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Angels Unaware

Updated on July 30, 2011

Angels Unaware

My Experiences With Angels

My life is literally filled with angelic intervention. I know that my creator has had a lot for me to get done over the years. My first recollection of angelic intervention was when I was born. Of course this was related to me by my mother. She was told by the doctor that my spinal chord was double fused. That I could well have been born with a gap in my spine and that it was a miracle that I was going to live a normal life. I could well have been confined to a wheel chair for my entire life if nature had taken the usual course. To me this was angelic intervention.

When I was eight years old I liked to watch a lot of cowboy shows on T.V. Of course my favorites showed the cowboys diving and jumping out of disaster and riding horses. As I was walking down a steep roadway next to a busy through fare for some reason I turned just in time to see a huge automobile gaining speed on me. I managed to dive to the side of the road and cling to vines growing on the hillside. The car had both doors open and may well have been driven by those who were trying to abduct me. The car's engine was not running until it reached the bottom of the hill. There the car cranked up and closed both doors as it drove away in a hurry. Was this divine intervention?

As a seventh grader it was my duty to impress the girls in my class. The other guys in my gym class saw an opportunity to gain the girl's attention by scaling to the balcony over hanging the gym. As I was reaching to pull my body up to the ledge I felt my grip giving way and I was about to fall more than ten feet directly onto my head and neck. Suddenly I felt hands gripping my arms and with a new surge of strength, I managed to pull my body onto the balcony and escape a dangerous fall. No one was near where I was pulled to safety. Was this an angel who had saved me?

My first day at college away from home i felt very much lost and alone. As I sat on my bunk I contemplated suicide. The pressure of succeeding and pleasing my parents and the looming threats of what seemed at the time to be an impossible college work load made me want to give in to my despair. I had gotten to the point of placing a leather belt around my neck and looping it over a high bed frame, when my new room mate came bursting into the room. He was very excited and bubbling with genuine happiness at being in school. He seemed not to notice the belt and I quickly removed it from around my neck. My room mate actually helped me to adjust to my new situation at the college. I felt responsible in helping him with his studies as he struggled. My experience and ability to make good grades seem to give him and others who were younger freshmen incentive to succeed in their college work. Who was watching over me?

Not only did I find my way, but also when I was stumbling through the book store and trying to find used books required by my college courses, At the point of giving up, I met a young lady who told me that she too was searching for the same text books. She asked me to join her in the search and we found them together. She then told me she would see me the next day in our classes together. She never appeared in any of my classes. I never saw this person again. Who was she?

My car careened dangerously on an icy highway. I was a beginning teacher and desperately tried to get to work that January day. Suddenly My car swerved across the median and I ended up sliding sideways down a steep embankment. I felt a surge of strength in my hands and supernatural powers seem to take over my steering wheel. My car righted itself and suddenly I was driving out of a deep hole and found myself crossing back into my right lane, I was saved, Had an angelic power prevented me from serious injury or death? I believe it was so.

There have been many times in my life that my angels have watched over me and helped me. There are surely many more times that their intervention kept me safe that I will never know about. Thank God for His angels who are sent to help us in our everyday lives.


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    • whonunuwho profile image

      whonunuwho 8 months ago from United States

      Do you have angelic interventions that have helped you in a crisis situation?