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Annual Bible Reading Schedules

Updated on June 18, 2013

By Harold Markham

Bible Reading Schedules

Christians should read the Bible. We know it. Many times we have the best of intentions but we run out of steam not long after we read about Joseph. Here is an idea that just may get you through the Scriptures this year: Use a Bible reading schedule. There are many types of schedules that will encourage and help you realize this goal. Each link below will give you a free PDF or a free online schedule. Try one and see for yourself just how much more fun and exciting a daily reading program actually is.

Bible Reading Poll

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Chronological Schedules

While a schedule is only as good as the person who follows it, it remains a great tool to motivate, guide and encourage your annual reading. We would love to get some comments on this page from those who use a schedule. Tell us how it has worked for you and what method you currently use.

About The Author

Harold Markham is the host of the ER Podcast. He studied to be a pastor and holds degrees in Bible, pulpit speech as well as a Masters in Biblical studies. Click here for more articles by Harold Markham.


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