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Anita Moorjani and Her Near Death Experience

Updated on October 2, 2017

Meet Anita Moorjani

Who is Anita Moorjani?

Anita Moorjani was born in Singapore of Indian parents, moved to Hong Kong at the age of two, and has lived in Hong Kong most of her life.

Because of her multi-ethnic background she has stated that she was a victim of bullying throughout her childhood and sites her emotional problems as one of the reasons for her becoming ill.

In 2002 Anita Moorjani discovered a lump on her neck and was diagnosed with lymphoma.

She and her husband, Danny, were devasted, however, over the months that followed, she tried alternative therapies to treat the cancer in her body. She opted to go with natural treatments because she had known people close to her die from cancer having used more conventional treatments such as chemotherapy.

The story of Anita's near death experience is one of the most amazing that has every been recorded.

At the time of her near death experience, Anita had open skin lesions all over her body and tumors the size of lemons from the base of her skull to her abdomen.

She weighed only 85 pounds, was using an oxygen tank, and her lungs were filling with fluid. She had slipped into a coma.

In Anita's book, "Dying To Be Me", she recounts how the doctors told her family that the end was near, her organs were shutting down one by one.

After she recovered from "death" she told her husband, Danny, and her mother that she knew everything that transpired in her room while in the coma.

She says she felt that she was outside of her body at this time, attached to it only by a string. She did not want to return to her body because it was so very sick.

She states that during her near death experience she encountered "the essence" of her earthly father who encouraged her to return to her body because her work here on earth was not finished.

She made the decision to return because of her love for her husband, Danny (pictured below with Anita) and says that if he wasn't there, she would have stayed in the heavenly realm.

Anita's spontaneous healing upon returning to her physical form is one of amazement to say the least.

Within four days after coming back to life, her tumors shrunk 70 per cent and today (in 2016) she is completely cancer free and has been for 7 years.

Anita and her husband Danny
Anita and her husband Danny

Another Fascinating NDE

Back in 1989 Don Piper, a Baptist minister, was headed home from a conference in Texas when his car was struck head on by a semi-trailer truck while he was crossing over a small bridge.

He sustained massive injuries to his head, chest and legs. When paramedics arrived they could find no sign of life in him; they covered him with a tarp.

However, another minister who had attended the same conference was caught up in the traffic jam that had occurred as the result of the accident. He got out of his car to see what was wrong.

Accident scene from the movie "90 Minutes In Heaven"

As he approached the accident scene, he realized that it was a fellow minister and friend of his that had been involved so he started to pray over Don Piper's (lifeless) body while waiting for the medical examiner to arrive.

Don Piper came back to life after being covered with the tarp.

According to Don Piper he was in heaven while all this was occurring. For 90 minutes. Hence, the title of the book. He went on to recount the miracle of his life returning in the book entitiled "90 Minutes In Heaven".

Don Piper has appeared on many television and talk shows to tell his story and has shared it with over 3,000 fascinated live audiences.

How Do NDE's Differ From One Another?

The reason I wanted to share these two particular NDE's is because they are alike in a few different ways in that both people came back to deliver messages of divine love and peace that they experienced in the hereafter.

But more than that, these two stories are different too.

Anita Moorjani experienced a progressive and painful illness for over four years, died, came back to life and had her body spontaneously heal itself from stage four lymphoma.

While Don Piper experienced an instantaneous death by an accident, died, came back to life, and went on to heal through a long and excruciatingly painful process. Quite the opposite of Anita's experience from both ends - how they got there and what happend once they took on their physical forms again.

It's my opinion from looking into NDE's that it would seem that just as everyone experiences a different life from their own perspective, people experience NDE's from their own perspectives, however they all have common threads of truth.

In other words, every human has two parents, breathes oxygen, has to eat and drink to stay alive, all these things are true as laws of the universe so to speak.

And every NDE has common threads that are alike as well. Most (not all) people that experience NDE's recall being drawn out of their physical body, are greeted by essences or spirits of departed loved ones, and describe an overwhelming sense of love and peace and do not want to return to their earthly body.

Most people that come back from the realm that is experienced through an NDE also say that it is hard to describe in mere words the overwhelming sense of being loved unconditionally in this space and the sense of peace and joy they feel.

Painting of "Heaven" by Akiane Kramarik

Akiane Kramarik painted this vision of Heaven when she was just 12 years old.  Read more about her amazing talent at the link below...
Akiane Kramarik painted this vision of Heaven when she was just 12 years old. Read more about her amazing talent at the link below... | Source

What are your thoughts on near death experiences? I would love to hear from you, please comment here...

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