home, I called my best friend and I related to her our conversation. When I finished, we were both crying. I guess we had forgotten. We were so busy dealing with the problems we had forgotten to count our blessings.

When I placed the phone down, I could feel God whispering to me softly, "You just met your angel today."


Angels Help You

As a dental student, I was having "nightmares" in dental school. The studying I could handle but I dreaded each time I had to work on a patient. And sometimes I found myself postponing any dental work. Oh but I was beautifully surrounded by several angels who were very willing to help me. Two actually offered their teeth for me to work on. I bet you would never dare volunteer if you knew I would be a nervous wreck working on your teeth. I still chuckle at the thought of my exboyfriend and the very dear girl friend still brandishing my "work of art" in their smiles. I also found a couple of teachers who actually took the time to mentor me.

After six long years of hard work in college, I finally stretched my hand to receive my diploma along with my classmates. I hear God chuckling as he whispers, "You just met your angels today."

Photo by Ferdinand Reus
Photo by Ferdinand Reus

Angels Inspire You

A five-year-old child has decided to stay under the table. She refused to come out and study. My friend, Stella, was tutoring her. I have seen her work with kids for a long time now. This was particularly a difficult case.

After work, we decide to talk for a bit before going home. "Do you want to give up this tutor thing? I can see how stressed you have become."

She tells me all about her student and the beauty she sees inside. "I don't want to give up on her. You know what, I just believe in her. I really do. If she can just stop thinking she can't do it, I know she will pull through."

I have seen many times how her belief has helped many of the kids finally come out of their shells and shine. I know because she was done that to me too. Read my hub The Lesson from the Big Ugly Bear. God softly whispers, "You just met your angel today."

Photo by Khalilshah
Photo by Khalilshah

Angels Teach You

I still could picture this tall, skinny balding guy who was an alcoholic. He was very intelligent and smart but due to his addiction, he was always getting fired from any job he went into. Those around him were feeling rather helpless with his situation. One minute they would find themselves helping him and the next they would be throwing him out most esp. when he was drunk.

One time I remember he approached my dad and asked for money. He said he was leaving on a boat. My dad, who normally refused to give him money for fear that he was going to buy booze, gave him some. Two weeks later, dad received a picture of him selling pots and pans in another city with a short note saying "Uncle Bob, thank you for your kindness." That day, beyond his addiction, I saw his heart.

Several months passed before he came back. And then every one thought he had finally changed. Sadly, he went back to drinking.

I recall once we had this short talk. I normally would just pass by and ignore him particularly if he smells of alcohol. But that day, I stopped and looked at him, really looked at him. We talked for a bit until I asked him quietly why he could not stop drinking. He bowed his head and just when I thought he wouldn't answer, he softly answered, "Please don't get mad at me."

He passed away years later due to kidney failure. Whenever I think of him, I believe we were all taught in some way or the other--perhaps about kindness or tolerance or compassion. Sometimes I would reflect, 'could we have done something more?' God softly whispers to me, "You just met your angel today."


Angels Love You

I believe one of life's precious gifts is to have angels who truly love you. They come in many forms. And they love in different ways. Yet you know their presence in your life has led to your transformation and most of all, led you gently back to yourself.

One of these angels comes by the name of Daisy Ba-ad. She has seen me scared, fearful, and doubtful. She has been witness to my panic attacks. She has seen me break down when I could no longer be brave and strong. She has seen my monstrous side when I would rather be stubborn and argumentative. If she were not my angel, I believe she would have run away from me.

But she chose to stay. She chose to focus on the parts of me that is good, kind, compassionate and pure. She gives me enough room to grow, to make mistakes, to explore. She constantly challenges me while giving me enough support and encouragement so I could take those faltering steps of finding and loving myself.

Last night, we were discussing many things particularly about insecurities when she asked me. "I know you know God loves you. But sometimes you just can't seem to see how God sees you. Tell me, if God is looking at you right now, how would He see you?"

I refused to answer, feeling suddenly vulnerable.

"Okay, take your time."

I could feel my eyes starting to water. I started to speak, "I think if God is looking at me right now, He would see me as someone who has a wonderful heart." My answer was barely a whisper because I was sobbing. "And I know he has trained me all these years to have a good heart because that is what I would want to be."

She was crying too as she gave me a bear hug. "Yes, you are that...and more." Dayzeebee was rejoicing because she knows that took a lot out of me to admit that.

I have allowed myself to be stripped of masks and pretensions. I can do that because I know I am loved for who I am and who I can become. And in that warmth, I can allow myself to soar. I could hear God whispering softly, "You have met your angel today."

Photo by Rahi Jaber
Photo by Rahi Jaber

Angels are Reflections of God's Love

Yes, we all are. In the deepest core of our beings, we are that which is love. As I am finishing this hub, hundreds of memories seem to come out reminding me of the countless people--angels among us really-- who have come to comfort, to inspire, to guide, to help, to encourage, to lift me up, to make me laugh, to teach me, to love and so much more.

Yes, we are all angels with one wing, and we are flying because we have each other.

By: Michelle Simtoco

One last note

Look around you. Have you met your angel today? Have you now come to realize that there are many angels among us? It is my deepest prayer that your lives have been blessed with angels tremendously. Much love and light..

Special thanks to all the photographers and for giving me permission to use your photos. You have been able to capture these darling angels among us in a very touching and heartwarming manner that I couldn't help but smile. God bless you.

And if you know of anyone who might need an 'angel' today, please pass this on.


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