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Angels Lights

Updated on January 19, 2011

Our Angelic Visitors

Getting up in the middle of the night is something I do regularly. I drink too many cups of tea during the day so my night trips are inevitable.

This one particular night I noticed a light coming from under my daughter’s bedroom door. I’d turned it off when I’d put her to bed some hours ago, so I assumed she’d woken up and turned it on for some reason. I thought no more of it and made my way to the bathroom.

Upon my return I noticed that the light under the door had changed it’s hue from white to purple, and in the moments that I stood there noticing the change of light colour, it changed again, this time to a reddish-orange colour. I blinked a few times, making sure I really was awake and not dreaming.

I was drawn to the door, my feet floating in that direction although my mind was still trying to work it all out. I noticed a soft, quiet kind of music … but nothing like I’ve heard before or can really describe either … just soft, high-pitched but not screeching sounds and melodies. The light continued to change in colour, from blue to green now.

I felt a little trepidation but curiosity compelled me to slide open the door. The light switch was definitely off. All was dark.

I began closing the door, questioning what my own eyes had seen.

Once the door met it’s jam the light shot out from under again, shining onto my feet as I stood there. I wrenched the door open quickly, determined to catch the light. Again … all was dark and silent.

I stood there opening and closing the door … the light shining then turning off with each movement. The strange music starting up then shut down again. Over and over. My daughter slept on peacefully. I thought I was going nuts.

I decided to leave the door open a crick, with no changing coloured lights and no music and went back to bed (although didn’t sleep too quickly …)

As the Universe would have it, the following day I picked up a copy of a magazine I regularly read and absentmindedly flicked to a story about Angel visitations and appearances. Some of the descriptions and examples given fitted what I’d experienced the night before. I resonated instantly and felt relief in the knowledge that I wasn’t insane and hadn’t merely been dreaming.

Since then I’ve come across more and more stories from lots of different sources describing similar sights and experiences with coloured lights and music, as well as in recurring number sequences, whispered messages, synchronicities and through our intuition. The angels are presenting to us in lots of different ways.

Have you had contact with the angelic realm??

Joanne   Sacred Scribes


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    • profile image

      Julia 3 years ago


      a year ago I read a book about angels. Step by step there was explained how to communicate with them. I saw - and now always see - very little light sparkles when (for example) I look at the sky, when I look at my computer if there is a white page. I think these little sparkles are the energies of the angel(s).

      Now, since three/four months I saw one number everywhere. I googled on angel numbers. Now it seems that angels communicate with numbers and that they hope you will search for the message that's within the number.

      What do you all think about this?

    • profile image

      Helen 4 years ago

      I see the lights all the time... But I haven't yet heard the music... My kids like to sleep in my room so waking up I. The middle if the night these days is normal and seeing the lights are a reg thing.... It makes me feel safe... Once I saw the red light turn into angle wings... It was great....

    • profile image

      karen 4 years ago

      i too often see a blue dot light which just appears as a quick flash, it is always to the upper left of my visual field.

    • profile image

      Solongo 4 years ago

      I see a blue dot light sometimes.

    • PsychicJoanne profile image

      Joanne Sacred Scribes 7 years ago from Victoria, Australia

      Thanks so much for your comments AEvans and LightisLove ...

      I've had many, many encounters with angels over the years, and rely upon them each and every day, even if it is simply to help me find a great parking spot!

      I'm so pleased you enjoyed my story ...

      Blessings, love and light


    • LightIsLove profile image

      LightIsLove 7 years ago

      Your story is wonderful, and thank you for sharing. I also had an experience. They are real and may have captured proof. I posted it on my only hub. Your story was great. Keep writing

    • AEvans profile image

      Julianna 8 years ago from SomeWhere Out There

      I certainly have seen angels and this story also reminded me how important they are to us and their purpose, thank you for sharing your story. :)