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Belief of Angels in all Religions and Cultures

Updated on January 11, 2018
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Candice has studied essential oils for over 25 years, and found many helpful natural remedies and treatments for all types of ailments

Every visible thing in this world is under the charge of an angel... ~St. Thomas Aquinas ♥ ♫♪♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ♪ ❤(๑˘ᴗ˘๑)❤¸.♥ ♪♫•*¨*•.¸♫♪♪♫
Every visible thing in this world is under the charge of an angel... ~St. Thomas Aquinas ♥ ♫♪♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ♪ ❤(๑˘ᴗ˘๑)❤¸.♥ ♪♫•*¨*•.¸♫♪♪♫ | Source

Why are there angels in all Religions & Cultures?

I've always wondered why there are angels woven throughout our entire world religious history. No mater what culture you come from, or what religion you believe in, there are angels present in it's folklore, ritual, or belief system.

Is it the wings? The spiritual help? God's promise? Is belief in angels just part of our culture because it's what we all hope? Or is it something more rooted in our deepest love - fear spiritual selves? is a great place to get some ideas about how each Religion relates to angels, see angels in: BUDDHISM * CATHOLICISM * EASTERN ORTHODOXY* HINDUISM * ISLAM * JUDAISM * MORMONISM* PROTESTANT CHRISTIANITY.

Angels in all Religions of the World

♥ ♫♪♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ♪ ❤(๑˘ᴗ˘๑)❤¸.♥ ♪♫•*¨*•.¸♫♪♪♫ angels in all religions ♥ ♫♪♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥  ♪  ¸.♥ ♪ ♫ • * ¨*•.¸♫♪♪♫
♥ ♫♪♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ♪ ❤(๑˘ᴗ˘๑)❤¸.♥ ♪♫•*¨*•.¸♫♪♪♫ angels in all religions ♥ ♫♪♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ♪ ¸.♥ ♪ ♫ • * ¨*•.¸♫♪♪♫ | Source
angels in all religions
angels in all religions | Source

Angels common in all Religions

Angels are common to all religions of the world, and are present in all cultures. Over 70% of people around the world believe in angels, and 50% believe in personal Guardian Angels.

From Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Buddhism, Hinduism, Iranian Zoroastrianism to winged messengers carved into ancient Sumerian carvings, Egyptian tombs, Assyrian reliefs, and Haloed stories of myth and legends, angels are entwined throughout our entire world.

Many people in ancient times believed in angels, and often thought planets and stars were angels. And believe it or not, our most important source of Angelology isn't the Bible; it's a host of Jewish, Christian, and Gnostic texts written between 200 B.C.E. and 200 C.E., which were heavily influenced by Zoroastrian cosmology, and the writings of Enoch.

Animated map shows how religion spread around the world

Belief in Angels - Zoroastrianism

Jewish, Christian, and Islamic faiths all fell under the influence of Persian angelology of the 6th century because during that time, the Jews were in exile in Babylon (Persia) where the prophet Zoroaster (who developed a theology of angels) taught and lived.

Zoroastrianism recognizes good angels, bad angels, and angels who "straddled the moral fence" (genies), as well as Metatron, and Lilith (married to the Angel of Death).

The ancient Babylonian religion Zoroastrianism involved many angels including;

  • Michael (Mikal); "Who is like God"; warrior leader of heavenly host (in Islam provides food and knowledge to mankind). Angel of Sunday.
  • Gabriel (Jibril); " God is my strength"; chief messenger (announced Muhammad's prophethood, birth of Jesus to Mary, and a host of other things such as dictating the divine Koran in God's own words). Angel of Monday.
  • Uriel (Izrail); "Light of God"; became Islamic Angel of Death, keeping demons in tow overseeing lower parts of Hell. Patron of poets and music.
  • Raphael (Israfil), "God has healed"; Healing angel, who places the soul in human bodies and will sound the trumpets on Judgement Day. Angel of Wednesday.

When the Jewish people were exiled to Babylon (586 BCE), they were immersed in Zoroastrian teaching. The biblical books of Daniel and Ezekiel, written around this time, reflect a great awareness of angels. After the exile, Jewish views showed more interest in naming angels and ranking them into hierarchies.

Angel Belief

Do you believe in angels?

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books/ Angels in Christianity

Angels in Christianity

Catholic theology outlines a hierarchy of nine choirs of angels divided into three groups: Seraphim, Cherubim and Thrones; Dominations, Virtues and Powers; Principalities, Archangels and Angels, as well as Guardian Angels for each soul, always in the form of a non-corporeal spirit.

Jewish or Old Testament Angels

According to the Jewish Old Testament, angels are, "Attendants of the Heavenly court, worshiping God first, and conveying God's divine will to Earth."

In Jewish mysticism, Metatron (the greatest angel of all) in the Kabbalah is part of Enoch's translated material.

  1. Hebrew Bible‎: The ancient Greek translation of the Old Testament known as ... The Hellenistic Jewish philosopher Philo identified the angel of ...

  2. Angels in the BIBLE: angels appear in stories throughout the Hebrew Bible (The Old Testament). In the earlier books the angels are described as heavenly beings created by ...
  3. GOD, SATAN AND ANGELS IN JUDAISM AND THE OLD ... › World Topics › 02History of the Jew The name Jehovah, coined in the Middle Ages, was not used in the Hebrew Bible. The source of our information about God is the Old Testament, which is ...
  4. Framework of the Old Testament

    Then the devil left Him, and behold, angels came and ministered to Him" ... Again the answer is, the Hebrew Scriptures, what we call the Old Testament.

