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Answers to Your Spiritual Questions

Updated on January 13, 2016
By Minnesota Historical Society (Minnesota Historical Society) via Wikimedia Commons
By Minnesota Historical Society (Minnesota Historical Society) via Wikimedia Commons

So every second of every minute and hour a new person in this world is awakening spiritually. With this there are so many questions. For me I felt so lost until my spirit guides started speaking to me and guiding me to look more into spirituality and then all of my gifts from child hood returned stronger than ever. Apart from being a psychic, medium, and author my job is to also serve as a teacher and help others embrace their own gifts and path. I have never been surer of my life path and with every reading, insight, validation, and information I give and receive, I know I’m on the right track.

If you would have asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up I would have never thought I would be doing this, but I’m so happy I am and I know my purpose. With this gift comes great responsibility and understanding what you do for others can affect you as well on a karmic level. This is the one thing that most people don’t realize. As gifted individuals we are to use our gifts for the greatest good but in doing so we have to be careful with how and what we say to others because we are just messengers. We can provide information from the other side and also see future events. Even though all is pre-written free will changes many things. You have the ability to discern from right and wrong and therefore what we see can always be changed. However in most cases it doesn’t. Now I go through some groups and see many people asking questions about their gifts. Let me take a few minutes to answer the most pressing questions that some of you have.

Q. I can feel things, or I receive information but from where or who is this coming from?

A. First of all you are gifted and intuitive. You are receiving information from spirit, angels, GOD and the universe. Some of us hear things (Clairaudience), some see things (Clairvoyance), some of us just know things (Claircognizance), and some of us feel things (Clairsentience). At some point you access one of the Clairs and information is basically channeled from spirit into your soul. From your soul you get feelings, signs, symbols, etc. This is where this information comes through.

Q. I don’t understand the information being given, what do I do?

A. When I first started I would see visions and symbols. For example I would see a boat in water and I wondered what this was. I then would try to interpret the information and that’s where we often go wrong. It’s not our job to understand the information being given but basically to give the person you are trying to help the info. When you try to interpret it you often second guess yourself or get information conveyed wrong. It’s all like a puzzle piece and the person receiving a reading must interpret it and together you both can connect dots. It turned out the person passed in a boating accident. This is why I saw a boat.

Q. I used to be able to read people and help them but now I can’t for some reason. Is my gift gone?

A. Your gift never goes anywhere. What happens is that you may be going through your own personal issues and this has clouded your chakras. You see our body is a vessel and when it’s affected by health issues, personal matters, we are not at our best to help someone else. How can you help someone else when you need help yourself? It’s not rocket science and it makes sense.

Q. My child is seeing things or afraid of the dark. They speak to imaginary people I can’t see or hear. Are they going through a phase?

A. Again, from my own personal experience as a child who had paranormal experiences. In most cases your child is a sensitive and gifted as well. They can probably see and hear spirit. Mini Mediums as I call them. Since they have been very on earth not too long, their soul is very connected to the spirit world still and therefore they can see and hear things. Essentially they haven’t been affected by social conditioning as most adults have been. Therefore they are clear channels to the spirit realm. Listen to them and document or keep a dream journal if necessary. The worst thing you can do is try to make your child feel as if they have a problem. The gift will not go away.

Q. I have my gift but I consider it a curse! I don’t want it is there a way to stop it?

A. Yes there are many people who are naturally born gifted and do not want to embrace their gift. It is always your choice to embrace it or ignore it. However, regardless of how much you try to keep your mind preoccupied and push it aside. NEWSFLASH, it’s not going anywhere! You’re stuck with it.

Q. Why me? Why was I chosen to be a psychic, empath, healer, medium, or shaman?

A. You chose this life before coming to earth! Don’t you remember? I know you think this is insane but we all come to earth to learn lessons and to have a human experience. The shell we have is not who we are. You are spiritual and a soul. Apart from every lesson we learn, we have a mission as well. GOD gives us assignments and if you are lucky to be doing this type of work, it’s to help others.

Q. What good is having this gift if I can help others but can’t help myself?

A. This is a tough one and I can tell you when we are faced with adversity and hard times in our life we begin to feel this way. It’s human nature. Let me explains something. You were given the gift to help others and being selfless is the most beautiful thing you can do. You weren’t given the gift to win the lottery and be rich. Let’s say you had that ability given to you. Would you still do your mission to help others? If you answer NO, you are being honest with yourself. This is why you aren’t on a jet sipping a Mimosa and eating caviar. LOL

Q. I’m still in the closet with my gifts and skeptics make me nervous, is that normal?

A. Listen, we have all been there. I still have skeptics who will ask for a reading just for the thrill to prove me wrong. This should be your motto. You are NOT here to prove anything to anyone. They don’t have to believe in what we do. We are not here to make them believe. They can go through a session and see for themselves.

Q. The church and religion say I’m a sinner for being a sinner. Should I just stop with this spiritual stuff?

A. I was brought up in a religious home and religion taught me fear. The church was a place of judgment and then I realized that there was NO love. GOD is love and my religion is LOVE! I accept others for who they are and love my brother and sisters. Anything that teaches hate, prejudice, or fear is not correct. You will go throughout your life living in fear that you’re every move and action is wrong and you will be condemned to hell. If you live in fear, how can you enjoy life?

Q. My loved one passed and I can’t feel them around me. Are they there?

A. Yes your loved ones are there. Spirit is always around and if you speak out loud to them they can hear you. You can ask for a sign but you may not receive it immediately it’s okay. They often appear in dreams, you may smell something they used to love to eat, their favorite perfume or cologne and sometimes if you don’t receive the sign a friend or family member may and will relay the message. Spirit works in mysterious ways.

Q. I have flashes of myself or I keep hearing a name that sounds so familiar but it’s not from my current life. What is that?

A. You are most likely remembering your past life. Yes you have been here on earth numerous times and will remember bits and pieces. Understanding your past life and karmic debts is very helpful to understand any lessons in this life time. This is why past life readings are so very helpful for many going through their own personal issues. Once you understand things better from your past you can avoid making the same mistakes in this lifetime.

Q. My friends are all spiritual and I’m interested in it. How can I tap into my gifts?

A. Okay this is where many of us go wrong. You cannot force your abilities. Like I’ve said before and I’ll say it again. We all are intuitive to a certain extent and gifted. Regardless of how much meditation and crystals you have you can’t make it happen. What is meant to happen will happen in given time. You can meditate and this will provide clarity but for the most part we all evolve and so do our gifts.

Now that I have answered many questions some of you have asked. I hope you realize this could have been a novel as there is so much information to cover. I will do this again from time to time to cover questions I haven’t answered right now. Remember to keep loving one another as this is the greatest lesson we must learn here on earth. I love you all and blessings. In Love n Light. – Raymond Guzman


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    • profile image

      Ronda Wheeler 20 months ago

      Great Blog this week Raymond, thank you so much for sharing!

    • profile image

      sandy Christmas 20 months ago

      Thank you Raymond very interesting read.

    • manatita44 profile image

      manatita44 20 months ago from london

      Thanks Raymond. Pleasant contribution and some interesting questions and answers. Loving wishes.