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Angels at Work

Updated on June 21, 2013

Angels at Work

Angels are always at work around us. Recently I was journaling and saying my prayers to my angels and I had the most amazing happenings in the last few days. On Friday I went to see a client in the mountains. It was located all the way above tree line. On the way there everything was fine. On the way home however I was going down a long and winding road and out of the blue this truck slammed his brakes on right in front of me and I spun on black ice and slammed the side of my car into a tree. No one was around and the car surprisingly was still running and so I got back on the road and contiued down the canyon and went into the bank before it closed and that's when I looked at the dent on my car and the smashed headlight. It somehow didn't effect my tires or it's ability for it to run. So I continued on home and was a bit numb, trying to take everything in that had just happened.

Saturday I check out several body shop places to get prices on how much it would be to fix it. They were all exhorbanant prices. So I just decided to put tape over it and forget about it for a while. On monday morning I went to the chinese laundymat that I usually go to and I ask the owner if he knew of anyone that could fix my car for a reasonable rate. He said he remembered someone from a few years ago but wasn't sure if he could remember his name. Just in that moment , this man walked in the front door of the laundymat and the chinese guy went over and asked him if he was the guy who fixed cars. He said no but that he knew someone who was great and reasonable and he gave me the number and he even called the car guy on my behalf. After I finished my laundry I went to the car guy and sure enough he gave me a reasonable rate and I have just paid him for the parts and will pay the rest when the parts come in and he actually fixes the car, which will be tommorrow.

The next amazing thing was that monday afternoon I got an inkling to go to this specific 7-11 and I bought several scratch tickets. One of them was a winning ticket with the exact amount that I needed to fix the car. I thought this had to be the work of the angels and I was so grateful and happy. I couldn't contain it. I remembered the blessing song that I had learned years ago and started singing it it bought me to a peaceful state of mind. I really felt so blessed.

There were so many miracles: The fact that I didn't get hit by anyone on that tiny canyon road when my car spun out of control and the fact that I didn't have to involve my insurance company to make my rates jump sky high. And the fact that I found the right person to fix it at the right time for the best price ever. I really feel extreamly blessed. I really do believe Angels are at work always around us if we truly believe in them.

Here is thanks to my guardian Angels working overtime for me. Here is to all of you who believe in your guardian Angels. They really do exisist!!!!

Many Many Blessings to you All !!!!! May you feel your Angels with you always!!!


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    • moneyfairy profile image

      moneyfairy 5 years ago

      Yes I love hearing anyones stories of their Angel experiences. Please do share your experiences with Angels.

    • profile image

      Moneyfairy 5 years ago

      I would love to hear your Angel experiences. Look forward to hearing from you