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Check your happiness meter

Updated on October 6, 2011

Better to be happy than angry

sometimes i feel like i am against the world when, if i feel angry and start to show my emotions - i mean, real-honest-to-goodness emotions, people just quickly disappear right before my very eyes, that i sometimes ask myself what in heaven is wrong with letting out your emotions? i mean, i am not scandalous nor frantic or hysterical yet people couldn't stand the bitchy side of me ( which i guess is kinda rare...or am i wrong?) the nice part about it though is the relieving feeling that at least people dont take me at face value and get even, but that they'd (maybe) let you be and just shrug it off. most people would rather let their cool heads step in.

it is comforting to know that most people still appreciate happiness over anger, that when you are happy, you know you are in the company of happy people. When you are angry, you are alone in this world! Not only are you left alone most of the time, but that wrinkles start to grow on your face as evidence of that nasty feeling.

If wrinkles are evidence, then who would want to be angry?

On the contrary, if laugh lines are indeed signs of a fun, happy person then i would be laughing all day.

But seriously, being happy attracts more people around you. They would rather be laughing and enjoying rather than sulking and keeping a closed fist.

I have always believed that happiness or being happy is always a choice. Regardless of the circumstance that is thrown on your feet, you can still be happy IN THE MIDST of a difficult circumstance. It takes a change in the way we think to make things work to our advantage. We may not have control over what happens to us, but we definitely have control over how we will react or handle the situation.

Check your happiness meter. Does it look empty? You can always re-charge because its really up to your own choice.

Be happy!


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