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Another Lesson From History 2

Updated on June 24, 2019
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Dr. David Thiessen is an educator, writer, pastor, and speaker. He has authored several books on a variety of topics including Archaeology

History is filled with valuable examples

The following quote comes from Bruce Catton’s America, Edited by Oliver Jensen, pg. 162. It says:

The Southern Congress was quite right; an overturn was coming, and it was precisely the kind of overturn that the men who created Confederacy could not accept at any price. No peace based on reunion...could be contemplated, because reunion, by now, inevitably meant the end of slavery. The more hopeless the military outlook became... the more bitterly would Southern leaders insist on fighting

We can extrapolate that attitude to the current attitudes held by unbelievers of all stripes.There is no peace with the Christian because peace with the Christian means that the end of sin.

Like those Southern leaders who did not want to let go and give up on slavery, the modern unbeliever refuses to let goof a lifestyle that pleases them. They will hold onto their sin until they die.

No matter what the unbeliever does

We hear stories from all over the world where the Muslim, the Hindu, the fanatical unbelievers and others that follow false religions or choose to remain away from God, have attacked and killed believers.

It is a common story found in newspapers everywhere. The offender could be a member of Boko Haram, or a fanatical group of fanatical Pakistan Muslims, radical Hindus or even North American politicians who ‘fight against discrimination’ by using discrimination as a weapon the same theme is present in all those stories.

The Christian must go or change their ways to meet the world’s ideals, ideologies and ways things should be done.

The Christian is commanded to be different

We find the words of God throughout the Bible about how his followers are not to be of the world while they are living in it. That is one reason why the unbelieving world does not like the Christian.

They are different, they pursue different goals, have a different agenda and do not act, talk and more like those who do not believe. Many members of the world community just do not like differences and instead of changing to be like the believer, they spend their time trying to get the Christian to be like them.

Another reason the world attacks the Christian is that the presence of the true believer reminds the unbeliever that they are wrong and have chosen the wrong path for whatever reason they may have.

Having a daily reminder of failed choices is not easy to take and again, the unbeliever chooses to take the wrong action. The unbeliever tries whatever they can to remove that reminder from their presence.

Yet God wins

Like those Southern leaders who saw the handwriting on the wall, the unbeliever can see that God is not going to be defeated. The end of sin is coming and like those Southern believers they refuse to give up their sinful ways, they refuse to give up attacking Christians, and they refuse to change.

We may lose some believers from this life but this life is not our goal or home. Untold Christians may suffer tragedy, persecution, torment and so on but then so did Jesus and he still won. He will still win in the end.

Unbelievers and evil are not a match for God or Jesus. Their end result is already foretold in the Bible and no matter how many unbelievers reject that conclusion, it is still going to happen.

Yet they fight on trying to hurt God by hurting his followers, refusing to give up the battle even though they have lost it.

The unbeliever wants his or her own life

And they want to live it by their rules. Sadly, that is an attitude that can only happen while life continues. Once life stops then all of God’s rules come into effect and the final destination for all unbelievers is used.

It is easy to see why the unbeliever refuses to change. They like their lives, it is comfortable for many and it has its few earthly rewards. Yet those paltry treasures are not worth fighting for, as again, once life ends so do those rewards.

It is a simple choice

To avoid this end, the unbeliever only has to make a simple choice to decide to believe on Jesus. After they do that, and give up their sin, they can avoid the final solution that they cannot stop from taking place, no matter how many true believers they eliminate.

The choice is simple but the actual decision is hard to make. Making it means giving up their lives and changing to a new one. It means giving up what one believed, worked for and thought was true, etc., in order to embrace something they considered to be foolish and full of weak people needing a crutch.

If they do not make this decision, then they will end up like those Southern leaders and the men they sacrificed for their cause. On the losing end of an already decided war.

That is not a wise choice to make. As the Crusader guard said in the 4th Indiana Jones film, you have to choose wisely to find the Holy Grail. So must you choose wisely to be on the winning side of this spiritual conflict.

It is all up to you and it is solely your decision. Make the wise and right choice to end up a winner.

© 2019 David Thiessen


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