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Updated on March 16, 2013

(so much talk -

so little understanding)

The man who believes his own lies speaks the Truth

The constant moving of lips connect to a mind Defiant of Listening

I Am I


I Am All

Blessed be the ways

of my own

Silent Discoveries

The unborn child only waits to Die

The only future uncertain is the path we take to meet it

A Stranger's Kiss

A Lover's Embrace

All Relative & Reckless

Loathsome & Lonely

We are merely the sum of our delusions

each a grain of sand on an everlasting beach of dreams

We are Not the Chosen few

Our Time is Meaningless

Our Life – Pointless

We will not be Remembered

We will not be Mourned

The Human Ego knows No bounds

Fear, The Birthplace of Our Creations

The God of Love

The Soul of Man

No lie can be proven true if your eyes never open

No truth a mystery w/out final judgment

What Good is a God who Gathers only Guilt?

Eternal Life is Eternal Misery

I Am I


I Am Naught

Cursed be the days

of my own

Private Revelations


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