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Seasons of Life

Updated on February 13, 2013


My inspiration for this hub comes from Solomon's writings about time and seasons. In this day and age, it may be difficult for many to not become concerned about the current state of local, regional, national, or world affairs. However, we may be told (and can read for ourselves) 'there is nothing new under the sun.'

We all have personal seasons of growth, stagnation, regression. It is a fact that we all stumble and are faced at one time or another with immoral temptations. God's love is the only thing that is truly constant and consistent. I do have faith more than a mustard seed, yet I need reminders from time to time to not worry and trust in His perfect love, which casts out all fear. I'm thankful for Holy Spirit living in me for I (and others!) have not been given a spirit of timidity... instead, a spirit of power, of love and of self discipline (there are certainly times I wish I possessed more of these but I tend to struggle most w/discipline!). Sometimes I think too much when really I just need to give it all over to Him. He wants me to lay my burdens down and be my Source of every good thing - all I can imagine and then some.

To date, this is my shortest and simplest hub posting since I encourage all who visit to click on the link below....The Word is fully capable of speaking for Himself - the imagery accompanied by the music is wonderful and hopefully contributes to point illustration. My hope, in it's simplicity (which is really an oxymoron to this thing called 'life' and much of what we experience) is this will be enjoyed, appreciated, and will touch the viewers hearts and minds.


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  • christinekv profile image

    christinekv 9 years ago from Washington

    Thanks Debbie for that reminder regarding my sons reading! I look forward to your sharing more when time permits and am glad you are liking what you are reading!

  • profile image

    Debbie 9 years ago

    Christine, you are correct it is Simon and Garfunkle that sang Mrs. Robinson "And heres to you Mrs. Robinson, JESUS loves you more than you will know, woe, woe, woe. GOD bless you please Mrs. Robinson Heaven holds a place for those who pray, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!" Yes from the Graduate!

    I am concidering telling the story? But right now I have a lot on my plate and need to focus on straightening out some things that are time consuming. I realize I have been writing a lot lately, but I like what I am reading!!!!

    Also, I know the book of Revelation is a loaded book but thats where I started! Don't worry about your son Praise GOD! with a Mom and family like his he will get the right teachings. Don't forget the HOLY SPIRIT will guide him through, all we have to do is ask!

  • christinekv profile image

    christinekv 9 years ago from Washington

    Hi Debbie - thanks for the correction. I'm not really familiar w/the Byrds - although I know I've heard of them and was on the same page with you in relation to the song. Now that you've set me straight and I concentrate more on hearing in my head how the song goes, I know it's not S&G...think I was thinking S&G because (and I could be wrong again!) I've also been thinking about/hearing in my head the song about Mrs. Robinson...."Jesus loves you more than you (blank - will, can?) know...oh oh oh. God bless you please, Mrs Robinson, heaven hold a place for those who....." The song from The Graduate? Why I'm thinking about these things has to do with a player in my work environment who was being flirted with by an older woman. It's not uncommon though for me to only recall segments of songs.....

    I hear/relate to what you are saying about the song from Ecclesiastes done by the Byrds regarding having a better appreciation for it after becoming a believer.

    I want to encourage you again (left a comment for you about this on another hub) about sharing through writing...I look forward to hearing more of your story.

    Lots of wisdom in the Psalms as I often oldest spent all morning reading Revelation....such a loaded book and in my opinion, not the best place to start for the new or immature believer (my son is young in the Lord, still on milk).

    Blessings Debbie and thanks always for your encouragement!

  • profile image

    Debbie 9 years ago

    I am sorry the 60's group I spoke of earlier is spelled "THE BYRDS".

  • profile image

    Debbie 9 years ago

    Okay, the answer to your first question: Although I love Simon and Garfunkle and they were a big part of my life being a musician, the Birds did the song Turn, turn, turn in the late 60's quoting the scripture Ecclesiastes 3:1 to everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under Heaven: and the song goes on as you know quoting the rest. Back then I didn't know what the meaning behind the song was until I read the scripture and I liked the song a whole lot better.

    To answer the second question: I am still studying the Bible, inwhich I always will of course, It is my Pastors who help me. This church is all Bible, my Pastor and his wife ARE family to me. I love them dearly. I was searching for a long long time and they say opportunity doesn't come knocking at the door! Well, my pastors did! right around Christmas 2005. They are helping me with intercessing. Our church is quite small 10 people sometimes 5, They are of GOD and follow his word. We are praying for our church to grow. I am a leader, but I have been injured and had surgery and was unable to go. I do journals as well but I am not consistent either. Thank you for the encouragement, I hope that I am a blessing to others, I know that you are!!!! this is our purpose in life like our others sisters and brothers in the LORD. One day I will tell you my testimony. I am absolutely sure yours are impacting. Maybe in time I can learn to preach! One thing I must say HE (GOD) has been so gracious to me with all I have been through. This is why I feel in my heart helping others is necessary and pleasing to the FATHER. I do have the fear of GOD and I know he is watching, I love HIM with every fiber of my being. HE comes before everything. I am grateful for all HE has done in my life and I let HIM know it. I love the PROVERBS and PSALMS but I enjoy REVELATIONS. By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another John 13:35 Amen! Bless you my sister, May HE pour blessings upon you like torrential rains.

