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Anger, the worst enemy!

Updated on December 4, 2015


Anger and lust are co-sisters!

Anger rises from attachment to the external world and persons. When, what you desire is not fulfilled, you get bout of anger. You are angry with those, whom you feel are obstructing the fulfilment of the desires. In fact, anger is the toughest foe to conquer. At times, one may feel that he is living in peace but a minor mishap or provocation makes him to shout in anger. Hence remember that anger is hidden beneath the surface and at an opportune moment, it will show its ugly head. In fact, the angry people punish them more than others whom the anger is directed. It is a proven fact that anger depletes the energy you gained from three months intake of nourishing food.

In Hindu scriptures, there are ample evidences of the disastrous consequences of anger. Sage Viswamitra is a classic example of angry sage. He has performed intense austerities for many long years, yet he could not control burst of anger. He was quick tempered and he lost the effects of many years of intense austerities. Hence he lost the opportunity to obtain a title, “Brahma Rishi”. We are attached to the body and its surroundings. We lose our poise when the body is subjected to un comfort, hard work and ill treatment. Hence the only way to control the anger is removal of body consciousness or attachment. This will lead to relinquishing the ego. When ego is subdued, we become eligible to connect to our inner Self. It is the ego which prevents everyone to reach the Divine!

There are ample examples in spiritual field of great people who maintained their equanimity in the most provocating circumstances. Buddha comes to my mind at once. Buddha had many distractors during his time. Many people hated his philosophy of non-violence and animal sacrifice. Buddha was bold to confront the King Ashoka about the correctness of sacrificing animals in a sacrificial fire ritual organized by the king himself. His teachings at the time are sung in many languages due to his straight and simple arguments. He questions the wisdom of the performers, ‘whether the semi gods who are compassionate will ever accept the animals cruelly cut, inflicting on them mortal agony?

Now, let us ponder about the ways to control the anger. In the words of Sathya Saibaba: “when anger confronts you, leave the place at once and move away. Drink a glass of cool water and if possible, lie down for a while. Otherwise go for a walking. Do not think about the circumstances which made you angry. Do not harbor enmity within you with those who found fault with you. Everyone is susceptible to mistakes and hence do not harbor hatred against any one. Probably some of your uttering or action might have provoked someone. Hence maintain your calmness always. Peace is the richest possession in this world. Never lose it for flimsy reasons!

Of course, lust is the sister of anger. When lust is not fructified, anger arises automatically. Lust is of animal nature. It is not human virtue. For the propagation of species, a little lust is permissible. But one must never become a slave to lust. One who escapes the clutches of lust and anger is real saint. There is one way to control the lust. It is ‘taste’. We all equally attracted to varieties of tastes. None escapes taste buds. Even some monastic persons are unable to subdue the taste buds with the result, they fall into other desires. A minute part of food becomes the thoughts. Hence, our food decides our thoughts. If you want to control desires like lust, have control over taste and do not aspire for varieties in food. Satiate your hunger with little food. Never overeat. Moderation in food and sleep is best for spiritual people. Those who are accustomed to animal food find it difficult to control their passions like anger and lust. The main reason is when you ingest animal proteins; the subtle qualities of animals pervade your conscious and thought patterns. Animal food is harmful to human health. We are born in this world to consume naturally available food like plants, green vegetables, wholesome grains, a little milk and fruits. Eat the above diet for a week and observe your thought pattern. You will get more peace and joy than when you took animal food!

Hence abolish anger and maintain a calm attitude forever even under provocating circumstances! Nothing lasts in this world. Why breed animosity and enmity when harmony and peace could be obtained without much strain?

Anger hurts the angry man!


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