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Animal Spirit Guide Meanings: Elephant Spirit Guide

Updated on February 11, 2017
kittythedreamer profile image

Kitty has been communicating with her spirit guides for over a decade. She uses the lessons she's learned through them to write about them.

The elephant as a spirit guide is special and enlightening.
The elephant as a spirit guide is special and enlightening. | Source

Connecting with Animal Spirit Guides

Connecting with your animal spirit guide can be enlightening. Understanding your guide can uncover wisdom from deep within yourself. Often the first question people ask me is "how do I know my animal spirit guide?" The answer to this question is quite simple. You don't have to seek out your animal spirit guide. Your animal spirit guide will find you.

Typically when an animal spirit guide makes itself known to you, it will appear recurrently in many different places. Sometimes you'll see them in the wild, sometimes they'll show up on the Television, online in articles or ads, in newspapers/magazines, in dreams, or you might even hear someone talking about it in a passing conversation. If you are open to receiving messages from your animal spirit guide, they will come to you.

Once they appear and you've realized their presence, the best thing to do is to study them. Study the mythology behind the creature, study the various cultures' beliefs of the creature. Study what they eat, their habitat, the ways they move, hunt, and mate. Keep in mind that sometimes after your animal spirit guide's message has been understood, they may disappear. And then another will appear when the next message is ready for you.

The Chinese have long revered the intelligent elephant.
The Chinese have long revered the intelligent elephant. | Source
Ganesha is the elephant god of the Hindu religion and brings wealth and fortune to his followers.
Ganesha is the elephant god of the Hindu religion and brings wealth and fortune to his followers. | Source

Elephant in Mythology

The noble elephant can be found in southern Asia and also in the deserts of Africa. Dating back centuries, they have graced the pages of folk tales and mythology from various countries. All who have seen the elephant have been enamored by its size and gentleness.

In India, one of the most venerated Hindu gods is known as Ganesha. He is a god with the head of an elephant and is associated with abundance and breaking down barriers. He is also known to be the wisest of the gods. Elephants are also present in the world creation myths of ancient India. They are thought by some to be reincarnated versions of shamans from centuries past. There are still temples in India today that hold elephants in high regard and allow elephants to roam the temple halls.

In China, the elephant is endangered but can still be found in the bamboo forests of China. It is thought that only a couple hundred Chinese elephants are left in the wild. Hundreds of years ago, the Chinese saw the elephant as a sacred animal in that they had great memories and were rather intelligent creatures. They also thought of the elephant as having great strength while also being very loving and gentle creatures, particularly to their packs and young.

In Africa, the elephant has been a part of the tribe's fables for hundreds of years. Most often they were mediators between other fighting animals. The elephant is on the flag of Ivory Coast, and is seen as strong, steadfast, loyal, and kind.

The elephant spirit guide teaches us three main things: intelligence, strength, and compassion.

— Nicole Canfield
Elephants are very altruistic animals and show compassion and generosity to other species, too.
Elephants are very altruistic animals and show compassion and generosity to other species, too. | Source

Elephant Spirit Guide

The elephant spirit guide may be showing up to you in various places. If not in the wild (if you do not live in its normal habitat), perhaps you noticed it smiling at you during a trip to the zoo. Or maybe you've seen the elephant pop up on clothing items, in magazines, or on the TV moreso than normal. Maybe you've even dreamed of the elephant or someone mentioned it to you in a passing conversation and you thought to yourself "wow, the elephant has really been showing itself to me a lot lately".

The elephant spirit guide has much to teach us. It is loyal to its pack, gentle to its young, and incredibly smart. The saying that "an elephant never forgets", take its meaning from the fact that elephants have been proven to have great memories. This is only part of their intelligence. Elephants have been shown to show emotions such as anger, grief, and compassion. They also communicate with others at a level not seen in most of wildlife.

The elephant spirit guide may have come into your life to remind you to focus on your mental health. Perhaps you've been neglecting yourself and need a break from the everyday routine. Take a moment out of your week to do something relaxing yet stimulating for your mind. Turn off the TV and read an enjoyable book. Take some time in the evening to clear your mind of the day's clutter, sit in silence, or meditate to relaxing music. All of these things help replenish your mind's capabilities. Also, if your medical condition allows, taking rosemary as a supplement to help your mental faculties will also aid in your memory and cognition.

The elephant spirit guide might also be coming into your life to remind you to slow down and appreciate your surroundings and particularly your family. Maybe you haven't been spending enough time with your family. Loyalty is a big lesson the elephant has to teach us. Remaining loyal to family and friends is crucial in living a long and healthy life.

Being steadfast on our path to happiness and success is another lesson taught by the elephant spirit guide. No matter what perils may come your way, remain steadfast in your decisions and stick to your guns. And you can always call on the elephant spirit guide for help in these matters.

The elephant spirit guide also brings lessons of gentleness, compassion, motherhood, selflessness, and using herbs and natural remedies for health. Believe it or not, elephants self-medicate by eating certain plants for certain ailments. We have much to learn from the noble and ancient elephant spirit guide.

Elephants are matriarchal and encourage us to embrace parenthood in whatever form that takes.
Elephants are matriarchal and encourage us to embrace parenthood in whatever form that takes. | Source

© 2017 Nicole Canfield


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  • Lipnancy profile image

    Nancy Yager 14 months ago from Hamburg, New York

    Did you know that elephants are highly intelligent and actually show emotions? To me they are empathic. Great article.

  • Nell Rose profile image

    Nell Rose 14 months ago from England

    Elephants are my favorite animals, so I loved reading this! and yes maybe it would make me chill out and slow down a bit! lol!

  • heidithorne profile image

    Heidi Thorne 14 months ago from Chicago Area

    I've seen a number of shows about elephants high social skills. Certainly a creature worth watching and learning from. Have a beautiful Sunday!

  • profile image

    Albena Ivanova 14 months ago

    Thank you for sharing elephant spirit with us. It is a very interesting article.

  • Coffeequeeen profile image

    Louise Powles 14 months ago from Norfolk, England

    Oh I love elephants. They are such graceful and elegant creatures. And so clever too.