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Anne Raphael Germain, An Interview

Updated on November 24, 2018
Marie Flint profile image

Marie has studied Teachings of the Ascended Masters since 1974 and became a member of the Keepers of the Flame Fraternity in 1985.



A spiritual aspirant steps out of herself for an inspirational interview. Read about how her life experiences have shaped her individuality and keep her going in spite of seeming setbacks.

Anne Talks About Her Name

MARIE: First of all, Anne--may I call you Anne?

ANNE: Oh, yes, certainly, that will be fine.

MARIE: Anne Raphael Germain--that certainly has a ring to it. How did you get the name?

ANNE: I was raised Catholic and, when it was time to receive the sacrament of Confirmation, I was allowed to choose the name of a saint whom I admired or wanted to be like. First, I thought "Raphael" because I liked the story in the Catholic Bible from the Book of Tobias when the Archangel accompanied the young boy on a journey to collect a debt. I've always loved walking, and Tobias was on foot. How nice a walk would it be to be accompanied by an archangel?

MARIE: Yes, I see what you mean. But what about your first name? Was that your birth name?

ANNE: No, Anne is the confirmation name I actually chose because I didn't think it right to choose Raphael, a masculine name. Saint Anne, as you might know, was the mother to the Virgin Mary. Saint Anne is a wonderful focus and epitomizes the wise, patient mother.

MARIE: And Germain?

ANNE: Saint Germain is the Master sponsoring the Aquarian Age, the age we're in now. He is a fascinating master, formerly embodied as Joseph, foster father to Jesus.

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Saint Anne instructing her daughter MaryArchangel Raphael accompanying TobiasSaint Germain
Saint Anne instructing her daughter Mary
Saint Anne instructing her daughter Mary | Source
Archangel Raphael accompanying Tobias
Archangel Raphael accompanying Tobias | Source
Saint Germain
Saint Germain | Source

Anne's Childhood Experiences and Faith

MARIE: Did you have any spiritual experiences as a child?

ANNE: Nothing that I would consider remarkable. I would read stories and lessons in catechism classes and wish I could see Mother Mary or one of the angels, but I never did. I would fall asleep at night while reciting the rosary, but when I did a novena so I wouldn't have to wear eyeglasses, my request was not granted. I started wearing a mild eyeglass prescription when I was 10.

A typical girl's first Holy Communion dress.
A typical girl's first Holy Communion dress. | Source

Perhaps I felt holiest when I had to fast the morning of my first Holy Communion. I was dressed in a white organza dress and headdress. I felt so special. A similar experience occurred when I received a ribbon chaplet with Mother Mary on it. Sister Maria, my catechism instructor, explained that wearing the chaplet gave us protection at the hour of death. Mother Mary promised to take us to Heaven on the first Thursday after leaving this earth.

I also had a special connection with the Latin language during mass services. I found the sounds of the long vowels in the language especially comforting and holy.

The Beauty of the Latin Language: Andrea Bocelli Sings 'Ave Maria'

Anne's Loss of Faith

MARIE: So, why did you leave the Catholic Church?

ANNE: Shortly after receiving Confirmation . . . I must have been about 13 . . . my catechism instructor announced there would be changes in the Church. She explained that the mass would no longer be said in Latin, but English. Also, meat was now allowed to be eaten on Fridays. These changes were done to welcome parishioners who had trouble following the doctrines and invite new parishioners into the Catholic experience. These changes didn't work for me.

MARIE: So, what did you do to replace that foundation? That must have been traumatic for you.

ANNE: Yes, it was. I felt like I had a rug pulled out from beneath me, especially with the "meat on Friday" change. I happened to know that the reason for the non-meat Friday was for hygienic reasons, as well as spiritual discipline. At that moment, the Catholic Church seemed hypocritical to me, as I had always observed the Friday restriction.

MARIE: So how did you cope?

ANNE: I didn't. Unfortunately, I allowed negative thinking to affect me, and I held onto a rather pessimistic view of life. Part of this dark experience had to do with being a teenager.

Of course, now I realize that I didn't have to be so stubborn. I could have seen the changes from a much more mature and graceful frame of mind and heart. Choices, even wrong ones, teach us lessons.

I started going to mass again in college. I actually enjoyed the experience, even without Latin. There was a nice part of the service where everyone turned around and greeted their neighbor with a handshake and, perhaps, "Peace be with you" or "Christ be with you." I liked that.

The saying "Peace be with you" can be expressed with the cattail, a symbol of peace and prosperity.
The saying "Peace be with you" can be expressed with the cattail, a symbol of peace and prosperity. | Source

Anne's Emerging Healing Gift

MARIE: Do you have any unusual abilities, Anne, such as clairvoyance, paranormal vision or hearing?

ANNE: I don't think I'm very different from anyone else--I mean everyone has the ability to tune into Creation and do things that someone else might think miraculous. A few things have happened through me, though, that seems to suggest that I have an aptitude, if you will, for healing.

MARIE: Would you care to expand on that?

ANNE: I'll try . . . one example is helping someone unblock confusion. Very often, the inability to concentrate has to to with the third eye being too open for the individual. There are a lot of psychic waves that one encounters throughout the day, and many people don't know how to protect themselves from negative vibrations. So, sometimes a simple application of energy from my hand to the person's third eye chakra just above the bridge of the nose helps.

I also use the Violet Flame and a plant-based diet for my own well-being.

Anne's Goals

MARIE: What you are doing sounds very different from Catholic doctrine. How did you happen to come upon the Violet Flame concept, and do you have any goals in your spiritual quest?

