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Updated on August 25, 2010

Love for the Angels among us

I was in a serious accident once. As I was driving along at good speed, the other driver suddenly made a left turn into my path, and we collided head on. The impact was severe, and my car ended up on the sidewalk.

My friend and I jumped out, and as the trained athletes we were, we went directly into the recovery position to get our breath back. We were bent over, with our hands on our knees, and I looked over at the once brand new car, and saw it was totally destroyed. In particular, I noticed that the steering column was completely crushed. I immediately put my hands on my chest, feeling for any damage. form what I saw, there had to be broken skin or ribs or something, but aside from a dull ache, I was fine, except a cut on my hand. I looked over at my friend, and blood was dripping down, pretty profusely. I called his name, and he stood up. When I saw his face, blood was running down his face. I did not want to alarm him so I told him to get back in recovery position, but when he did, he saw the blood on the sidewalk.

Just at that very moment, two beautiful girls ran up to us. They were of caramel complexion, with long, wavy hair, and they were twins. we went to high school with twins that fit this description, but these girls were not them. One of them took me aside, and talked to me, and calmed me down, telling me it was not my fault. The other one was comforting my friend, who was quite vain, and was devastated at the idea that his perfect face had been damaged. He did not even realize that his arm was broken until much later. they soothed us, and told us we were going to be okay. I heard sirens coming, and when the fire department came, the girls disappeared. I asked my friend where they went, and he never saw them leave, just sort of realized, like me, that they were gone. My friend and I kind of sighed and said in unison "They were FINE" and laughed.

I fully believe that these "girls" were Angels. There is not a doubt in my mind. The nagging question I have is, were they REAL Angels, or actual people who became Angels in that crucial five minutes. Haven't we all had instances where someone literally comes to our rescue? Someone showing up at exactly the right time, giving us the help that we need, and then going about their business? Sometimes we know them, sometimes it is a complete stranger. These two girls were about our same age, which was late teens. They were dressed normally, like they were on their way to the mall or something. None of the girls I know would have put themselves anywhere near the scene of an accident, in fear of seeing something nasty. But these girls were right there, immediately. they even knew that the other driver, an older lady, was okay too. None of this fully computes in my brain to this day.

I think there are both kinds of Angels. What I want to do is acknowledge and honor the flesh and blood angels in my life by mentioning one.

we have met a long time ago, and have never really spent much time together. But she is always around. Every time forget about her, she appears, and in one way or another, lets me know that I am okay, and even more, special. She unfailingly gives love as freely as if it were air, and for me, it actually is air, I don't think she know how beneficial a presence she is in my life, because while she is being my Angel, I am trying to be her Angel right back. Not that I feel I owe her, but more like I want to be like her, and I am following in her footsteps. I want to take away her burdens, and free her to fly as high as she wishes.

As corny as it sounds, she makes me want to be a better Angel. And she is not alone. I am fortunate to live in a community of Angels. I am surrounded by Angels and Miracles every were I look, and that includes you.


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    • unpretentiousview profile image

      unpretentiousview 5 years ago

      Wow, this is so cool. I have also had many experiences with the angels and am very happy to have them as a part of my life. Thank you for sharing and reminding me about these beautiful blessings we have in our lives.

    • Ask Your Mama profile image

      Ask Your Mama 7 years ago

      GPAGE! My Re-Animator! So glad you got a chance to read this one, in particular.

      Many times when I work with someone on a problem they are experiencing, I first feel complete and and all-encompassing love for them, and then I feel something else take over, and speak through me. It happens a lot, and sometimes, I am actually asleep, or not there. When the person tells me what I said to them, I am shocked, and amazed. This one was written partially in the same way. It came through me, when I was reflecting upon the wonderful people in my life, after reading you Hub.

      In other words, it's all your fault!

    • GPAGE profile image

      GPAGE 7 years ago from California

      AYM (C)....This just blows me away! You amaze me. I am so touched by this article! I do believe in angels, I do believe in all kinds of good energy. It surrounds us when we need it the most. There have been instances in my life where I believe that someone saved my life. I may have seen them or I may have not.

      In that final moment between "life and death" someone was there to make everything ok. I remember the time that I almost died in my car. Twice actually.... once in Ventura and once in the UK. Both times there is NO WAY I could have escaped what happened. I felt something lift my car at one moment. I closed my eyes, I caught my breath and I cried. I knew that an angel was near. God had better plans for me.

      I am here to help others and to make sure that I share the love. I am most happy when I do. I am so happy for you. You write from your heart just like me. Keep shining. G