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Can Christians be what others would consider sensitive to the spiritual world?

Updated on March 26, 2011

This question was found in the questions section of the hubs, or click on the following sentence, which is linked to the original question. Can Christians be what other would consider "sensitive" to the spiritual world? You can view some other answers there as well. Here is the original question.

I have met many Christians that say they can see things that others don't! Many of them don't know what to call but being sensitive. I personally don't believe in physics, and medium, and these Christians have desire to be such things! What is everybody opinion?

I'm taking my beliefs from the Bible itself. People have been sensitive from the Old Testament, Jacob's Ladder being well known, to the New Testament Book of Revelations. There are many stories about people seeing the spiritual in the Bible itself. Abraham was visited by God and angels, and Paul saw into heaven. Yes I believe it is possible.

God did warn us not to get into witch craft, mediums, and things like that. We are not to search for it. If God wants us to experience something spiritual, he will set it up for us. In all the stories I remember of the spiritual meeting the physical, the people specifically didn't go looking for it.The only exception is through prayer. An example would be Daniel staying in one place praying until his prayers were answered. He was stayed there a very long time, and then an angel visited him. The angel apologized for taking so long to bring him the answer he was seeking, because he had to fight through Satan's minions to reach Daniel.

People can also open themselves up to the dark side or Satan's minions/demons. Through mediums and such they can open them selves up to the spiritual world, but it usually isn't pretty. The one time I remember King Saul used a medium to contact the prophet Samuel. There is reason for me to believe that Samuel wasn't actually contacted. King Saul only perceived it was Samuel. The Bible says demons can be perceived as angels of light. It could have been a demon disguised as Samuel. The outcome of the contact was devastating for King Saul.

No, we are not to seek direct contact with the spiritual realm. We are to seek God through prayer, and be open to messages and guidance he sends us. For example, receiving confirmation out of the clear blue from three different people about something you have been praying about. God sets up a miracle in your life, and you keep wondering how this blessing happened. The only answer is God.

If people go searching for the spiritual and are Christians, they have to remember that the Earth right now is ruled by Satan. Remember the angel had to fight to get to Daniel. When we try to contact a being from the spiritual side, we will encounter one of Satan's beings that mean us harm even though it may not seem like it at first. 

I believe God told us not to contact the spirits for our own safety. Until Satan is finally taken care of by God in the end, it will never be safe for us unless God reaches through to us as He did all through out the Bible by sending angels, through dreams, and even visions. We are not to seek them. Even when Moses saw the burning bush, he was not seeking a sign from God. For us to reach God, he gave us the power of prayer, worship, and praise.


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    • profile image

      DC 5 years ago

      A Christian (or any other person) that wants a mystical experience will get it. However that experience will usually come from the demonic realm. Once you open that door it is very hard to close it and consequences can remain for the rest of your life or however long God allows.

      Friends, do not let demons trick you into thinking you are communing with God! They can appear as angels of light. Don't meditate, do yoga, communicate with spirits (except God),play with tarot cards, etc. Test the spirits. Anyone who does not obey the commmandments, acknowledge Jesus as Savior, and bears bad fruit is demonically influenced. The truth will set you free.

    • qlcoach profile image

      Gary Eby 6 years ago from Cave Junction, Oregon

      Met you on Twitter. Yes to prayer and meditation. I write about Miracles. Peace and Light...Gary.

    • Tamarajo profile image

      Tamarajo 6 years ago

      Excellent advice for not messing with the dark side. I liked your examples of the true spiritual experiences that occurred while they were seeking God and God alone. Seeking an experience in and of itself can open up things from the wrong realm.