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Another dream and vision

Updated on November 21, 2009

Brian Johnson

I don't know why I have this dream in the first place, other than I can remember some of them through the years.

Late 1970's - I have several dreams in that era which include a bunch of car driving sideway on a pole line to my half-sister run off with a guy dress in a fig.

The 1980's- Ranging from the cartoon character of a blond woman with a kid with boxing glove to four guys and a woman in this office when the office floor is cover with one inch of water and in the water, there is one shark fin and it was heading toward the woman. Anything else is nothing other than I was in the bus with this kid with a mohawk to this bridge that is above the forest floor and it is turning right after I saw this dome like rock and next thing I was in the graveyard where I saw this man putting American Flag on the grave and then I was flying south toward the stadium where the people in the stand is signing the Star Standand Banner.

Early 1990's - Ranging from this dream that I was in the hallway heading toward the door just for rollcall and when I open this door and step out, I noticed that there are two peoples walking north and they are between me and this cloud with two tornados underneath it and when I turned toward my right, I noticed two others people by the name of Will Williams and Rosa Perez seeing the giant mushroom cloud that is north of where I at and when the giant mushroom cloud disappeared, Rosa Perez turn around toward me and tell me that I have to be ready for this.

Mid 1990's - I dream that I was looking at the kitchen where my half-sister at and suddenly, there is a man and this woman grabbed her from both side and grabber out through the back door that is located in the kitchen and after they exit the back door, this same woman walked toward me just to telled me that they are putting my half-sister into a mental hospital. I was about to tell my mother on what this woman told me when I remember that she is in Oregon. That is when I saw this ariel view of the forest, the beach and the ocean and that is when I woke up in my bedroom looking at my alarm clock that told the time 4:44 in the morning. Nothing unusual about the dream other than my mother have this dream about her grandchildren by the name of Amber and Michael (my half-sister kid).

2000's - I dream that I was in the condo looking down toward the street.

2000's - I dream that I was looking east in the morning sky just before sunup just to see a bunch of stars.

2000's - I dream that I was in the city where I noticed this boy sitting on the bench and that is when I heard this music and that is when I noticed two building that is seperated by this street, and that is when I noticed the same boy on the bench singing this word "We shall meet again."

2000's - I dream that I was standing in the open door just to see my mother and my neice standing at this round table and the worst part is that by the time I have this dream, they are already dead.

2000's - I dream that I was outside the Social Security Office when I heard my aunt yelling at me from behind me and when I turn my head toward my right and she was walking toward the Social Security Office.

2000's - I dream that I was riding in the back of the pickup truck when the truck radio have broadcast that Jeriyln Johansen is dead. Then I was sitting on the couch and that is when her daugther, Tina arrived and I cannot stand her for her attitude toward me and that is when for unknown reason, she is talking nice as if nothing happen.


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