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Angels: Signs and Communication

Updated on November 10, 2017
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Christy is an empath and intuitive. She loves to help others discover, grow, and nurture their abilities.

Who Are the Angels?

Angels are all around us. They come in different forms. We have guardian angels (2 each), Archangels, angels, passed loved one, and Earth Angels.

  1. Guardian Angels: these are the angels we are assigned from the day we are born. They stay with us and guide us along through our lives. We have 2 (kind of like one for each shoulder) although one is more prominent than the other.
  2. Archangels: These are the main angels, the ones you hear about in the Bible, including Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and many more. Call on these angels for support. Each angel has their own purpose.
  3. angels: These are just all the other angels who are not as high up as the Archangels and not assigned to you.
  4. Passed loved ones: These can act as angels and watch over you as well.
  5. Earth Angels: Humans on Earth who are basically angels in disguise or perform an act of kindness that you would consider "Heaven sent"

Angel Communication

To communicate:

  • It's always good to meditate and get a quiet calm mind to start communicating.
  • Say your intentions and invite the angels and your guardian angels to join you
  • Just talk to them, thank them, etc... I wouldn't go asking a bunch of things from them though.
  • If something doesn't happen right away, that's ok, it can take time, but they do always hear you.
  • Look for signs that they are with you. A sense of peace, certain sparkly colors of light, certain numbers everywhere. There are signs, you just have to look.

Angel Signs

There are several ways that angels communicate to you. Therefore, be on the look out for some of the following signs.

  • sparkly lights: You know when you look at a light too long and see flashes of light? It is kind of like that but different colors. Each archangel has their own color. For instance, Archangel Michael would be a royal blue. I will go into even deeper detail on angel colors at a later time.
  • Numbers: Repetitive numbers. When you see them all around or number patterns, the angels are around. For instance, 11:11 is one I see A LOT!
  • Smells: Just like when spirits are around, sometimes smells can be associated with angels as well. I know one that I have experienced is a cinnamon smell.
  • A sense of peace: a sense of peace will come over you when you know they are there.
  • feathers: this is a huge one. For example, I was in the middle of a meeting the other day when I was letting my mind wander and asking for confirmation about certain things. I started noticing something floating above my head, I started looking around and could never quite see what it was. The next thing I know a feather landed on my arm out of no where. Confirmation!
  • Birds: certain birds can be a sign of angel presence. Especially a cardinal. If you are seeing birds or butterflies, etc... in places you wouldn't normally or out of season or in high frequency, that could be a sign.


What are the benefits? Why would you want to connect with your angels? First of all, aren't you at least curious? When we connect with our angels we can do a variety of things, such as:

  • gain a sense of peace
  • We can call on the angels in times of need or when we need comfort
  • you have certain archangels to call on for specific things
  • it's just nice to have that connection

© 2017 Christy


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