ANNE: The Violet Flame has always been around, but we just don't call it that. You might call it The Holy Spirit or simply forgiveness. What's unique for me is the visualization of the color as a flame and using that idea to change the energy around me for my own good and the good of life.

You may remember that Jesus, who is the personal savior of for many people, was able to change water into wine instantaneously or heal a blind man. He had the mastery of his energies to do things that those of lesser understanding called miracles. I would like to be able to walk on water or levitate, as he did, and be able to heal certain conditions with the touch of a hand. The ultimate goal is to master life's lessons and ascend. This, to me, means raising the physical body to such a high vibration that it is no longer visible to the normal human range of sight. The body becomes light, literally. That's when things like disease or even death itself can no longer affect me.

MARIE: I can't imagine what that would be like.

ANNE: It's a challenge for nearly all of us on earth because we have forgotten our state of perfection.

A Violet Flame Mantra and Visualization

10 Violet Flame Decrees for Transmutation

The Science Of The Spoken Word
The Science Of The Spoken Word

The greatest significance of this book are the Violet Flame decrees, "Ten for the Transmutation." At one stage of my studies, I said the "Ten" 33 times each in addition to decrees relating to the focusing ray of the day. The result was two-fold: 1) my breath began to smell like violets, and 2) I could see a layer of golden green around my fingers in the morning sun.


Anne's Farewell

MARIE: Well, Anne, it's been so nice talking with you. Thank you for sharing bits of our childhood, your personal struggle with your religion, and the concept of the Violet Flame.

ANNE: You're welcome, Marie. Thank you for this opportunity of sharing my experiences. I hope I have offered some inspiration to others.

© 2014 Marie Flint


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    • Marie Flint profile imageAUTHOR

      Marie Flint 

      22 months ago from Jacksonville, Florida USA

      As part of the comments received on this article, I received this one:

      Thanks for the conversation; I didn't know there was such a person [as Anne Raphael Germain]. -- "peachy" from Home Sweet Home

      So there's no confusion, I used Anne Raphael Germain as a name to designate the spiritual side of my personality. The answers in this self-interview are my real life experiences.

      Thank all of you for taking the time to read.

    • Marie Flint profile imageAUTHOR

      Marie Flint 

      4 years ago from Jacksonville, Florida USA

      Naturally the Violet Flame would be the most popular, as it is the vibration of the Aquarian Age. Nice to learn that you have been involved with the teachings of the ascended masters.

      Thank you, Nadine, for reading and commenting.

    • Nadine May profile image

      Nadine May 

      4 years ago from Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

      What a great way to share a post. Write an interview. At one stage we distributed all the books from Elizabeth Clare Prophet and the Violet Flame was the most popular.

    • Marie Flint profile imageAUTHOR

      Marie Flint 

      4 years ago from Jacksonville, Florida USA

      I wish to thank peachpurple for reading this hub challenge.

    • Marie Flint profile imageAUTHOR

      Marie Flint 

      4 years ago from Jacksonville, Florida USA

      Kevin, Bidd, Jo and Tilson, I am so blessed with your kind comments and votes. Thank each of you for your time.

      Comments encourage me to take a second look at the hub article, and I was able to catch a missing article. In relistening to Andrea Bocelli's "Ave Maria," I was nearly brought to tears--oh, to be able to sing anywhere near that (in my octave, of course)!

      Again, thank all of you, and God bless!

    • tillsontitan profile image

      Mary Craig 

      4 years ago from New York

      Nicely done Marie. We all aspire for some goodness and follow the light of the Lord. This was an interesting trip to take with another spiritual soul.

      Voted up, useful, and interesting.

    • Jo Harley profile image

      Joleen Friesen 

      4 years ago from Alberta Canada

      Wow! An amazing read ... Great job with the writing!

    • Bidd Waxx profile image

      Barb Schindel 

      4 years ago from Wisconsin

      Marie, you did a wonderful writing. I, too, was raised in a Catholic environment, putting your story in words is remarkable.

    • The Examiner-1 profile image

      The Examiner-1 

      4 years ago

      That was both interesting and beautiful Marie. We have a few things in common. For instance I am familiar with the 3rd eye, since I study all of the chakras. I voted it up, shared and tweeted it.


    • Marie Flint profile imageAUTHOR

      Marie Flint 

      4 years ago from Jacksonville, Florida USA

      Vondir, Michael! Thank you for reading and commenting. I always appreciate votes. Thinking about challenging myself to a 3-month sabbatical.

    • profile image

      Michael Milec 

      4 years ago

      Yet another breath-taking story of a human soul yearnig for lost position way back in the Garden. Very well illustrated interview resenting another attempt to reach the point in life intended to obtain. The Son of Man, Anointed of the Heavenly Father made is clear " ... he who believes in me will also do the works that I am doing... " remains to discover and hold to that solid believing in Him.

      Voted interesting.

      Peace be with us.

    • Marie Flint profile imageAUTHOR

      Marie Flint 

      4 years ago from Jacksonville, Florida USA

      Dora and Eiddwen, thank you so very much for taking the time to read my self-interview.

      Every day brings new opportunity!

    • Eiddwen profile image


      4 years ago from Wales

      A wonderful interview and another great hubber for me to follow. Thank you so much for this gem Marie and also a great big thank you for including one of my favourite hymns Ave Maria sung by the maestro himself..


    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 

      4 years ago from The Caribbean

      Thanks for introducing Anne Raphael Germain. Her goal is worthy of our aspiration: "to master life's lessons and ascend." Thanks for the challenge!


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