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Apollo 11: UFO on the Moon

Updated on September 4, 2014

Almost all of the photographic oddities of the Apollo missions can be easily explained; but some of them resist easy explanations and pave the way to the UFO subject.

The Moon hoax

Like many other people, some years ago I was captured by the intriguing arguments provided by Bill Kaysing in his attempt to prove that the moon landing had never happened. Of course, just like many other people, afterwards I realized that the evidence for the landing overwhelm those against it. The arguments adduced by the Moon hoax supporters are mostly based on some photograpic oddities, almost all of which can be easily explained through a deeper knowledge of the photographic techniques and its results; you can refer to this good hub for more information about such subject.

But let us go on. I said that "almost all" of the photographic oddities can be easily explained; almost all, but not all. Some of such oddities ("space oddities", I would say with Bowie...) resist easy explanations. I do not dwell on this now; suffice it to say that these oddities pave the way to the UFO subject.

Some people say that, though Apollo missions did land on the Moon, still certain original photographs have been evidently retouched, perhaps in order to hide something from the public... a contact with UFOs, of course. Many people probably know the alleged story reported by a certain Otto Binder, "a former NASA employee". According to him, unnamed radio hams with their own VHF receiving facilities — that bypassed NASA's broadcasting outlets — picked up the following exchange:

NASA: What's there? Mission Control calling Apollo 11...

Apollo: These "Babies" are huge, Sir! Enormous! Oh my God! You wouldn't believe it! I'm telling you there are other spacecraft out there, lined up on the far side of the crater edge! They're on the Moon watching us!

Or something like this.

But, unfortunately, Otto Binder was never a NASA employee: he was was an American author of science fiction and non-fiction books and stories, and comic books; probably, the story reported above was his invention.

Was The Apollo 11 Moon Landing Faked?

You can vote the poll within this hub.

Visit the Apollo Archive for plenty of information about the Apollo missions.

The NASA photo-libraries

Some years ago, both rediscovering my old passion for astronautics and a little teased by controversy about the reality of the Moon landing, as discussed above, I started to rummage in the NASA photo-libraries looking for interesting elements in the photographs of Apollo missions.

I found the photograph AS11-37-5515HR, shown below. It was taken by Buzz Aldrin during the Apollo 11 mission, inside the Lem, through the right porthole, in a moment between the re-entry after the moon-walk and the take off for the return. This photograph — likewise all other Apollo images stored in NASA public libraries — was originally shot on film and then scanned at high resolution. The digital version can be downloaded here.

AS11-37-5515HR | Source

The image below is an enlargement of the detail, with a further pixelated enlargement of the odd lights.

Excerpt of AS11-37-5515HR
Excerpt of AS11-37-5515HR

The image below shows the excerpt which I extracted from the original photograph.

Detail of AS11-37-5515HR
Detail of AS11-37-5515HR


No doubt, that little bright bow, blue-white-red colored, hovering the lunar horizon, at least arouses curiosity. If we observe the enlargement shown above, we can recognize the characteristics of a rather 'classic' UFO, accompanied by a beautiful reddish blaze (or beam of light?) which extends downwards.

Clearly it is not any known astronomical phenomenon; again, there could not be any other terrestrial spacecraft around the Moon, at that time, since the Apollo mission as we know was the first to bring the man to our only natural satellite. Or rather, it should be specified that then there was the Command Module, with Michael Collins inside, orbiting the Moon at about 110 km altitude, awaiting the return of his companions; but I do not think it could be our case, considering both the shape of the object in the photograph and the great orbital distance of the Module, which certainly did not allow its vision from the lunar surface with such clarity.

Other spacecraft or space oddity?

Assuming that it is not, trivially, the reflection of a small light inside the LEM on the glass of the porthole through which the photograph was taken (the light is to small and sharp to be a reflection, and again there are no other reflections), in my opinion only two possibilities remain:

  1. on the Moon, at that time, there were also other terrestrial spacecrafts of which we know nothing;
  2. on the Moon, at that time, there were other non-terrestrial spacecrafts.

To everyone his own choice.

This conclusion bring us back to the starting point. Is it possible that the Apollo missions were faked, not as regards landings — which really occurred —, but as regards the documentation about what really happened there? Did an UFO contact really occurred?

Unless they are all just space oddities...

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin Recounts Apollo 11 UFO Encounter


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    • andromida profile image

      syras mamun 

      4 years ago

      Great hub. I think there are many unexplained things that we do not acknowledge because we simply can't explain with our limited knowledge.


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