Archangels in Islamic / Muslim Religions

Ok, so this is the best way to explain the overall view;

  • Jews say three archangels are named in the Hebrew Bible: Michael, Gabriel, Raphael; plus Uriel from other Judaic writings.
  • Christians are equivocal on the number saying there are definitely three from the Old Testament, maybe Uriel, and a few more for a total of seven.
  • Muslims say the number is four, and that is it.

"Glory to Allah", is the chant of Islamic cherubim called the karubiyun. And Iblis is the Devil. The four archangels they adopted and modified from Judaism recognize are:

  • Mikal -(Michael)
  • Jibril - (Gabriel)
  • Izrail - (Uriel)
  • Israfil - (Raphael)

Also belief in Islamic genies, or ambivalent angels is prevalent in Islam's angelology (and demonology). Not only recognizing the good and bad angels, but the jinn, or genies who can be benevolent or malevolent.

  1. Islamic view of angels - Wikipedia, Angel hierarchy‎: Most Islamic scholars agree that this is an unimportant topic in Islam, simply because ... Jibraaiyl is the archangel responsible for revealing the Qur'an to Muhammad, verse by verse.
    Angel hierarchyCharacteristicsVerses in the Qur'an that ...Gallery
  2. Islam - Wikipedia, concepts and practices include the five pillars of Islam, which are ... The most populous Muslim-majority country is Indonesia home to 12.7% of the .... of the Qur'an were revealed to Muhammad by God through the archangel Gabriel ...
  3. What are Angel - Islam - Muslim Angels › ... › Angels & MiraclesAngel BasicsThe major religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam have all come up with angelic ... Islamic scholars place the archangels that the Qur'an mentions at the top, ...
  4. Similarities: Mormons and Muslims share much in their religion! to View Muhammad and the angel Gabriel. Mormons and Muslims share much in their religion! Click to View Smith and the angel Moroni ...
  5. How does Angel Gabriel related to Islam › ... › CategoriesReligion & SpiritualityIslamWho is a Muslim?: A person who believes in and consciously follows Islam is called a Muslim, also from the same root word. So, the religion is called "Islam," ...
  6. What are 10 important principles of the Islam religion › ... › CategoriesReligion & SpiritualityIslamThe ten main important principles of Islam religion are considered in the following: ... book, was revealed by God to Prophet Muhammad through the Angel Gabriel. ... Denying any of them intentionally and knowingly by any Muslim gets him/her ...
  7. Islamic Religion - Crystalinks Religion. Islam is the world's second largest religion with a following of over one billion people called Muslims. Islamic belongs to the Semitic family; ...
  8. What Islam (Muslims) believes? understand the Muslim world, knowing what they believe is tantamount to knowing .... There are four archangels in Islam; the most well known among them is ..... And whoso seeketh as religion other than the Surrender (to Allah) it will not be ...
  9. What is Islam, and what do Muslims believe? "What is Islam, and what do Muslims believe?" Answer: Islam is a religious system begun in the seventh century by Muhammad. Muslims follow the ...

Book; Angels in all World Religions

Book Description

Publication Date: December 28, 2010


Everyone has a Guardian Angel. Yours will be with you as you move into the afterlife and will provide a comforting influence as you progress. You may not see your spiritual friend at first, but you will have an undeniable sense that "someone" is there in the background. How do you hear, listen, touch & feel your angels? There are many different ways to achieve this.

The most important advice one can know in contacting your angel is to trust your intuition through the feeling of your emotions. You inner guidance is your rudder through life and often times when you ask a question you will receive a feeling of emotion. Does it feel wonderful, good and so forth?

It is important to realize they are only here to guide us and will never force us to take the actual steps required, that is your choice and your journey to make.

This book is not a religious study but a description of the roles that Angels play in the major religions of the world, based on how they are described in the various holy texts of those religions. Check out Dr. Kelli's website for more information by visiting:

Archangels video by Toulong Yang

The Archangels video by Toulong Yang though professor Rev. Dr. James Kenneth Powell II, you can find at

It speaks about the Archangels you've probably heard of, and what they represent.

Beings of higher powers are common. Distinction among angels appears in many places and religious texts. The Archangel's duties and stories of battles against evil are discussed in the video as well as the 7 Archangels that were created by God to stand around his throne. The angels are messengers and the "el" refers to god.

  • Michael gets rid of devils and is a protector.
  • Raphael the healer is next. Mental and physical illness he cures. He protects the young, innocent and travelers.
  • Gabriel, god is my strength is in charge of communication. He aids artists.
  • Uriel, God is Light, is the wisest of all of them. He aids intellectual pursuits.

Archangels Meditation Music - Archangels Michael Gabriel Raphael

Angel Therapy for Healing By Doreen Virtue


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    • moneyfairy profile image

      Money Fairy 

      6 years ago from New Woodstock

      Great hub !!!I love angels and always love hearing others perspective on angels!!! Thank you!!!

    • yellowstar2000 profile imageAUTHOR

      Candice Collins 

      7 years ago from WestCoast Florida

      LOL, awesome! and thanks much for your comment :) I've always been enamored with angels, since I was a wee one...... it's just too coincidental that they are in every religion across the globe, and alive in too many personal stories for them not to be real. Everyone has probably got some kind of angel story; whether knowingly or not, we've all been aided by angels. :)

    • IntroduceCroatia profile image

      Ante Rajic 

      7 years ago from Croatia

      Awesome hub,I really loved the pictures.

      Voted up, (personally I'm obsessed with the angels:))


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