  • christinekv profile image

    christinekv 9 years ago from Washington

    Hey Debbie...Simon and Garfunkel going through your head huh.... (at least that's who I think did that song - please correct me if I'm wrong!).  Music is such a great way to learn scripture.  I love how that song was done.

    Are you are an intercessor?  I can see in your expressing your heart to God, you do so very sweetly... eloquently, yet boldly, confidently and powerfully.  Do you journal while or after having been in the Word? (I do but am inconsistent about it).  I'm sure in addition to touching and moving the heart of God (and perhaps shaking the heavenlies!) you are a blessing to others with your prayers. May I encourage you to step out in this gift if you aren't already doing so.

  • profile image

    Debbie 9 years ago

    To everything turn, turn, turn, there is a season turn, turn turn,and a time to every purpose under Heaven. " I said in mine heart, GOD shall judge the righteous and the wicked: for there is a time there for every purpose and for every work". Ecclesiastes 3:17 Praise be the Lord GOD! May he be Glorified by all mankind! May only HIS words fill our ears and hearts. For only HIS wisdom will teach us righteousness! Yes Christine, HE wants us to lay our burdens down, and trust HIM and HIM only. How wonderful we need not worry, for HE will take care of them while we are busy doing HIS works and trusting HIM. "Know that I AM!" I love that HE is the great "I AM!" The sooner we accept this the better we all shall be.

    Thank you FATHER GOD praise you, Thank you for your wisdom, I open my ears and heart to your word. Help me HOLY SPIRIT to understand and guide me in the path inwhich you have choosen for me. Examine my heart Oh my LORD and eliminate whatever offends you! For I want to be with you and want you with me. May I please you in everyway where ever I go and everything I do, that my testimony will touch others always, and that I may be your servant forever. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to all know one another whether it be on the internet, by letter, phone or in person, we praise your HOLY NAME! Amen.

  • soyelude profile image

    soyelude 9 years ago from Lagos - Nigeria

    Christine, very good hub!

    Short and sweet....

    for the soul;a treat!

    Sometimes when we stumble and fall....

    God allows it so we can get up and grow tall!

    Keep at it lady...great job. Bless your soul.

  • christinekv profile image

    christinekv 9 years ago from Washington

    Thanks Stooge for the sweet comment and the visit!

  • Stooge profile image

    Stooge 9 years ago

    A great hub no doubt. I wish you could write some more. I can of course visit scores of websites but the pleasure I get reading about stuff in a hubber's language is just amazing.

  • christinekv profile image

    christinekv 9 years ago from Washington

    Thanks Sir Dent, Al, Whezo, Amy Jane, Wsbill, Arkwiter for visiting and commenting. I always enjoy it when others share their experiences - it helps me to get to know you better! The comments left by others so often are truly a positive contribution and I appreciate them.

  • profile image

    Wehzo 9 years ago

    Wonderful hub Christinekv. 'Seasons Of Life', Ecclesiastes certainly portrays many seasons that we all must go through at some point and time in our lives. Thanks for sharing.

  • amy jane profile image

    amy jane 9 years ago from Connecticut

    Christine, I love this hub! Ecclesiastes had a major impact on me at a pivotal time in my life. I remember telling my mother that I wish it had been required reading when I was a teenager, struggling with issues of doubt and wondering what the world had to offer. I think that if I had read it as a teen, I may have avoided much pain. It wasn't of course, and I wandered far and wide before coming back to God. Anyway, this is a beautiful hub! Keep them coming! :)

  • arkwriter profile image

    arkwriter 9 years ago from Houston, Texas U.S.A.

    Your hub on Ecclesiastes is short and sweet! 

    Whenever I read this book it reminds me of the auditorium of the Missionary High School in which I attended many, many years ago.  Above the stage two Scriptural verses are engraved. The first portion of the verse from Ecclesiastes 12:1.

    "Remember now your Creator in the days of your youth." 

    Beneath this is the first portion of the verse from Proverbs 20:29.

    "The glory of young men is their strength"

    These two Scriptural verses written by Solomon have not only inspired people when they were young, but also when they become old.  The complete verses read.

    "Remember now your Creator in the days of your youth, before the difficult days come , and the years draw near when you say, 'I have no pleasure in them." (Ecc. 12:1)

    "The glory of young men is their strength, and the splendor of old men is their gray head." (Pro. 20:29)

    May God bless you.


  • Wbisbill profile image

    Wbisbill 9 years ago from Tennessee USA

    Great Hub and so true.

    Ecclesiastes 12:13-14 Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter. Fear God, and keep His commandments. For this is the whole duty of man. (14) For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it is good, or whether evil.

    Thumbs up from a new fan!

  • AL Freed profile image

    AL Freed 9 years ago from Pensacola

    only a short! Your words are Great!!

    Thank U

  • profile image

    SirDent 9 years ago

    Great Hub. Short is sometimes best. One thing that stood out to me while reading was where you wrote, "It is a fact that we all stumble and are faced at one time or another with immoral temptations." If we didn't stumble and were perfect in every way then God would not be needed.

    Thank you for sharing your faith.